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On the 2nd of January, 270 containers fell of a big containership called MSC Zoë right above our beautiful wadden islands. The consequences are big. Very big.
Our beautiful Waddensee, a thing I photograph a lot and also post a lot about on my IG, is now full of plastic, derived from these containers. Think of plastic pumps, shoes, microscopic styrofoam, tires, stools, anything you can imagine lays now on several beaches.

Yesterday I had the chance to take a closer look at this catastrophe with some fishermen from my hometown. We could visit the beach of Schiermonnikoog and a sandbank using their own fishingship and their own nets. We also came across some lifeboat’s from rescue brigade KNRM, which yield some awesome shots.

I want to thank everyone for that day: the rescue brigades, the fisherman who clean up their own waddensea, but also all the other people who are now visiting our wadden islands on and on to clean up the beaches. Everything voluntarily.
Let’s be proud of our beautiful waddensea and all roll up our sleeves to make this world a better place. 💚

High tide’s coming up... 🌊

Can you spot the rainbow? 😁🌈

Wild sea 🌊

Reached my 2.3K followers today. Nice to see that ‘so many’ people want to see my pictures. Really keeps me motivated! 👍🏼 What keeps you motivated? 📸

Bad weather can be nice weather too! No sunset colours this time 🌬 Shot this one with my @bwfilter 10 stops using a shutterspeed of 30 sec. ISO 100 F9

Where the dike protects us from the sea...

Please tell me, am I the only one who is addicted to long exposures? 🤷🏼‍♀️😅

I finally went out taking pictures again this evening. This is what I got in return... 😍

Yet another long exposure shot!

“Stuck In Motion”

Yep. New obsession. Long exposure. 😁

Testshot with my new @bwfilters ND filter. Very fun to play with in combination with my 11-16mm wide angle lens.
I’m currently staying in Nationalpark Eifel, Germany surrounded by these beautiful mountains and lakes. Is there anyone who has been here before and can recommend me some nice photo-locations? Very curious. 😊 -
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Had a blast at Vlieland last weekend!

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