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ANNA  Never let the fact that you're lost stop you from enjoying not knowing where you are • 👣☀️🐾

*posted while eating in n out*


Desert day dreamin today

I am the great-granddaughter of an immigrant. An immigrant who sought refuge from hate crimes and violence.
When my Nana fled the Middle East because of genocide and indescribable crimes against the Armenian people she was orphaned and alone, aside from her 2 young siblings. Together the three children traveled all the way from Armenia to Ellis Island, New York. She grew up to marry my great-grandfather and have 2 wonderful children, my Amaw and Aunt Marsha, who had children of their own and now have grandchildren. Nana was kind and intelligent and a wonderful artist. Her brother was a successful eye doctor and her sister performed on Broadway.
Christina Zambakian was Armenian, but she became an American. I exist because America was a land of opportunity and safety. I will not forget where I came from and I will not forget the rights which I am lucky to have because of those who came before me. I will not allow this country to become a land of the scared and home of the white.
I do not support the recent actions of the federal government and I do not accept this leadership as mine. #resist

It's all in the flick of the tail


Wintery aspen groves deserve more credit

Sunset number 3! Amazing views to sum up 2016

Sunset number 2

Sunset number 1

Early morning rays are essential on the shortest day 🌤

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