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Anne  Happy Wife • Mother of 1 with two on the way Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist • Lululemon Ambassador

I trust the next chapter because I know the author
Read to the end- Coming into this pregnancy I had little fear of “getting my body back” because I didn’t just get it back with Arlees. I made a stronger version of me than I’d EVER built before. The connection Id been able to mend with my mind/thoughts and body has been SO powerful. It took Hard work- hell ya it did- but Id Done it
THEN When I learned July we were expecting twins- that fearlessness was gone. I now was starting over- TWO I had not done yet. I don’t know how to Mother two littles, nurse two, carry two- I even worried about being able to love two as powerfully as I’d been able to love Arlees. Silly as that may seem now as I’m typing it but fear brought everything with it
I choose today to handle what I CAN. I believe in myself.
I have faith in my abilities (as a mother, a wife, a trainer)
I know that without a humble but reasonable confidence in ME, I cannot be successful

Leading leaders
Movement: BOSU Med ball Rotational throws Challenge: maintaining control when stopping and starting an explosive movement
Not sure what muscles this movements working?
DA WHOLE package! (Yes Core- majorly) @mewissamawie

The Bump debut before our pool day 💦👙👶🏼👶🏼
Things seem to be going in super speed. I’m finishing up my 11th week, going by weeks is annoying unless you yourself are pregnant, I’ll be 3 months pregnant. The boobs started poppin immediately. Cramps following quickly as my mid section began to soften and take a new shape
These babies were made with ❤️ love and IUI. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) a common fertility procedure in which the sperm are washed, concentrated, and placed directly into a woman’s uterus. Success rates vary for everyone but can be as high as 20% per cycle, expected to do 3-6 cycles. We did one 😭 #blessed
I know I’ll receive comments about my size. Big or small however you see it. It’s all new to me. They say you show sooner with each baby- well how soon do you start showing with twins?!? Now! The answer is NOW

Holy cow, a little victory dance for me 🎉
I woke early this morning nausea free and got a workout in. First time in weeks! This Mama lifted Weights, weights weights!!!
Sounds silly but not being able to keep active has really messed with my head. My number 1 goal is to take care of this body and the precious babies it’s growing and with rest being so undoubtedly valuable, one of the best ways I know how to take care of my spirits, body and mind is through my training
Hope you are able to have your own little victories today xoxo

Arlees has named the babies Bubble Gum💕 and Jumper 💙
We don’t actually know their genders 👶🏼👶🏼 yet but those nicknames may stick if we get a boy/girl combo .
Also, I’m shocked to discover how many of you are twins and triplet Mamas. I’m going to need ALL the tips so I’m BEYOND glad you are here!!!!

Lessons I’m learning:
Step fully and boldly into your life.
When times are tough, be gentle on yourself.
When times are good, relish them.
Use everything you have in service of yourself and in service of others.
You are a gift. Share your gift

💜💜THANK YOU for your shared excitement about the news #twins
The love I’ve been receiving in messages, DMs and texts are so kind and I appreciate every single one of them
I’ve been getting questions on how I’ve been doing:
•My workouts have been sparse. The nausea feels more intense than I remember with Arlees and doesn’t let up all day long. I will continue to share my workouts and how I will adapt
•My diet has been in a bit of survival mode. All the foods I used to enjoy now look repulsive. Ive favored flavorless and carb loaded foods. Which blows my mind!! The first trimester is so crucial for your babies development and I get sick at the sight of all the micro (vitamins and minerals) and macro (pro and fats) nutrients I should be eating. No cravings.
•My mood feels.... blah. I think you mamas can relate
•I’m starting to show. I’ll share bump updates
•We tried for a year and a half- I may share some of that journey. Infertility 💔is a sensitive topic for many and we experienced our own difficulties. I’d never want to sound insensitive to other couples journey
Seriously you guys AMAZING xoxo 💋

Our crew has some crazy news to share .
Swipe to see
We can’t keep the secret anymore and with each passing week the shock remains
Fraternal Twins
I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to grow not one- but two precious babies in my belly.

Still twinning

Headed back to that place that brings out the humans in us. The kids in us and that extra love in us. That place where it all began for us
Sometimes I just can’t stop the cheeeeeze 😍

Tag your friend
8 min EMOM
•10 goblet squat every minute on the Minute
•Followed by Mountain climbers for the remainder of that min
Repeat- you’ll complete 80 goblet squats
*I used a 40lb DB
If you’re short on time- Add this into your #weekend workout and report back.
It gets the job done 👊🏻

What I wish my 16 year old self knew
As a young girl I really struggled with my body image. I would skip lunch at school, fearful of eating food around people. I compared myself obsessively to other girls. I cycled between food deprivation, and other extreme measures for weight loss
I had a very destructive image of myself and I became my biggest bully. All those years I “was”: too round faced, too thick waisted, too short, too shy, too awkward, too big, too dumb, not good enough, not girly enough

Loosing weight is not my life calling. Counting calories is not what calls to my soul. YOU are destined for much greater, much bigger things! Mothers watch how you talk about YOUR OWN bodies and others around you. Teach your daughters to see beauty in themselves and others around them in other ways than superficial

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