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That's one small step for a woman, one GIANT leap for womankind ✨

#nbd just walking in space with my larger than life @Crocs #ad #PlatformCrocs

Yesterday was such an awesome and unexpected day. 😍

We started the day at @odditiesfleamarket. It was so unique and unlike anything I’ve seen. To be honest, some of it was terrifying but it was amazing at the same time to be surrounded by all different types of people and art.

I bought a piece of Labradorite. The stone was first discovered in Labrador, Canada. It is said that according to Eskimo Indian legend, the northern lights were freed from Labradorite - the reason why I chose this image for this post!
Labradorite is known for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit and intuition and is a powerful protector.

We finished the day at @famoustheplay at @the1111space which was absolutely incredible and a must see for anyone who lives here in LA.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday xx

Feeling larger than life and on top of the world! 🌎

This collaboration with @crocs has a lot of meaning for me because I haven't been up to the Hollywood sign since I moved to Los Angeles almost 6 years ago. Looking out over LA has a whole different meaning for me now than when I first arrived.

I look out over the city and see the friends I've made, the various jobs I've had, the spot that I met my husband, the place's we've all partied, laughed, and cried over the years, the business that I created for myself, and I see all of our memories of good times and bad times and the things that have made me who I am today.
#ad #PlatformCrocs

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You may have seen that I launched a brand new website yesterday complete with a new design, new freebies, courses and more. But I also added 6 brand new preset packs for desktop and mobile.
The presets are on sale for $10 for a pack of 5 until Monday!

You can also get the sale on the full set as well. This is the lowest they will ever be so you don’t want to miss out on this!

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Happy creating! ❤️

Do you guys remember these? Which one is your favorite?

These are some of my favorite pieces from my early days of Instagram. The 2nd one is actually my top seller and is an old self-portrait!

Tomorrow I’m relaunching my website complete with new freebies, brand new presets, and a whole new design that is much more “me” and will better serve YOU.

Can’t wait to show you! stay tuned!

I found this interesting gas planet on @nasa ’s website and had to use it in something. Get this... it’s over 1000 degrees Celsius and rains GLASS sideways at 4,300 mph. Yes, glass!!!! It’s one of the closest exoplanets to Earth and produces similar colors from the surface but clearly not the least bit livable!! 🌑☔️

Where does your imagination take you? 🐋🌋

Reminiscing on the most amazing trip to Canada this past February!

We stayed in Banff and then took an afternoon trip to Emerald Lake in British Columbia. On the way back we got stuck in a 2-hour long traffic jam because of an accident (everyone was ok.) I walked up to see if everything was ok after waiting for a while and the guy, whose truck has just been completely totaled, was just hanging out talking with some truck drivers and saying that he was bummed his snowboarding trip was over since he’d have to return the car 😂 so chill, I couldn’t even believe it!
Then shortly after we got pulled over for using MPH instead of KPH. There’s never a dull moment 😂💙
Here’s what the lodge looked like in my dreamy imagination!

Last night I did something a bit different from my usual style. While James (@jimmy2take) watched the Game of Thrones premiere, I digitally painted some dragon eyes. 🐉

I had intended to do Viserion’s fully body but ended up being more inspired by its scary blue eyes 👀

Also pro tip for you guys, I’m obsessed with my iPad Pro and connected it to my laptop and Photoshop through @astropadapp . Now I can draw and paint with my Apple Pencil. I just recently found out about this and I highly recommend it!!

I’ve been working on some Lightroom Presets for you guys which will be coming with the launch of my new website on May 1st!

In the process of making them, I re-edited this one because it will always be one of my favorites. I didn’t create this piece that long ago. however, looking at it yesterday I realized how much more I’ve learned about editing in such a short amount of time since first creating it.

Have you seen this happen in your own work?

Comment below if you’re excited for the presets or want to learn how to edit in Photoshop!

I was floating in a peaceful sea, rescued by a sinking boat 🌊⛵️

Another glow creation that literally took all day 😭 but totally worth it because I really love the way this turned out!

Happy Friday! What are everyone’s weekend plans?
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Exploring Cambodia and Vietnam these past few weeks was an unbelievable trip of a lifetime. Trying to get back into normal life again is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

We visited Angkor Wat where I received a Buddhist Monk Water blessing (see our travel page @leavethemap for the photo) where they chant wishing you good luck, safe travel, and a long life 🌏💙
✨💥Want to learn how I add glow to my photos? And how I edit my photos? Sign up for my Photoshop course - or click the link in my highlights

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