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Anna Clark  Anna Clark Photo • Fine Art Photographer of California and Beyond • Beautifully Captured Weddings & Portraits • Booking 2019 now!

Ansel Clark, born on October 27th 💛

One of my great joys is not only witnessing the deepest of promises being exchanged, but getting to see my couples live them out over the years. Through changes in location, occupation, situation, and with growing families - I get to see them come back to those core promises time and time again. ▫️
I love these beautiful booklets - I love the thought of adding to them over the years as the seasons shape and grow your love. I love that they feel practical and special all at once. Thoughtful design never ceases to make my heart sing! ▫️
This beauty came from a stunning shoot planned and styled by @blu_events, coordinated by @vicandsasha.
Silk ribbon: @bleudorsilks
Rentals: @unionvintagerentals

Golden hour twirls around the dance floor with your love - few things are better 💛 Happy Saturday, friends!

The weeks have been flying by! They’re a mixture of preparing for the baby’s arrival, making plans with my sweet 2019 couples, and savoring the small moments while I try to keep this 8 month pregnant body of mine tolerably comfortable! Things like enjoying the cooler weather and moments of rest with Zack in between his busy schedule are such treasures, so I wanted to pop in with a little reminder to find those things to be thankful for, wherever life finds you now. 💛

Taking a quiet moment to appreciate three of my favorite things - classic blue and white stripes, freshly cut lavender, and my own engagement ring and wedding band

Happy #nationaldogday! 💛 Throwing it back to when the groom’s sweet pup started this ceremony off in dapper and adorable style! Gonna go snuggle with my own fur babies right now (who refused to be photographed together today...preview to having kids?) 🐾 If you want to see their faces, you can via #pippinclark and #ellaclark! —

Captured while assisting fellow dog lover, @fitzcarlileweddings

After a season of absolutely slammed schedules, it’s beautiful to come back to resting with your love and sitting in all of the simplicity and complexity of what it means to be together. I’m also ready to be able to enjoy desert scenery without roasting to death, who else is ready for some fall weather snuggles? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Facing Monday with a good dose of boldness and grace! Knocking out the to-do list means nothing if time isn’t also made for some kindness and puppy cuddles - the latter part of that might be my specific philosophy 🤷🏻‍♀️💛 Hope you’re rocking out your goals today!

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” -Shakespeare, Ophelia in Hamlet

I hope that you dream your biggest dreams this weekend. 💛

Shoot coordinated by @vicandsasha and styled by @blu_events

If we haven’t bumped into one another in person, there’s a good chance that you might not know I’m actually pregnant right now! Zack and I are expecting our first child in October, and to say that pregnancy has been a rapidly moving season would be a massive understatement.
A few weeks ago, I realized I could probably still get my wedding dress on and so I did with the intention of celebrating the love that is bringing this little adventure into the world and commemorating this season of preparing and cherishing.
I’d love to tell you that this self portrait shoot was really dignified and graceful but it totally wasn’t! Feeling awkward, realizing it’s been ages since I’ve photographed myself like this, and shuffling equipment and our kitchen around (yes, this is in the kitchen) - yet that’s kind of a picture of life in this season too. There is art to be found and made in between the comically dysfunctional. Somewhere in the middle is where the bigger picture of the gifts we’re given each day rests.

Whatever season of life you’re in, I hope that you can take a few moments today to laugh at the inconveniences out of your control and to celebrate the bigger movements toward what God has for you in this life!

Bold and beautifully curated details were easy to find throughout Jessica + Tom’s wedding! There’s magic found in the balance of those two qualities. Captured while assisting the incredibly kind @fitzcarlileweddings

Saturday’s were made for adventures with your hunny! Currently enjoying a lovely late morning cafe stop with mine in wonderful San Jose 🌞 Anyone going anywhere fun with their loves and friends this weekend?

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