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Anna Marx  Published Plus Model Backup account @annamarx_modeling Baltimore, MD USA 🇺🇸

Preview of next month's shower set gallery! I just got this from @girl_cat_photography so it is a total secret... even from my unreleased gallery subscribers! Don't worry though, I have goodies waiting for everyone! Make sure you're subscribed for all of this month's and next month's sexy selections.

Being body positive isn't just waking up one morning with iron confidence, jiggly arms and jelly rolls be damned. Frequently I look at photos of myself and think 'ugh'. Body positivity is having a filter for those thoughts, and washing them down with self love and honesty. It's looking at your life and identifying the role that food and fitness play, and whether changing your lifestyle is top in your priorities. It is examining what input causes you to react that way, and what those sources have to gain by putting that thought in your head. It is accepting your body for what it is rather than what it might be if you changed something.
Even when you do have that mental discipline, mirror time can still be hard. Just take it one day at a time. Post that photo. Wear that dress. Eat the meal that makes you feel good after a long day. You deserve it! Love yourself a little at a time.

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Photo by @bmoreexposed

On this chill day, curl up with your computer and this month's beautiful galleries on my Patreon.
Don't forget the hot chocolate!

Photos by @frankwalrond

Just being naughty in my bedroom. Have you ever done a roleplay with someone? How did it go? I find that they can be kinda goofy, but if you really go all out it can be a fascinating and rewarding experience with another person. Dirty talk can be hard to get out since it sounds so porny and silly, but then again, isn't that what makes it fun?

Did everyone have a good St. Patrick's day? I celebrated mine at home with Bailey's Irish Cream and vanilla ice cream sundae/cocktails. Starting to get into a spring cleaning groove and was down on hands and knees scrubbing last night! Do you guys have any fun plans for spring? What's your favorite way to shake off winter?

Image by @photosbyphelps with model @nataliya_natta

Went to support an art school classmate of mine, @jmwillustration at their show "The Fated Year" at @tectonicspace in Baltimore! Jabari M. Weathers is a Baltimore based artist of color who does incredible illustrations in gouache, watercolor, ink, and multimedia.
If you like Tarot, role playing games, board games, sci-fi, and horror art, this was a really impressive show to see, and is part of the new Charles North arts district on North and Greenmount!
The show is up until March 31st, and will conclude with a live Gaming session featuring Jabari's art and led by the artist, live streamed on twitch.

Go see the show!

There was one time me and @miss.linglingbbw got sexy dirty in a hotel, and only @girl_cat_photography got to see. If you want to get in on the action, check out these hot unreleased galleries on Patreon.com/annamarxmodeling

It was a primal experience taking this set in the fern woods in Frederick, MD. I felt like a modern day eve. You can see it in my eyes

Get this sensual gallery on Patreon.com/annamarxmodeling
Link in profile.

Image by @frankwalrond

This is one kitty you don't want to leave outside.

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Image By @bmoreexposed

My monthly erotic video is available on Patreon for just $20. Watch me walk, crawl, and twerk in nothing but fishnets and kitten heels.... it's quite delightful.


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Just a quick peek, okay?
Panties free version on my private snap!

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I'm the kind of woman your mother feared, that your daddy dreamed of. You won't find me in magazines or movies; you won't meet me at the corner store. You'll be lucky of you catch a glimpse in an unexpected place. But don't let the rarity fool you. I'm more real than any daydream.

See this smoldering photoset in my unreleased galleries folder on Patreon! Link in bio.

Image by @bmoreexposed
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