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Anna Stewart 🌵🦂 

A few from the Salt River trip. 4 days of perfect flow, killer river meals, too much whiskey and about a billion laughs. Big thanks to the Payne boys for putting this trip together and for teaching my sorry ass how to row an oar rig! Damn, that was fun!

Jack, you are an inspiration and a light in this fucking proud of you for stepping on top of that mountain today after such an insanely long and hard road since your accident. Can’t wait to shotgun a beer on top with you soon! 💕🤘🏼

Last week I was in the most beautiful spot on planet earth with the absolute best company. I’m still trying to come up with language beautiful enough to verbalize that experience...but anyway, here’s a Havasu Creek and Colorado River confluence nudie...that outta suffice for now. Side note: go hike or paddle something big, take off all your clothes and feel the earth on your skin. I swear it’ll surely cure any suffering, boredom, heartache or hangover that might be ailing the soul.

All of this snow has got me dreaming about spring runoff. Can’t wait to be back out in the wild, river bummin’ and runnin’.

“In the American Southwest I began a lifelong love affair with a pile of rock” -Edward Abbey. Happy Birthday/Valentines Day to my one true love, Arizona 💕

🌏 There’s a big beautiful world out there to see and it’s just a palms reach away. Go out and grab it!

I hope I live to see the day when Glen Canyon breathes as the wild and un-choked river canyon that it once was before the dam. But for now, Powell, the reservoir, reminded me to love something for what it is, not to have distaste for what it’s not. There is still an unleveled majesty and mystery to this place, even under all that water, and I’m grateful to have had the chance to explore its everlasting beauty that cannot be hidden. #savethecolorado

Arizona taught me to love running water because there’s hardly ever any in our river beds, except when there’s too much, and real quick.

River daze. Please summer, never ever end 🌈

Remembering a perfect river day. I can’t believe how fast my niece and nephew are growing up. As 30 comes knocking on my door in a few weeks I’m reminded just how fast time flies, wasn’t it just yesterday that my brother and I were their age?! My time with them and the rest of my family last week was so sweet. What a joy to be able to share this river, that I’ve come to love, with them. 💕

Middle Fork of the Salmon rafting crew. 7 days of big water and big fun!

Really wish someone would've told me that they were going to take my picture today so I could've washed my hair. Oh hell, who am I kidding, I wouldn't have washed it if I had known anyways....thanks for the surprise photo shoot of me and my beloved Land Bruiser @zachduncanmedia

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