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Anna Daltro  🏆3X Bikini Overall Champion 🇧🇷From Brazil Salvador BA 💛Living in San Diego, CA 👙Team Edge Bikini Athlete ‼️ Edge Supps Ambassador ‼️


I'm just here doing my things 💪🏽🌪💃🏻 #shoulders & #arms 🔨 #done Now let's do some #cardio#focus #conditioning #fuelled By @edgesupps #thebest ❤️👌🏻
MEU FOCO NINGUÉM TIRA 🙌🏼🙏🏻👊🏼 #seguraaa #lavaiela #focadasempre #acreditabonita

Today at 6:00 pm on YouTube " Squat booty " !!!! #Repost @b_laurent_fit (@get_repost)
"Squat booty" the first fit hop release from @b_laurent_fit will be dropping tomorrow 6/21 6pm pacific time on YouTube. Guest appearances from some of the brighest IFBB AND NPC bikini and figure competitors So. Cal has to offer. Let's crank up the heat this summer and get the word out that us fitness enthusiasts now have some music that represents this lifestyle that we live!

Back to it @edgesupps #fatburner #edgesupps #edgelife ❤️💃🏻 @kpactive 🔥💙
#Repost @teamedge1 (@get_repost)
Bikini body fueled by @edgesupps Intercept + 🔥
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📷#edgeathlete @kpactive and @annadaltro
Bikini by @ingridromerobikinis
#edgesupps #edgelife #teamedgefam #edgebooty #edgegirl #teamedge #wye #ingridromerobikinis

Round ✌🏽#shoulders & #Back
1 week on #cutting and a few pounds down !
Consistency, patience and focus !!! It's Monday don't forget to be focused on your goals!!!! #newweek #letsgo #focused #passion #mondaymotivation #teamedge --------------
@edgesupps 👊🏼❤️ ---------------
1 semana de cutting foi ótima 🙏🏻 O peso está descendo de acordo com o programado ! Consistência, paciência e foco ... Essa é a mágica !
Ótima semana amores 💚😘 #esmagaqcresce #acreditabonita #motivacao #bikinicompetitor #bikinifitness #npc #npcbikini

Yeahhhhh She made it! My posing cliente @deedeew919 ( and new friend 💚 ) looked Amazing yesterday! She got 4th place in both of her classes, novice bikini and Master bikini 35 . She is a mother of two, one beautiful girl 19 years old and a handsome boy 16 years old . Yes baby my #fitmom is the bomber 😁😆💃🏻. She made me feel so proud. Her class was huge 38 girls and she made the top 4 in her very first show it is fantastic! She worked so hard I'm very proud of her!
I'm so thankful for working to help people to active their goals . I love so much being able to work with I have passion for!! Congratulations Mama you did an awesome job!!! #posing #coach #proudcoach
Bikini @ingridromerobikinis 💚💚💚💚

@teamedge1 in da house 💃🏻💃🏻 after show, party with my CHAMPION @toolegitandfit_chris ❤️❤️❤️ She killed it ! Thank you so much @melfitmom for taking care of Us . It just simple we are not just a TEAM WE ARE A FAMILY @teamedge1 ❤️
#teamedge #teamedgefam #live #love #support #freindship #blessed #thankful #letsdance

@npcwestcoast 💙 Come to say Hi 👋🏼 😘

#takemeback #tbt @npcwestcoast last year 💚 #overallbikinichampion
#Repost @annadaltro (@get_repost)
#mygreen 💚 @ingridromerobikinis
Warm Up #before #finals 🙌🏼 @npcwestcoast @teamedge1 ❤️ please wish me luck! And thank you so much for the love ❤️❤️❤️ I will try to answer all comments later !!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Gente ta super corrido por aqui, tá quase na hora da final passei aqui pra deixar um beijo pra todos que estão me mandando essa energia boa ! Assim Q de terei o maior prazer de responder todos vcs ! Agora vamos nos divertir e se preparar pra comer umas coisas gotosas Q já estão me esperando aqui !! ❤️🙌🏼🇧🇷❤️💚
#Npc #npcwestcoast #nevergiveup #teamedge #bikinifitness #fitfam #beastmode #hardwork #letsdance #posing #brazilian #swag #overallbikini #bodybuilding #boty #fitness #edgebooty #overall #champio #bikini #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #gluteus

