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Constantina Bräutigam  Passionate ✨ Library Leader ✨Here for inspiration✨Nothing is certain: live now! 💗✨👌🏿

Welcome summertime ☀️🌴 #ystadliving

THAT time of year ❤️ #ystadliving #fritidsbaren

Premiering for the season- finally- at this place 😊☀️👍🏿 #fritidsbaren #ystadliving

Time to glam dear old Captur up! ✨👌🏿

Happy Saturday! ☀️ #ystadliving

After the friends have gone home, chilling outside ✨ #lovelife #ystadliving

Magnificent evening with truly wonderful friends 💗The city of Malmö always delivers in the friend department 😊👍🏿✌🏿⭐️✨🍾 #lovelife #friends

Sweet Ystad days! ☀️ #ystadliving #ystad

Taking on a day off! Preparing a fun fun fun evening with great guests! ✨✨⭐️🌴🥂🍾 #lovelife

I don't know about mags in your countries but in Sweden the fashion mags/lifestyle mags for women don't hit the mark somehow! Almost every time, during the last year, when I feel like reading a lifestyle mag, I browse the ladies's section in vain and leave with @kingmagsweden . Again I conclude: yes, I'm a woman but I don't want to read about diets or exercise or shaving or putting on makeup!!!! I want to read about fashion designers, wine, champagne, exclusive cars and hotels, watches and style in general. Go King! I love your output! ✨⭐️ (sometimes I even get my husband to read it...) #lovelife #overforty

Oh yeah! ⭐️✨ #twinpeaksthereturn

I'm proud and very content with the fact that my journey with #psoriaticarthritis - and probably my age and wisdom too - allows me to "do me" and feel great about it! So many years I felt too fat (even if I probably never was!), now I weigh more than I can remember ever doing I feel fab ✨👌🏿 Life - what a journey 🙄😊⭐️✌🏿 #iamconstantina #life

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