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Art, Crystals, Reiki  ::root of the root of the root:: 👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽liberate ur mind ☽❁❁✼✺✼❁❁☾

::spirit of the jungle::
Part of why I love love love creating collections is I get to see them come to life on all the beautiful men & women who purchase them. & I get to take photographs that literally make my heart beat faster. Look at the gorgeous woman ! ~Larimar choker with brass beads in honey brown macrame ~malacholla wire wrap on faux leather
~brass & macrame conch earrings
All of these pieces & many more will be available at #artistsofthehiddencity this Saturday, June 30th ! & for those of you who can’t make it- what ever doesn’t sell I will be posting on my website after the show. 🐍

::spirit of the jungle::
Sooo many pieces available at #artistsofthehiddencity including these ~ Copper serpentine warrior arm cuffs (I will also have some available in brass)
Come through & support some rad local artists this Saturday, June 30th ! 6-9:30 PM.

::spirit of the jungle:: a lil sneak peak of what’s to come- after moving through the jungle in Borneo, Malaysia my lil fingers could hardly keep up with the ideas pouring out of my mind. I’ll have 60-70 pieces available at #artistsofthehiddencity this Saturday June 30th. Choker, necklaces, earrings, arm cuffs, etc etc. with tons of gorgeous stones, macrame & wire wraps. I would be beyond stoked for you to come support me & the other amazing artists who will be featured 🦋
~Larimar choker in honey brown macrame with brass beading ~malacholla wire wrap on faux leather ~macrame/brass conch shell earrings
ALL available at the show this Saturday 🐍

¡ ART SHOW ! 810 Chestnut St. Escondido, CA !!! All ages welcome there’s mad other dope as fuck creators- peep the line up on @tahlyaaa page !! BLESSS hope to see u there 🌼 thank you @angellopez000 & @tahlyaaa for putting this on I’m stoked af

catch me at #artistsofthehiddencity next Saturday, June 30th ! 810 Chestnut St. Escondido, CA ! I got mad jewels, paintings & these STeeZ STICKERS. U guys want some stickers ? :) 👹👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽 ps. Thanks n blessings to @soodthedood comin thru mixin colors n helpin me get day shit riiight 🌻🌻

Evolving - thank you to my beautiful artist friend @seemashakti she makes incredible paintings n drawings 🌻 she captured my spirit ✨

(1/3) cognitive dissonance
Visuals from camping trips in Big Sur & exploring The Dominican Republic created by @thegoddessmirrorproject

(2/3) cognitive dissonance
Visuals by @thegoddessmirrorproject

You don’t always gotta know the answers, or the fuckin way... jus take it day to Day, say whatchu mean n mean whatchu say 🦋

cognitive dissonance
Visuals by @thegoddessmirrorproject this life ain’t always really what it fuckin seems, brain be bursting at the seams, with thoughts & dreams of, what it means to, find peace- INHALE & RELEASE, find ur purpose before u are discussed, the root of the root is ask & u shall receive, it’s really jus up to how you perceive- HOW DO YOU PERCEIVE ?

🦋existing in the depth of my own heart🦋 Always on the move ya always on the go
How ya tryna get me caught up in ya flow
Not really sure if that’s how I could grow
Tryna stay solo dolo,
Always makin moves on the low
Underground honey
Im like underground honey
My heart ain’t urs to keep
But I kno it’s what ya seek
Im tryna learn bout love
I ain’t really tryna teach
I’m jus tryna blaze a j on da way to the beach
Neva in a hurry & I aint got no worries
Read between the lines, this shit gettin kinda blurry
Dig a hole deep
It’s my soul I’m bout to burry
Plantin seeds in ya dome
But I neva call ya home
Cause the truth of the truth is thatcha gotta rome
Kick it in a new time zone
Spend a little time alone

visions 🐍 I dance for the flowers & cry into the earth. I am powerful, I am one with all things~ I am connected. So many ways to choose to spend our time & our existence. We have such freedom though we remained locked in the box provided for us at birth. The key is buried deep down in our psyche & many of us never go looking. I’m not sure if I chose to go looking or if some way, some how I was forced, shoved, pulled down into the very cavern where the key lay. Struggling with all my might to get back up to the surface where maybe I could breathe but the momentum of the downward fall was much too strong. A cycle of trying to reach up & giving into the pull, back & forth, back & forth. So exhausting that finally I relaxed into the idea that maybe I will die here. & the more I relaxed the further I was pulled. This was the first time I saw the key, I grabbed it, not knowing exactly what lock it went to or what door it would open. Being tossed around left & right I still held tight to my key. Eventually the darkness released me & I floated slowly but surely, limp body & tired mind back to the surface. The journey was so treturous that I forgot I had grabbed the key. Months & months later relearning how to be human on the earthly plane I reached into my pocket & found the key. The key was to my box. I unlocked it. & I floated up n out of it, a similar sensation in my body to being sucked down to the depths but with a different dialogue behind it, one of joy, excitement, bliss, curiosity... higher & higher I felt my shackles break & my heart n mind getting freed. The journey entirely existed in my mind & I carried the key all along. Since then I’ve traveled further & collected more keys. Unlocked more boxes & haven’t found locks to match some of the keys I hold. The journeys are never ending & the calm between storms seem fleeting. I am a fucking tornado, wild fire, earth quake, tsunami, hurricane woman. I am wild & I am fierce & I am unstoppable. I am my own. Watch out.

hiding from myself 🐍

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