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Annalise Basso  •Friend of Narnia•Watcher on the Walls•Dúnedain of the North•Dragon Warrior•Enemy of the Matrix• @winecountryanimallovers & @nuzzlesandco

New Mexico/2014


If you’re thinking “OooOoh, blurry photo. Annalise is so edgy and cool,” I won’t deny it. Just know the only reason I’m posting a blurry one is because I looked like a dweeb in all the other pics we took. Either way, sharing it gives me the opportunity to say I had the best time with @dannadekay last night xo❤️🌹

Only @warrenalfiebaker could come through with THE perfect look for a last minute Grammy after party. #thejuicecleansewasworthit

#feelingmyself in this dress. Surprisingly, @alexandriabasso did not take this pic. Thanks, @warrenalfiebaker 😘

Just a girl trying to find her best light 😭🙏🏻✨#help

Uh-oh. What’s Heaven gotten herself into? Find out this summer on Lifetime. @chrismcnally #vcandrews #casteelfamilyseries #lifetime @lifetimetv

Whistler magic. @dpaulbiason

Everyone, meet Heaven Casteel. The journey she embarks upon this summer is full of tears, forbidden romance, and all the drama you could possibly imagine. Learn more about her by clicking the link in my bio! #casteelfamilyseries #lifetime #vcandrews @chrismcnally @juliebenzmft

“Silver Linings” by @indg0

@alexandriabasso said I look like Grace Kelly. Goal achieved.

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