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Anna Bouma  New York, New York 🌎 [addicted to the sound of the shutter]

bts from recent work for @etienneaignerus

warm weather today bringing all the nostalgia for sunshine & summer I am real damn ready

Michigan, mid-2017

look up

Language is powerful. It creates context, shapes our beliefs, and connects us. My favorite thing about a photograph is what it can convey without language / / Without words, a photo can express any emotion: hope, loss, frustration, joy, love. The photographs that speak to me are those that capture the in-between moments, moods that are small, subtle, and striking / / @danrubin invited me to join the ‘Talk in Images’ series, a global conversation started by the @icp about the power of photography as a universal language. I’d like to ask @myparisianmood, @pauljunbear, & @jaharoni to add their voices to the mix. If you’re intrigued, join in with this month’s tag #ICPTalkInImagesMood 📸

a photo of me taking a photo of @danrubin taking a photo of me. yes I’m also slightly confused by that caption and yes this was shot on film.

movement + momentum + magic ⚡️ selects from Holi this weekend are up. 👆🏼link in bio.

3 years ago today I moved to New York. I knew one human, had no job, and a room in an apartment full of strangers. Rewind a few months from that day and I was here, under the Eiffel Tower, deciding to leave Paris. I gave up my apartment, un-enrolled from school, said goodbye to the city and the seine. I didn’t really know why. I chose New York on what felt like a whim. Retrospect tho, it always makes sense of things. And today, I’m waking up extra grateful to call this city home.

yesterday in the studio

Caroline St. Louis y’all

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