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In a few short weeks we are island🌴 bound Every single one of us gets those “body conscious” thoughts that come from being in a swim suit. So What are some practices you use to give yourself a boost and help you feel ready? I’d love to hear your tips and thoughts and Im sure other readers will too! I’ll list some of mine
😴Prioritize sleep. Sleepy people eat more mindless during the day and can have trouble saying no to temptations (I slept 4 hours last night & ate 3 cookies today) #truestory
🍽 Control portions. Read the labels and Measure out the correct serving. No more eyeballing it
💦 Bump up your cardio. I’ve committed to 20 min on top of my existing routine 3x a week. With this UT weather it’s been easy to get outside with my little one for park dates and walks. (Be realistic here) I’ll alternate between HIIT options and steady
🥑 Eat out of your fridge. The pantry usually offers high caloric, high carb and high sugar options
🍪 Remove it! If it’s not in your home than you have to go out of your way to get it. Or if that’s not an option move it so it’s not in eyesight every time you open a door. Now replace it with a better alternative
🍽Ditch protein bars. Eat real food. Some protein bars have more than 30g of sugar and more calories than a candy bar. Meanwhile, others are full of hard-to-pronounce, lab-made ingredients like partially hydrogenated oils (read: trans fat), high-fructose corn syrup, food coloring, artificial sugars, sugar alcohols, and other additives
🦄ROCK that suit. Because confidence looks good on you

Back pain?
Reverse hyper thoroughly stresses the posterior chain of muscles (erectors, glutes & hamstrings)
Also a great low back strengthening exercises. It decompresses the spine and has no vertical compression on the spine at all. It can serve as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase
(video up to Max speed, movement should be slow)
The spine is gently stretched and depressurized during the process, filling the spinal column with spinal fluid and the lower back muscles with blood. Begin with the bench flat extending one leg at a time, progressing to an incline bench if no discomfort.

I wasn’t going to post this video because I didn’t see it to be very Body flattering, or demo solid form, AND my face says I woke up before 5am😴 WTF. Get out of your head Anne! Progress not perfection. Reality not highlights
I don’t enjoy training strictly biceps- the best way to explain it is... I find it boring, so I tend to neglect them a lot
Here are 4 solid movements to grow the bitty biceps 💪🏻 •EZ bar curls
•Spider curls (incline bench forward facing great option to hammer curl)
•Incline bench curl (also great position for hammer curl) •Wall sit Bicep curl (not shown in video- I love this move as it doesn’t allow your elbows to swing)

Grey hair.
Stretch marks.
I call them survival lines.
All Evidence of hard earned growth, caregiving, life, motherhood and joy. Eventually the day may come I want to diminish their existence, cover them up. But for now I’ll keep them. They took me a long time earn!! @loveyourmelon #loveyourmelon

If it looks like I don’t know what I’m doing you’re right... I don’t. But put @cameeadams on the pads and she can teach you a few things real quick. I always love trying new ways to be in motion. Fun evening last night trying something new and meeting so many new faces
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The first time my New Years resolution had nothing to do with my physique and everything to do with life as this chicks Mama. My best self isn’t created for a gym or by a gym. I see it as a place where you can practice, over and over again, the habit of setting a goal for yourself and then reaching it. Focus takes practice. Discipline takes practice. Persistence takes practice. Consistency takes practice. The gym is a great place to practice these things. But what is all the practice for if you don’t have something you want to be extraordinary at! This life is the best life #motherhood

Change up your HIIT with
Banded High Knee Runs
40|20 x12
40 seconds ON
20 seconds Rest
12 rounds
You can modify by adjusting your time at work to 30|30 or 20|40

PLEASE READ!! I cant end today without expressing my gratitude for each and everyone of you. I know it may have just been a workout (a freaking killer workout💦) but to ME it felt like the biggest Hug ever, it’s the only way I can think to describe it. The simple show of affection to “show up and just be there” with me- It means everything! Your support means everything @fitcon
THANK YOU for bringing out the magic & madness in me!

To Move More

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. New Years in upon us, Are you ready to Tone and Talk at the Everything Nutrition Expo this weekend?
❌Who else is feeling the Holiday Hangover? I got my workout in this morning. It felt awful the entire time. Rather than working with me my body worked against me. I rested a lot, had to slowed down and scaled weight. It was all a combination for frustration. So I Almost gave up. It got me thinking and I want to hear from YOU🤩What keeps you going? Today is was TIME, I simply told myself I deserved 1 hour to myself for myself. The effort didn’t matter, I just kept moving. And then ran🏃🏼‍♀️out the door as soon as My time was up 😂😂
#takeonyourchallenges #thinklessmovemore

Hope this adds✨ “sparkle” ✨to your holiday
Sound on 😂 #sorrynotsorry Just too good, totally unexpected and completely innocent

Meet Mel
She is a badass
An athlete
She has big goals🏔
She challenges me
She allows space for my creativity
She doesn’t say no-rather let’s go
This is training!! @mewissamawie

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