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Life is a fuckkin T R I P
If you knew u were gonna die tomorrow would you be happy with the life you live. I see how many of my patterns thoughts & misbeliefs are fear based. I see how many of the opinions & beliefs in my mind are not my own. They are the voice of my mother, father, teachers, ex lovers, best friends. We so often mimmick the world around us with out even taking a second to really look, feel, listen, with out taking a second to breathe n actually see if the voice speaking is our own. Detaching from any form of your former self is so painful- but how do we become really who we are when the ideas of others are constantly swimming in our heads. Next time you place judgment- really ask yourself if that’s how YOU feel or if that’s how someone else taught you to feel. If you’re reacting out of past self, past hurt, past trauma. Grateful for the guidance of my loved ones but so fucking ready to break out of the mold & blast through all of the boundaries. I know my life is my own & I create my reality thru my OWN choices. The work is never ending & that’s so fucking gnarly, overwhelming, exciting, necessary... are you bein u or are u bein who u think you’re supposed to be ? 🐝 everyday I am humbled in knowing I really fuckin don’t know one damn thing. Fuck. tryna let love in tho 🌱

Like are you fucking kidding me. Do you feel this ?!!!! Look at this fucking photograph. How powerful & beautiful. @yomiroyando I have literally fallen in love with so many women through these photographs. It’s so easy for us all to compare ourselves but when I look at these photos all I feel is love. I fucking love them. All of them. It helps me look at all of these women as these beautiful unique creatures who are so deserving of my love. & that’s so special to me because that feeling expands out into my day to day & how I view women all around me. I just fucking love this & I think every woman & man should go look at these photos, read the words & see how they feel. @thegoddessmirrorproject @thegoddessmirrorproject @thegoddessmirrorproject !!!!!!! I love you

My beautiful @yomiroyando . I love you more than I could ever put into words. From the moment we met I knew you were going to play a special role in my life & my growth. We spent less than 24 hours together & you invited me to go to the DR with you & I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I knew no matter what I would enjoy my time with you. I remember sitting & listening to your inner world & falling in love with you so effortlessly. I’m crying rn thinking of you crying. Watching you open up & being so vulnerable in front of me forced me out of my comfort zone. Literally just by spending time with you, so much healing is done internally. You have created space for me to cry & to share the deepest, darkest, most fucked up parts of myself. By listening & actually HEARING me & SEEING me, you have taught me how to do the same with others. You hold something so fucking special inside you & you never hesitate to share it & give everything you have. Not only with me but literally every single person you are with. I feel honored to be a part of your world & to watch you grow & grow & grow. I learn so much from you. You’re fucking gorgeous. Ughhh I JUST LOVE YOU !!!!! Everyone go look at what she is doing. @thegoddessmirrorproject

I have done an awful lot of thinking about my human Vessel & how I choose to represent myself- what feels right for me & how much I would like to share. One year ago today my soul sister @yomiroyando started something so spectacular; @thegoddessmirrorproject
I was lucky enough to be one of her muses at the very start- we took a hike up to some large boulders & shared so many thoughts & ideas & spoke a lot about the representation of the female body. I removed my clothes & was naked in my flesh but the more I think about it I was also naked in my mind, I was given the opportunity to just be me, be vulnerable, be free to share my insecurities & let them be seen as something beautiful, rather than something to hide. To this day I think back to my experience & am so fucking grateful to be a part of this project. Although I work hard to not get trapped in a box of shame I still sometimes feel “wrong” & “guilty” when I share images of my bare body. I feel frustrated that a naked body is immediately connected to sexuality & how many opinions I am subjected to by sharing a photo of my body the way I was brought into this world NAKED. I see how much this experience with Miranda has soaked curiosity & inspired so many of my thoughts and questions in the past year. I love you Miranda & I love what you are doing & sharing with this world. We need you. We see you. We love you. We respect you, honor you, & appreciate you. Your are pure magic & there is no one else on earth with your passion & flame you hold inside. I fucking love you.

