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annee  Transforming Education @protohack @thestartupleague BC Biz 30 Under 30 🇨🇦 in 🗽 Blog👇🏼

#Happiness is witnessing these 2 high school students bring their solution for education inequality to life at #ProtoHack AND take home first place like champs🥇 I am still beaming with pride... and look at the fans tho 🤣#ILoveBalsamiq #OpenEDNYC #D4i

Officially spring weather in #NYC 🐣☀️ #Happiness

When your cast finally matches the décor 🎀 #LadyBird

My kind of bar 🌱 #PosingForPlants

The latest KPop Rap Duo on set @sony #WePlayTooMuch 😂

#Happiness is being in San Diego for #DeeperLearning, empowering educators of our youth to innovate through competition, collaboration, and creativity. #DLC2018 #HidingMyPinkCast

Agradecido por mis amigos ☺️

When I turn 30 next year, does my 2017 award become void? 🤔👵🏼 Congrats to 2018’s class of #30Under30!!!
This was such an emotional and necessarily encouraging moment for me last year and I’m grateful to be reliving it through your successes this year!
Wherever you are today in your professional journey, know that you are extraordinary. Soak it all in and do yourself the favour of being shamelessly proud.
I have so much #happiness for you all!!! #Throwback

As of 2017, there are more than 31 million girls around the world that don’t have access to a formal education; 17 million of which are expected to never enter school.
For #InternationalHappinessDay, I want to relive yesterday’s ‘Designing the Dream Classroom’ discussion & workshop where we uncovered that at the foundation of this ideal is an educator whom embraces the reality that in community is strength—it is unrealistic and irresponsible to assume that one teacher can be everything to every student.
There truly is power in numbers and as a collective, our community of #EdTechWomen, WILL empower, educate, and equalize so that the number of young girls without access to education is 0.
PS. I broke my wrist and am in a cast so that’s why I’m hugging my arm 😛🤕
#EdTech #ETW #EducationInnovation

#Happiness is being home for these views 😍🏂 #UntilNextSZN #NightBoarding

Celebrating 30 years in matrimony. I love you, kiddos 😘 (Shared to FB where they’re more popular than me) #TheRents #LoveBirds

Mentors come in all shapes, sizes, ages and interactions; in fact, you’d be surprised to learn that my most prized mentors have come from the strangest of exchanges: from poker tournaments to hikes in the desert.
Keep an open mind and heart with the intention to build meaningful relationships because at the core of any mentor-menteeship is an encouraging, supportive, and honest friendship.
A big, warm thanks goes out to the #WiTRegatta for including me on this discussion on Captaining your MentorSHIP (get it? 😉🛥) earlier this year. I still can’t believe I got to share the stage with mentors I’ve looked up to from afar for many years 😍
#WomenInTech #WiT #BCTech

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