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Anne Marie  Stetson University, Deland, FL Optimism

Solid weekend of volleyball with my pals, winning the bronze championship to finish the season 🏐

Breakfast with my grandpa on this beautiful morning ☀️🍓🥝 Family time is priceless

There are good days and bad days and today I had a good day, I hope you did too 😌 If not, the day isn’t over!

Stetson Club Volleyball competes 💪 #3rdplace

Gary’s face when I sprain my foot and lose my wallet the first night of Okeechobee hahaha I love you my best friend thanks for takin’ care of me

Some of my favorite pics of my amazing friends off my disposable cameras from ‘chobee :) 🌀☀️🌙🌴🌸

Too true ☮️
Happiness doesn’t come from what you have, from what you own or what you can buy. Happiness is not determined or defined by “likes” or followers. It is not how many friends you have or how popular you are. It doesn’t come from how much you can lift how how smart you are.... happiness is, and always will be, internal... so find peace and happiness within YOURSELF 🧠🌸🌼

Swipe to see my face when I saw my little butt compared to MG’s 😂 Happy St. Patrick’s day 😊☘️👭

Using #internationalwomensday to celebrate women being able to create gems like these 👼🏼

The best things in life aren’t things, they’re people like you 😌💓

How cool is it that I can honestly say I love all my teammates 🏐

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