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Anna Alvarez  Pole artist: 🏆 PSO US National Champion 2017, NAPDC international 2017, 3rd, PCS Arnold Sports Festival 2017, 2nd, PSO Northwest 2016 1st place pro

First session back on the pole after about two months! Needless to say I feel so alive to invert again! Still have to help my core safely engage, but baby steps! #2weekspostpartum Kept it low key mainly for skin conditioning and grip strength checks! #spinpole #postpartum #polelove

Precious moments of the first week of life! Rewarding and fulfilling all in one package! Every great accomplishment of the human race began right here... #oneweekold #newbornphotography #momlove

And we have #2weekspostpartum The body starts to recognize itself again and parts are all moving back into place! 😂😜 #postpartum #fitmom #fitmoms #postpartumabs #postpartumbody

I thought alot about sharing my birth story and I want it to come across simply as the celebration of new life! I always loved reading other’s experiences so I thought I would share mine in the hope that you are as positively effected as I have been! There is total honesty here, the miraculous, and still even with it being my second, the most challenging, rewarding and moving experience I have ever had!
Birth happens in many ways and they all have my respect and admiration! I have always been an advocate for natural so my second birth experience we chose to have at home! My body appreciated the calm and familiar and labor went alot faster this time around. After being up all night with beginning labor, 3 hours of active labor, pushing for 20 minutes, he was in my arms! Each birth tightens the bond between my hubby and I and each birth helps me understand how deep I can reach inside myself for strength!
We were very blessed with no interventions and no complications, and once again a birth that puts a smile on my face and a tear in my eye for how beautiful, special and precious!
One of the most powerful moments of my life by far, to see the face of someone for the first time, who has lived inside of you and will continue to be a part of you for eternity! Words can simply not express the love that takes over your heart! #birthstory #homebirth #naturalbirth

For those of you who wonder what the aftermath looks like! #1weekpostpartum today! Still healing but always incredible to see how resilient and amazing the body is!! #fitmom #postpartumbody

Barely 24 hours old! Oliver Enzo was born around 9:30am yesterday morning! Beautiful home water birth!
20 1/2 inches, 7lbs 8 oz
So happy to finally see and hold him! ❤️❤️❤️ #fitmoms #newbornbaby #annaalvarezpole

Chillin by the pool! Happy Labor Day everyone!!!! #40weekspregnant @emilyelisealdrich #splits #flexibility

#40weekspregnant and two days! Oliver appears to prefer inside the womb to the outside world! Trying to enjoy this last bit of time we have so connected! ❤️ #fitpregnancy #fitmom #pregnantabs

Top picture is when I was pregnant with Max 3 years ago and bottom is this time around with Oliver!!! #40weekspregnant today!!!!! And yay for splits getting better 😂 #pregnantsplits #fitpregnancy #fitmoms #fitmom #pole

I’m teaching at @infitdance tonight from 7-8pm!! Come dance with me! Almost #40weekspregnant
#infitdancestudio #dance #dancing

Last of my favorite shots from the beach maternity shoot we did with @denj1219 Romance at its finest! ❤️ #39weekspregnant #love #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #beachphotography

At least my boring workouts come with a pretty comedic workout buddy!!!! 😊 #fitmoms #workoutbuddy #39weekspregnant

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