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Anna O'Brien  🇨🇦 Does swimming in debt count as cardio? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Canadian in Aussie📍✌🏽🇦🇺 Burrito Enthusiast. Easily distracte

99 problems and a beach ain’t one 😉🌊 #tbt

I SHORE do love my SEA-ster 🌊💙 Happy International Women’s Day to this confidence-boosting-ramen-noodle-eating-bar-dancing-Simpson’s-referencing fiery red head who kicks ass, takes names and stands up for what she believes in. You’ve been inspiring me to be a leader since the day you stole me from my stroller as a baby and took me on a walk without telling the parentals (sorry for the scare Mom). You are fierce, you are unapologetically yourself, and (my favourite) you tell people to leave me alone when I’m too nervous to say anything to them myself heheh. I always thought you were just bossy as a big sister but little girls with dreams become women with vision. Thanks for inspiring me with your self assurance, and reminding me of my own self worth in a society that’s trying to tell me otherwise. Your bikini-body motto (which is simply just f*** the haters, put your body into a bikini and voilà) has helped me heaps here in Aussie. Pretty cool that you’re not a TOTAL loser. You’re almost as cool as Beyoncé. Just almost, though. Let’s not get carried away here. The world needs more strong and powerful women and I’m grateful to share blood with one!! PS: International Sisters Day is one month away, can’t wait for your post dedicated to ME! ❤️ Love you like a fat kid loves cake. And I LOVE cake. 😘

Koala-ty company here in Australia 🇦🇺👌🏽 🐨☕️

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy fish & chips and then eat it by the beach, and that’s pretty much the same damn thing. 💙🐟💙

Unseen in photo: Actual tub of sunscreen used to shield my ginger skin. Also unseen is my face. Because it’s burnt. Really, really burnt. RIP me, my funeral will be held this week. ☀️❌😡 #PrayForMySkin #PrayForMyBankAccount

My leaving-Dubai-post. Trading in the camels for kangaroos! ‘Bout to burn this ginger skin on another country’s sun ☀️🇦🇺 Du-BAIIIII 👋🏽 ps Chris Hemsworth where you at!? 😏

Can’t believe this was a year ago! Trump Inauguration and one hell of a Washington Women’s March, what a weekend. @alannafairey @tyler_bloomfield @brandonchoghri , I hope your day today is filled with less tear gas, less rioting, less chanting (though extremely catchy), but definitely more accessible wifi. Such a crazy experience to look back on. ❤️

St. John’s, NL: My own personal wind machine. Ta ta for now Windy City 👋🏽 ✈️ ☀️

Honestly just stoked I left the house for the first time in days #WhatIsFreshAir #OnThatTurkeyDinnerDiet

When it’s Christmas season but, like, also Star Wars season. 👌🏽🖤🎄

No jacket in December? Unbe-leaf-able. ☀️🍁🍂

Just in case anybody had any doubts on my basic white girl status: Peak level has been reached. 😘💕

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