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Anna Fine  Design Director at R/GA, Instructor at SVA, Product Designer for Start-Ups // 🎨: @somefineart // 📍NYC

Final on-site day for the project we've been on for 6-7 months included the seeing-eye dog, Edwina. She's 10 weeks old and loves nibbling on my thumb. I wanted to steal her.

This man is one of the biggest, most important reasons for the life I have today. Thank you Jack Mariucci for your 20+ years teaching us pains-in-the-asses how to recognize great ideas and turn them into something even greater.
SVA won't be the same without you and Bob. And thank you for inviting me to be a part of your send off ❤️
#TerribleLighting #StillAGoodPic

My block has a group of cats who live here and the locals take care of them. This cat in particular is my buddy. I click my tongue out on my balcony and she comes to the backyard garden and waits for me to come pet her. She likes to lean into my hand when I do. #catwhisperer

Sometimes home feels extra home-y
(and yes, that's a teddy bear on my shelf) #phonehome #whphomesweethome #allyearroundtwinklelights

New shades for Treat Yo'self Thursday.
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Day drinks on my rooftop with the best people was the perfect way to spend Saturday.
Also worth noting is Chris literally bending over backwards to avoid this picture.

This is nerdy me in sixth grade with my make-shift lab. This was the germification stage of cloning a carrot seed for my science fair project.
I wanted to be a scientist for the majority of my life, particularly a genetic engineer. What drew me to it was the ability to trust in the facts, push our perceived realities, and design things down to the molecule.
No matter what our government says, the experts are who we should listen to. Just as we want to be heard and validated in our own work, so should the dedicated scientists doing all they can to protect our little blue planet.
I couldn't #MarchForScience today, but I've donated to several groups encouraging kids in STEAM, particularly Girls Who Code and National Math + Science Initiative. I encourage you to do the same. #HappyEarthDay #Throwback

Tonight was my last class teaching for the 2016-2017 school year. It's bittersweet. They all grew as designers and people, and I'm super proud of them. They started with nothing and all ended the year with strong portfolios.
This #latergram picture is from the SVA juniors and seniors show last month. Shown here is a list of the GDAD faculty. My name and Aaron's alongside our mentors, idols, and peers are on it. It was humbling and amazing to stumble upon. It really hit home that I was teaching at the school that already gave me so much.
I found out last week from one of my students that I'm on next year's roster, so I guess I'll be doing it all again next year!
#NotGonnaCry #EmotionsMan #Proud #SeeYaNextYear

When it's projected to be in the high 70's, you bring out the party pants.

Happy #NationalSiblingDay to the best Lil Broja. We got Italian food to celebrate #Passover because we're Jew...ish.
Jeg elsker dig, @efine93 ❤️

I started working at R/GA one year ago. It feels like the blink of an eye, or maybe an eternity ago. I had no idea I'd eventually go full-time 6 months after this was taken, but it's been one of my better life decisions so far. My coworkers are pretty ok. 😉 #ILoveMyCoworkers

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