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  ➳ I shoot stuff ➳ Landscape, Sunset and Sunrise ➳ 16 years old ➳ Based in the northern Netherlands ➳ Canon 700D 11-16mm f2.8/18-270mm f3.5/50mm f1.8

Yet another long exposure shot!

“Stuck In Motion”

Yep. New obsession. Long exposure. 😁

Testshot with my new @bwfilters ND filter. Very fun to play with in combination with my 11-16mm wide angle lens.
I’m currently staying in Nationalpark Eifel, Germany surrounded by these beautiful mountains and lakes. Is there anyone who has been here before and can recommend me some nice photo-locations? Very curious. 😊 -
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Had a blast at Vlieland last weekend!

First sunset after four weeks! I’ll never get tired of this spot.

Yep, I’m still alive. 😁 Yesterday I finally got the chance to start shooting again, because my camera shut down and had to be fixed. Heading to Vlieland tomorrow so there sure will be a lot coming your way! 📸 What are your plans this weekend?

Another longexposure shot I took a few days ago.

Reached my 100th post today! Thought I would share a pic of myself this time for a change 🙋🏼‍♀️This shot was taken by @annettvonloeffelholz while she was here in Moddergat for a holidaytrip!

Experimented with long exposure a few days ago at Moddergat. This was one of the results 😁

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