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Anna  More than just weight loss progress now...daily life and just trying to do this life thing. Family-Health-Happiness PCOS Awareness

that’s a mood

new glasses, same anna

the original bird box 😂 ted going for wings to watch the super bowl without finding out the score...HIMYM and falling asleep #birdbox #howimetyourmother

Butternut squash “meatballs” with whole wheat pasta, kale, and beans in a lemon sauce #healthy #pcos #itsvegan #imstilloutherecooking #postlesslivemore

Well you look like yourself
But you're somebody else
Only it ain't on the surface
Well you talk like yourself
No, I hear someone else though
Now you're making me nervous

what can i say about 2018?........well to be blunt, it fucking sucked most of the time. pretending it was all roses just isn’t going to happen here..better to let it all out. started the year with our house being robbed and getting nowhere with the police. had a fallopian tube removed to help some pcos related pain that might not actually have been from my pcos and back surgery no. 2...that didn’t even help the pain...and work isn’t always what dreams are made of....but and this is a big BUT there was some good. i got myself a new car...we had a nice christmas and even the kiddos got to be here...and most importantly my family is still here and okay. so to show my age...2018 it’s closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here ✌️ you tried to break me, but I’m stronger. here’s to a better 2019🙏 #goodbye2018 #pcos #pcoscysters #overcomingobstacles #2019 #iswearimnotnegativenancy

prep has begun

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