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last one in the row // πŸ“· @suzanne_strong // 🎨 @catcalico // 🏍 @jennernugen

Insurance & claims & doctors, oh my. πŸ“· @suzanne_strong // πŸ‘— @jennernugen // 🎨 @catcalico

I upgraded my motorcycle and 29 miles later a guy illegally tried to exit the carpool lane on a double yellow & crashed into me. Please, please, please obey traffic laws, check your blind spots & look out for motorcyclists, especially in California where lane splitting is legal! I’m lucky nothing is broken but I got thrown from my bike, crashed headfirst into another car and hit the pavement in another lane. My helmet landed near a tire and i thought β€œoh wow ok this is game over” but luckily they were driving away from my head and not towards it. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t text and drive, don’t freak cause you’re missing your exit, and don’t leave lanes illegally. Getting to where we’re going doesn’t matter if we’re dead, or worse, you kill someone. πŸ“· @suzanne_strong πŸ’Ό @jennernugen 🎨 @catcalico

last one 🌸 @jennernugen // 🎨 @catcalico // πŸ“· @saffelsphotography

rows rows rows 🎡 dress by @jennernugen // make ups by @catcalico // photo by @saffelsphotography

ok last row of this shoot I promise cause I’m also ready to give up on rows it’s so hard and requires so much thought and if you don’t have 3 aesthetically similar photos you just wanna give up // 🌸 @jennernugen // 🎨 @catcalico // πŸ“· @saffelsphotography

last one in the row πŸ’Ό paint by @catcalico πŸ“· by @selashiloniphoto

your girl @catcalico painted a suit on me and I’ve never felt more like my final form. πŸ“· @selashiloniphoto

come into my office πŸ’Ό @catcalico // πŸ“· @selashiloniphoto

If you ever wondered whether Congress was plotting to kill you. πŸ’€ @atomicmari πŸ“· @sneakersinthepool 🎨 @catcalico πŸ‘— @jennernugen

when @atomicmari hunts you down on a leisurely stroll in the park πŸ“· @sneakersinthepool
🎨 @catcalico πŸ’€ @jennernugen

Ugh when your space pirate sister follows you into a mortal dimension & wants to kill you πŸ™„ πŸ“·: @sneakersinthepool
πŸ’€: @atomicmari
πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨: @jennernugen
🎨: @catcalico

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