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“The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth” 🌎🌍🌏
Here are two edits I did when I was first getting started - based on this quote. One is of me and one is of James @jimmy2take.

On this Earth day and beginning everyday take a vow to yourself and the Earth to add these tips to your daily life if you don’t already:

1.) Reduce all plastic use (no plastic bottles, no plastic bags, straws, or useless plastic packaging)

2.) Conserve water (turn it off when brushing your teeth or using the sink and take shorter showers)

3.) LEAVE NO TRACE (leave the world in better condition than how you found it)

4.) Drive less (walk, bike, take public transportation)
5.) Respect this planet as if it is your only home! Because as of right now, it is. And don’t be selfish and say “well I’ll be dead by the time any of this affects me” and the answer is, no, you won’t. It’s happening now. The world is covered in trash pollution, deforestation, and an overall lack of respect. If you want to make a difference, you need to start now! And there is no better day than today! Happy Earth day 💙💙 Live gently upon this Earth!

Last night I did something a bit different from my usual style. While James (@jimmy2take) watched the Game of Thrones premiere, I digitally painted some dragon eyes. 🐉

I had intended to do Viserion’s fully body but ended up being more inspired by its scary blue eyes 👀

Also pro tip for you guys, I’m obsessed with my iPad Pro and connected it to my laptop and Photoshop through @astropadapp . Now I can draw and paint with my Apple Pencil. I just recently found out about this and I highly recommend it!!

I’ve been working on some Lightroom Presets for you guys which will be coming with the launch of my new website on May 1st!

In the process of making them, I re-edited this one because it will always be one of my favorites. I didn’t create this piece that long ago. however, looking at it yesterday I realized how much more I’ve learned about editing in such a short amount of time since first creating it.

Have you seen this happen in your own work?

Comment below if you’re excited for the presets or want to learn how to edit in Photoshop!

I was floating in a peaceful sea, rescued by a sinking boat 🌊⛵️

Another glow creation that literally took all day 😭 but totally worth it because I really love the way this turned out!

Happy Friday! What are everyone’s weekend plans?
✨💥Want to learn how I add glow to my photos? And how I edit my photos? Sign up for my Photoshop course - or click the link in my highlights

Exploring Cambodia and Vietnam these past few weeks was an unbelievable trip of a lifetime. Trying to get back into normal life again is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

We visited Angkor Wat where I received a Buddhist Monk Water blessing (see our travel page @leavethemap for the photo) where they chant wishing you good luck, safe travel, and a long life 🌏💙
✨💥Want to learn how I add glow to my photos? And how I edit my photos? Sign up for my Photoshop course - or click the link in my highlights

So yesterday was pretty crazy with the longest time that IG and FB have ever been down! But hopefully you all took a nice break from starring at your phones to go outside or get some work done😁 it was actually a bit refreshing! (Btw if you want to learn how to grow your Instagram even when things like this happen, click the link in my bio for the free mini course)

I haven’t had the desire or time lately to create new art but I’m hoping our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam next week will spark some new ideas.

Have any of you been to Cambodia or Vietnam?

Hope you all are having a great week ❤️ #ps_daydream

Is it all in your imagination or is it really there? 🚀🌌
This was the third image that I worked on during the Adobe live stream (watch the replay on the @behance website to see my process.)
How do you interpret this piece? Comment below ❤️
To me, it represents imagination - maybe even what we see in movies or read about in books, like this little boy, but maybe what we imagine is real and we just can’t see it in this present moment (yes crazy thoughts for a Monday! watch Russian Doll if you enjoy thinking about alternative time dimensions and what’s “real”)
Totally forgot to mention - this window was made by @melaamory!!! She’s incredible and created this from scratch in cinema4d. Go check out her work if you want to have your mind blown #ps_daydream

Exploring Arches National Park 🌄

I haven’t done just a simple color and sky edit like this in a while but I need to bring a bit of brightness back to my page 😝 this shot was taken on our incredible mini-moon, cross-country roadtrip by my hubby @jimmy2take #womencreate

While we didn’t see the northern lights (still on my bucket list), Lake Louise did not disappoint! It was a gorgeous, silent, snowy day as we hiked around the lake and explored in the woods. It felt like Narnia! I’m so thankful to have experienced this amazing place thanks to @travelalberta and @banffcentre. I’m ready to go back!! 😍

Swipe to see the before and making of this photo 😁 #womencreate #ps_daydream

Hand painted this starry night sky yesterday afternoon! 😍 Swipe to see the full painting that I did. (Van Gogh inspired - Acrylic on canvas. 8x10) It feels good to create something entirely from scratch. That’s me in the window 😊

A few weeks ago we were in Banff with @travelalberta. It was an incredible trip filled with adventure and inspiration. Staying at the @banffcentre, surrounded by other artists, pure talent and friendly people was unlike anything I’ve experienced. Banff has its own energy and the view of the mountains from Banff Centre kicked my imagination and art into full gear. 😍

Starry-night sky idea was inspired by my friend @marcozagara #womencreate #ps_daydream

Today is the last day of @adobe Live! Going live in 20 minutes.

This has been an incredible 3 days. Getting to be here in San Francisco, meeting other talented creators and working with people on this photo and of course hanging with @ptrani, @reeltackleboys, @paco_siller, @melaamory, @andrew_seg, and @beatlejase 😁

Thank you to the Adobe team and to everyone who watched so far and will be watching today! You all are amazing ❤️ #womencreate #ps_daydream

Join me today on @adobe Live on @behance from 9-11AM PST. There will be lots of challenges and giveaways so be sure to hop on there early!
I’ll also be on tomorrow and Thursday from 9-11 PST as well!
See you there 💕 #ps_glow

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