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Tune into our insta stories today to hear from the awesome group of mums (or moms!) who were part of the Mums VS Meningitis campaign shoot last month in London. Stay tuned for the release on #worldmeningitisday 4/24 #vsmeningitis #giveback #protectnuturelove

BABIES, LOOK AT YOU NOW! No way! Look at what my beautiful tiny newborn twin fairies look like today! With tattoos no less! Sorry - too many exclamation points! Here’s a message from their mum Sarah ... “Here’s Ben and Adam now 21 years of age. This photo was taken just after they had completed their 21st ‘yardie’. Both boys are studying- Ben doing a science degree majoring in geography and Adam studying product design. They are both musically talented and play together in a band. When not studying or playing music they will be found surfing. Amazing young men”. Hey I agree with you there Sarah and thanks for being a part of this ongoing series. A reminder that if you were one of the babies in my images I’d love to hear what you’re up to today. Write me at and of course send an updated photo. XOAnne #babylookatyounow #annegeddesbaby #protectnurturelove #fairy

Beautiful handmade tiny silk butterflies for a portrait I’m doing in Florida this week XOAnne #protectnurturelove #butterflies #annegeddesbaby

Wow! You know what I love about this story? The huge hearts, the determination and the dedication to a cause that’s very close to my heart as well. Tammie and her husband Tom own the @minnesotacorrugated Box Company - that’s one of their trucks. Tammie’s first daughter was born 27 years ago at 2lb 6oz (she’s healthy and well and in hospital right now having her first baby boy!) Send us a photo grandma Tammie! Tammie’s 3rd child Zoey was born at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 9oz (she’s now a happy, healthy, thriving 4 year old) Tammie says they are blessed to be a part of @marchofdimes, Minnesota and I think you’d agree that @marchofdimes is also blessed to have this sort of support. Fighting the good fight! Imagine that big ol’ truck traveling the highways with my image of a tiny preemie baby on full display - spreading the word about not just the power of babies to change lives - but the power within each and every one of us to make a difference! Much love to you and your family Tammie and Tom - you are all awesome! I’m a proud Ambassador for March of Dimes, who’s mission is to solve the mystery of why some babies are born too soon XOAnne #protectnurturelove #preemie #annegeddesbaby

BABY, LOOK AT YOU NOW! Happy Easter everybody - remember this cute little bunny (Deanna)? Talk about a blast from the past - and look at Deanna today ... all grown up! She’s now 24 and living in New Zealand with her partner of 7 years. From Deanna ... “We have no kids yet, but plenty of pets to keep us busy - 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 chickens. Since leaving high school I have been living out my passion and goals of competing my rescue horses. I currently work as a barista in one of the local bakery’s to help pay for this. I hope to one day represent my country in equestrian and maybe even compete in the Olympics, but for now I have qualified to compete at Horse Of The Year on my $50 horse bought off track. We hope to achieve a lot of goals together! I also plan on starting my coaching certificate this year, so I can teach others to ride and help people regain their confidence around horses. Now that I’m older I can thank you for such a wonderful job you did with the photo. I didn’t realize my bunny was all over the world!” Good for you Deanna! And I’m all for adopting rescue animals - our beautiful dog Ethel is a rescue! XOAnne #babylookatyounow #easterbunny #protectnurturelove #susiesseniordogs #annegeddesbaby

They can cut all the flowers but they can’t stop the spring (Pablo Neruda) XOAnne #protectnurturelove #pregnancy #spring

Photos to wrap up the day with @parttimeworkingmummy and amazing Jas, a mum who lost her 20 year old daughter to meningitis and now speaks out to raise awareness ... Mums VS Meningitis #protectnurturelove #vsmeningitis #preventionandprotection

Amelia lost her daughter meningitis when she was only 18 months old. Now she is a strong advocate for prevention campaigns. What an honor to photograph her this morning for Mums VS Meningitis #protectnurturelove #vsmeningitis

Matilda and Ralph making friends on set. Aren’t they adorable! #vsmeningitis #protectnurturelove

On set today in London for the new Mums VS Meningitis campaign (Moms for our USA friends!) #VSMeningitis @gsk #protectnurturelove

Meet beautiful Rosa! We’re on set today for Mums #VSMeningitis in London #protectnurturelove

A shout out to brothers Markus and Thomas Danninger ... 2 talented young singers from Austria (“Zweikanalton” is their band) who I met at the Steiger Awards in Germany on Saturday night - congratulations on your award - you’re the stars of the future! XOAnne #zweikanalton #steigeraward2018

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