So here we go again... I started my official prep this week ! In the next 10 weeks I will focus on my conditioning. Since my last show in February my coach and I worked on getting some sizes on my upper body. I'm so happy with my " off-season " I could rest my body and my mind and it made me much more excited to go back on stage. Also the extra food gave me a lift and I have more energy to do everything!! Now I feel refreshed and ready to start my 18 prep for a bikini competition. Yes I was thinking I was done 16 shows but today I was counting and I realized I have done 17 shows!!! Since @lipoxyderm was launched last year, it's been part of my routine. Now the @lipoxyderm will be more important than ever. It will help my body get rid of the extra water and fat that I have !! I use it twice a day in circular motion on my stomach, glutes, arms, legs it works wonders!!! Let do it 🙏🏻🔥 #npcbikini #nevergiveup #teamedge ----------
Coaches @ingridromero1 & @joediscuillo @teamedge1 👮🏻👸🏼❤️
Supplements @edgesupps 💯👌🏻❤️
----------- Então, aqui vamos novamente ... Comecei minha preparação oficial esta semana! Nas próximas 10 semanas o meu foco será trabalhar no meu condicionamento. Desde o meu último show em fevereiro, meu treinador e eu trabalhamos para ganhar músculos no meu superior com o foco de estar cada vez com o corpo mais simétrico. Estou encerrando meu " off-season" muito satisfeita. Eu descansei meu corpo e minha mente e isso me deixou renovada para voltar aos palco. Além disso, a comida extra me deu mais energia para fazer tudo melhor , todos os treinos tiveram 💯 % de aproveitamento !! Me sinto preparada para começar a minha 18 preparação para uma competição de biquíni. Sim, eu estava pensando que eu tinha feito 16 shows, mas hoje eu estava contando e percebi que já fiz 17 shows! Desde que o @lipoxyderm foi lançado no ano passado, ele faz parte da minha rotina. Agora, o @lipoxyderm será mais importante do que nunca. Ele ajudará meu corpo a eliminar a água extra e a aquela gordurinha danada que quer habitar na minha pessoa 🙄! Eu uso iduas vezes por dia em movimento circulares no meu estômago, glúteos, braços e pernas, funciona demais 🔥

Today is a special #mondaymotivation ! Last year @npcweastcoast was my first show of the season . I had a great time doing this show. I got first place in my class and won the bikini overall title . If I close my eyes I can feel the same feeling as the day. Definitely a day that I will always have in my memory.
I'm so honored that I was invited to be there this year as a trophy girl and also I will work at @npcwestcoast booth during the day l!! This show is amazing and I'm looking forward to meet all the amazing athletes who will be compete at the show !💚💚💚💚 Good luck to all athletes who will compete at the @npcwestcoast !! Happy peak week guys 🙏🏻 it's Almost show time 💃🏻 #Repost @npcwestcoast (@get_repost)
@annadaltro had a huge smile backstage even before she became the 2016 @npcwestcoast overall bikini champion!😍😍😍
10 weeks until the 2017 show, we hope to see your smiling faces soon as well!
June 17
#npcwestcoastclassic #npc #npcwestcoast #npcbikini #smiles #fitgirl #fitnessgirl #bikinichampion #firstinclass #npc #fitnessgirl #nevergiveup

My favorite kind of Paty!!! With my @teamedge1 ❤️❤️❤️ at @musclecontest 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Samba, Love ... Just positive Vibes here ! I love so much my fitness community ❤️
Video voice is my sis @jengaleng we always have fun ❤️❤️❤️ #blessed #thankful #teamedge #teamedgefam #edgelife #bodybuilding #musclecontest -----------------
Minha balada favorita ! Muito Amor , risadas e energia positiva ! Amo minha comunidade fitness 🙏🏻❤️ #Brazil #salvador #bahia

What a great day!!! It's so good being at the shows . I always get a lot of motivation after I watch all athletes on stage! People who doesn't understand this sport thinks it's just about body but it's not. To me #bodybuilding is more mental than physical. I mean you need to get your body shaped but just who has a strong mind can make the body stronger . See the passion on the athletes eyes it's Amazing. Unfortunately just five of them can bring a trophy to home but to me all them are already a champion because to get that stage they need to overcome themselves every single day ! I wish I could say to each athlete today CONGRATULATIONS!! Get a trophy is part of the competition but we got much more than that. We became a stronger person . If today you didn't make it just keep going but don't forget to be proud of yourself!! Congratulations to all athletes who competed today ! My @teamedge1 brought home a Novice Bikini Overall 😝🙌🏼❤️ I'm so proud of my team. Also I'm really proud of my posing cliente @kimheinzsd and my friends @b_laurent_fit and @kwsteel !!!
You both look amazing Thank you so much @musclecontest For putting together another great show!! You guys are awesome 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️
Dia maravilhoso !!! É tão bom estar nos shows. Eu sempre me sinto muita motivada depois que eu assisto todos os atletas no palco! Pessoas que não entendem esse esporte pensam que apenas sobre o corpo, mas não é. Para mim, o fisiculturismo é mais mental do que físico. Quero dizer, você precisa estar fisicamente dentro do padrão da sua categoria, mas so quem tem uma mente forte pode fortalecer o corpo. Vejo a paixão nos olhos dos atletas é incrível. Infelizmente, apenas cinco podem trazer um troféu para casa, mas para mim, todos já são um campeões porque para chegaraté aos palcos , é preciso se superar todos os dias! Gostaria de poder dizer a cada um hoje PARABÉNS !! Ganhar um troféu é parte da competição, mas conseguimos muito mais do que isso. Nós nos tornamos mais fortes. ❤️ Meu lema é desistir jamais ! Sempre avante!!

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