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I had a chance to ride the tallest bridge in the world.
The Millau Viaduct was designed by 2 men. French engineer Michael Virlogeux and famed English architect Lord Norman Foster. Lord Foster also designed the expo MRT in Singapore, the HSBC building in Hong Kong and Apple's HQ in California. Mr Virloguex has engineered impressive bridges in many places including Lisbon and Istanbul.
At a height of 343 metres (about the same as the Eiffel Tower) the Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world. It's 2.5 km length crossing the Gorge Valley of the Tarn River. It cost nearly 400 million Euro and took more than 3 years to complete.
Each of the 7 pillars weigh 700 tons and the central one completed in 2003 broke the world record for bridge pylon by more than 50 metres. And apart from being the tallest in the world.. it is also the highest altitude traffic bridge in Europe and sometimes the top of the bridge is higher than the clouds.
The speed limit was going to be 130 kph - but so many tourists were slowing down to enjoy the crossing and the views, the government reduced the limit to 110.
Considered one of the most beautiful modern bridges and an internationally praised feat of engineering, there are special parking and view point at either end where travellers can stop and take photos or just take in its majesty.
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During EICMA show in Milan I got connected with the brand I've been considering for quite a while - SENA. It's time to try and test new features offered by SENA camera and Bluetooth device. Especially I am interested in Sena camera as it's time to replace my AEE action camera with something more progressive. And you never know, maybe one day I'll get into listening to music when riding one day : )

I'm very thankful for welcoming attitude and friendliness of SENA people and I can't wait to start using its products. Now off for the next legs of my journey with SENA camera! #ihaveadream #ihaveadreamtravel #roundtheworld #aroundtheworld #traveler#europe #eicma #milan #sena #senacamera #newpartners #adv #rtw #ktm #ktmadventure #readytorace#adventure #road #travels #annagrechishkina


I made a special U-turn in my trip and headed back to Milan to visit the biggest motorcycle exhibition EICMA. It was my first time at this show and I was not disappointed at all. So much variety of everything connected with motorcycling fun that at first I felt lost and confused and couldn’t get my sight focused.

Of course, my initial and main focus was on my favorite brand KTM. Orange does not stop to impress and admire, at least me. Finally there was introduced a new Adventure 790 which seems to be a huge success in future. But colleagues from KTM didn’t recommend me to test it now before I finish my trip on 1190 to prevent a temptation to swap the bikes : )) #ihaveadream #ihaveadreamtravel #roundtheworld #aroundtheworld #traveler #europe #eicma #milan #adv #rtw #ktm #ktmadventure #readytorace #adventure #road #travels #annagrechishkina

Me and Prada. My piece of positive energy for today! #ihaveadream #roundtheworld #annagrechishkina #dog #doglovers #france #positive

How much I would wish that what happened yesterday was just a bad dream and upon waking up today everything would be gone. Unfortunately, it is the most painful reality. Very dear and special friend, somebody whom I would easily call a brother, Helmut Lindner, suddenly passed away yesterday morning.
Just the day before we talked and I shared my plans of visiting France which he rejoiced and wished me good luck and unforgettable moments, and next thing I received about him was the news that he was gone..
I cannot believe and accept this fact, cannot think that I’ll never read words of support and encouragement from him, never see him again. He just always knew what to say at the right moment, what to do to help and to fix. He was one of the nicest, kindest and most generous people I have met, full of life and positive energy, wonderful sense of humor and deepness. I know that what he enjoyed most was to help people around him without expecting anything in return, and I was definitely one of them. We met a bit less than two years ago, and since that time he became one of my best friends. With some people you don’t need much time to get connected, it is just so natural to be around them, and even though they are sometimes far away, you feel that they are always around. He was always around.
This sudden and tragic news is another reminder that our life is just a fleeting moment, and both our lives and our dear ones’ cannot be taken for granted. We have only today and only now, the next moment or day might be too late to say, to hug, to love. You have to do it now and not to wait for another chance. It might never come again, and unspoken words and feelings will lay a heavy burden upon your soul.
Being the richest person on earth with all amazing people and friendships I gained during my trip, I also carry this heavy burden of what I might have done but have not. And if I can tell you just one thing I learned it would be - you should not wait to appreciate somebody next to you.
Helmut, thank you for being a huge part of my journey, for all you have done for me, for your friendship and care. Being a guardian angel here on earth, now you are a guardian angel in heaven

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