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To look and to go straight is not always easy. Same as being strong and brave and determined. Temptation to look down, to stop, to turn back is there. And I face it and deal with it often.
Being human – this is the only attribute I can be sure of every day and every instant. This one will always make me proud and humble at the same time.
I will fall and I will stumble, trying to keep the balance I will lose it, jumping over my limits I might fail and I will. And I’ll feel like accepting my failure and losing the game.
Relief and extra power will come unexpected as none of my virtue but more like a mercy. In the form of a rainbow, or gentle breeze, or hand of support, or quiet voice of wisdom.
My lesson learned is to turn back and quit in a slow motion being open to accept anything which might come my way in between. More often than not my intention will change before being accomplished.
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Hard to believe that just several days ago I didn’t know anything about Safranbolu, and now I’m leaving this place with sorrow and tears in my eyes.
Being a guest in a Turkish family is a big honor and big pleasure. Guests are treated in the most special and welcoming way. The whole family tries to make sure that you are not in need of anything.
I cannot express enough my gratitude to Celil Özdemir and his family for making my stay in Safranbolu so special and unforgettable. Celil is the president of a motorcycle club Muzekent and very active in promoting motorcycling among local people and abroad, all travelers are received here as very dear guests.
I felt like part of the family despite being of different culture and mentality. But it does not really matter among like-minded people where only what’s inside your heart and soul is important and no boundaries can be on the way of what unites.
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Istanbul is different from most of the cities I visited traveling around the world. Different in a very personal sense because while it is generally my first time visiting any other place I have a long history with Istanbul. I don’t remember how many times I’ve been here before, more than once or twice, and of course, I collected a lot of memories and emotions connected with it.
Arriving in Istanbul now as a part of this trip around the world I felt very emotional like coming back to a very special and dear place, somewhat like coming back home. Walking again the same streets and landmarks I have known since many years, recognizing familiar things and being astonished with some changes, turned it into one of the highlights of my whole trip.
And still I ended up with a question to myself – what is it that attracts me so much to Istanbul? I decided not to be in a hurry and take my time to find honest answers. I don’t want to sound pathetic or boring therefore I am still taking my time : ) Of course, I will get back with the results.
And it was great to catch up with old friends whom I’ve known since that past life! Burak Ceylan, we haven’t seen each other for 8 years and there was a lot to catch up with now. Thank you for hosting me and talking care of me! I hope next time we’ll see each other sooner than after 8 years : )
Istanbul will never change its place in my life, it’ll always be on the top no matter what happens.
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Finally I made it to the place I’ve heard so much about from many people, Motocamp Bulgaria, bike oasis and safe haven for many riders from all over the world.

I arrived just at the right time – MotoCamp celebrated its 10th anniversary!! And at the same time they hosted Horizons Unlimited Mini Meeting!
What a wonderful place and amazing bunch of people! Polly Marinova and Ivaylo Stefanov are incredible hosts who make you literary feel at home. It is a home away from home!

Even pouring rain which is unusual here this time of the year didn’t spoil the atmosphere. I was happy to meet many new people, to learn from experience of other travelers and just to have a great time! It was very special to finally meet in person some Facebook friends!
I could stay only one day and felt really sad to pack and leave next day. But I will definitely be back! Now that I know how great this place is! Whenever you are in Bulgaria, this MotoCamp is a must to stop by and spend some time. Don’t miss it!

Happy anniversary, Motocamp Bulgaria! Thank you Polly and Ivaylo! You did a wonderful job! Keep it up! And see you soon!

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