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Looking for a cutie with a boat.
In other news Bayfield WI is straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel and I love it here

Monday was:
Driving slow on backroads and telling "remember when..." stories.
Singing along with what my friends lovingly refer to as "radio country."
Climbing so close to the cliffs edges that the adrenaline was pumping and my mom was swearing.
(Home girl can't hang with heights)
Today was really fun, I always feel a little more like myself when I'm with my momma or in the woods-today, I had both at the same time and my heart is figuratively exploding!

Today I'll be hanging out at Pompadour salon with a bunch of other artist's and our little pop up shops for #southnicolletsummerjam2017!!
Eats, face painting, bouncy house bouncing, and a million other things are happening in the parking lot behind @fivewattcoffee too!
So, if you're looking for something rad to do today in Minneapolis come say hi and hang with rad people! 🌻🌼🌞

I wish I could have back all those moments that I wasted wishing for what's ahead.
If I could do it all over, I'd waste that time like I did today: catching up with sweet friends and letting the sunshine dust my pale skin in freckles.

I was in the midst of typing out a long and introspective caption for this photo, but there's a talking chicken named "teriyaki" on the episode of Sesame Street my nanny kid is watching right now.
Laughing, but also v concerned.
Here's a completely unrelated photo that @a_groves7 snapped on our little adventure yesterday.

The green piece of paracord turned bracelet, is from left over hiking supplies of the first boy I ever loved. The boy, who was as brave as his brown eyes were beautiful.
I took this picture in Israel, after I climbed one of the most daunting mountain sides. I was over heated, tired, and had just realized my fear of hights-later that week I would learn my fear of small spaces, after a trek through a tunnel that felt like it would never end.
The night before I left for my trip, I procrastinated on packing by rummaging through my keepsake box-there I found a few things that belonged to Matt.
For some reason, I grabbed this piece of paracord and took it with me to Israel-last minute packing decisions were responsible for my checked bag being 7 pounds over 😏
Maybe, I was just missing the boy who passed away well before his time.
Maybe, a part of me felt like if I brought something of his it would be like I was taking him on a trip I knew he would have lived for.
But honestly, this silly piece of string tied to my wrist reminded me over and over to be brave- to climb mountains, crawl through caves, and live in the moment I'm in before it passes.
Funny how a piece of string could inspire so much-so be brave, that's all I've got for ya insta.

It's Messy Monet Madness in my classroom this week!
Recreating Claude Monet's Waterlilies with smalls is the best of both worlds-truly living my best life

Today, I'm hanging out with a cute toddler and a big cuddly pupper.
We went on a long walk before dinner, then spent about an hour talking to the neighborhood mom's while the kiddos ran barefoot in the yard. I listened as they told me about the drama going on down the street and some tips for planting a garden-it was honestly the highlight of my week. I really love summer in the city, and I really love how friendly people are when you're lugging around a 70 pound fur ball and a giggling two year old.
Now for a dinner! On the menu: avocado toast and big slices of watermelon, while we watch the sun go "night night"

Enjoyed my first Shabbat back in the 🇺🇸
Still shocked that I had the privilege to visit the Western Wall.
Still shocked women and men were divided by a fence for prayer, but here's to the old law!
The Western Wall is considered the holiest place of prayer in the Jewish faith-believed to be the remaining wall to the Temple Mount.

Hi World, I'm home 🏠
I just slept for 20 hours, which is a personal record.
Woke up once to eat a handful of Chex Mix, and then was back to the snoozin business.
Now it's 9:30 pm and I'm ready to party-oh jet lag.———
Here's a shot of a Bedouin man selling belts in the desert, he was a character. Kinda miss him and desert views.

Well Israel, it's been real 💃🏼

"Old Jerusalem, New Jerusalem"
Today was a roller coaster, from an anxiety attack in an under ground tunnel to finally praying at the western wall. I'm tired, both emotionally and physically.
Enjoying the holy lands, but holy cow am I ready to come home ❤️

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