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:::WARRIOR SISTERS::: Something I would like to touch on is how interconnected all parts of our being are; whether that be physical, emotional, spiritually, energetically. In particular I would like to speak about the connection between our Throat Chakra & Sacral Chakra. Your Throat Chakra is your ability to speak up, express your wants, needs, share your truth with the world. Your Sacral Chakra is connected to your pleasure & enjoyment- the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy & connection.
These two energy centers are deeply intertwined & connected. When one is either over active or there is a blockage, the other may also be thrown off balance. I believe this is something MANY women struggle with. (Continued in next post)

Many, if not all of us, have at one point or another been shamed for something we’ve said or done. We also as a collective are shamed for being sexual beings, for desiring intimacy, orgasms, SEX ! We are taught to stay quiet, not ask for what we want or need & not speak up if something doesn’t feel right. We are shamed for acting, looking or feeling “sexy”. We are shamed for loving ourselves. We are shamed for nudity. We are shamed for having sex when & with whom ever we choose. We are shamed for being a prude. Sometimes it feels like there is no “right way” to be & it’s hard to shut off all of the outside voices & influences & figure out what is right for ourselves. Because what feels good & empowering for one woman, may be totally different for another. & what used to make us feel empowered may shift as we grow & now we have new boundaries & ways that we feel good. One small comment or action can create a lot of trauma & emotional scarring. When we hold shame around these parts of our lives it can create an imbalance or blockage in your subtle energetic body. & when our bodies have blockages & are holding on to trauma sometimes it feels impossible to feel healthy & happy & flowing. Almost as if we are not ourselves.
I have felt ashamed to speak about my own experience in the past but creating this collection has brought up a lot of things for me & forced me to look at myself. All I want to do is help myself so that I may help other the very best I can. I have felt scared to share some of my own experiences, but it is important to speak up & share our stories so that maybe others won’t feel so alone & the more we talk about it the more educated & prepared we can all be... (continued in next post)

I’m about to get real as fuck so if you aren’t ready for that, please just scroll along.
When I was 15 I was drunk, kissing a boy I thought I liked... before I knew it he was shoving his hand down my pants & putting his fingers forcefully inside of me. I froze. I could not find my fucking voice. I couldn’t say no! or stop! I couldn’t say a thing, nothing would come out. I couldn’t move. I was stuck in that moment for what felt like eternity. My body stiffened & it felt like my mind just shut off. I layed there, in pain, feeling almost separate from my body until it was over, I rolled over curled into a ball & cried myself to sleep. He had no fucking idea ! I felt so fucking ashamed & embarrassed & thought to myself “why couldn’t I speak !?!! if anybody finds out they are going to think it was my fault & not believe me. They will think I was asking for it. They won’t respect me” a long with a billion other self deprecating ideas. & because of that, I kept that experience to myself until very recently. I’ve seen many strong powerful women lead by example in sharing their experiences & I began to feel that I should share mine too. I no longer hold on to that & feel that it has any power over me. I am moving through my own healing process & choose to use my experience to help open up important discussions with other women & men & help others in healing, too. I began doing a lot of work on understanding how it effected me & doing the work, going through the process & identifying the blockages I feel within & I am sharing because EVERY SINGLE woman I have opened up to about my experience, has had a very similar experience once, if not multiple times through out their lives. I am VERY passionate about helping heal myself & providing space, tools & healing work to help others work on healing their traumas as well. It’s fucked up to think how many women have experienced something like this & we all keep it to ourselves our of fear of shame & judgment, not realizing how many of us have gone trough something similar. I can’t change my experiences or yours, & i’m not saying my way is THE way. But I’d like to offer my help where I can... (more in next post)

Many of the pieces in this collection have stones for your throat & Sacral Chakra, which can help to get the energy flowing & remove blockages, helping you to work through & let go of trauma. On top of that- I am a certified Reiki Healer 🌙✨ Reiki is subtle energy healing. I am able to call in life-force energy & through touch allow it to use me as an energy conductor & move through me & into your body. This can help to break through blockages, relieve stress, aid in relaxation & speed up the healing process. We often have blockages that we don’t even realize our body is holding onto until we get the energy moving again. I whole-heartedly believe in how powerful this modality is & would love to share it with you guys. Men & women. Please feel free to reach out to me & we can discuss what a healing session entails. Creating this collection has brought up so many things for that I am about to see from a different perspective than I ever had before. I hope to open up the doors of expression, compassion & understanding. The more we get to know ourselves, are honest about our reality & become in touch with our experience as a human being & energetic soul- the more we can work on healing our past so that we can take on each new moment in a healthy, grounded state of mind so that we can conquer anything that comes our way. (Continued in next post)

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