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Buy in-
10X hang clean with 3 front squats building weight.
4 Rounds for Time:
400 meter row
10 Curtis P's (hang clean, 2 alt front lunge, push press)
15 wall balls @ 14lbs
20 GHD back ext.

After party:
3 rounds
10 GHD sit ups
10 hanging knee raises alt sides.

After this week my legs are feeling like I hate them. But they know it's just tough love.
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Yesterday I was doing 3reps 10X of RDL and realized I've never tried to max out before. Soooo, after my 10 rounds I reached 250# and figured I'd go for it. Last pull was an ugly 295lbs and I stopped there. I need a belt and not compromise my form but I thought it wasn't too shabby for my first time attempting to max. Next week I'll be in the 300's for my second attempt- only way is up and ya never know what you can do till you tryyyy!👍👌👊 #deadlift #strong #fitgirls #girlswholift #workout #fitness #fit #legs #traindirty #weightlifting #instgramfitness #fitspo #workhardplayhard

Snatch. Squat. Snatch. Squat. Repeat. Repeat.
My goal within the next month is to double my shoulder flexibility...it is AWFUL!! I've always had some issues in my upper right back/neck. You can see on the snatch facing forward my right shoulder is a lil janky. Any suggestions on mobility/stretching for the shoulders- HIT ME. I'm constantly trying to improve it. It's a frustrating thing to have mobility hold me back on going up in weight. It all takes time though!

A lot of BB complex movements the past two days....hurts so good! Lighter weights...lotssss of reps! Today before my WOD I did 6 reps each of:
Bb row
Hang clean
Front squat
Push press
Back squat
Push ups
All one movement (besides PU's) 4 rounds. (In the video I was just doing 2 reps per as ex) Lemme say it was a good warm up. #wigglemyjiggle

Quick tip or piece of advice: change your mindset.
I'm so not focused on what I want my body to look like. I do not eat/train for aesthetics anymore. I got in a rut where that was ALL I wanted to progress towards and let me say- it is SUCH a waste of time.
I now have made a 180 and just fuel my body to train hard and when I train I focus on how I can improve athletically not aesthetically...and let me tell you, I can feel it AND see it. I very rarely see definition at night after all the water intake and my meals but lately it's been an ongoing thing. Turning this 180 has put me back in such a great place, I wanna get my ladies headed the same direction with me. You're all worth much more than a number on the scale or the perfect"ideal" figure. It's all bs. Feel good, live good, train good....then the whole "look" good is just a bonus.👌

I got this picture sent to me this morning and it has set me up for such a great day! To know I can be this for someone else and I have others to be this for me, proves that I can do anything I set my mind to. Don't be someone who brings others down...build each other. Push one another to reach your goals and watch how you grow. I'm determined to do big things with anyone along side of me! #determination #motivation #workhard #fitgirls #challenge #motivate #positive #beanimpact #goodvibes #fitness

I cut out a couple reps to catch what I said in the beginning-working on form and feeling right while you lift is key!! I Was aiming to 1rep Max before our workout but I stopped at 215lbs to just practice form bc I could feel it lacking. I do a HORRIBLE job at stretching...and I know I need to work on it. My tightness compromises my form in some lifts and this is one. Gotta lot of work to do but determined to get there. Someone please be my personal stretcher I just haaaaate it😭😑. After boxing, deadlifts, and a 20 min AMRAP, this chick is about to go ham on food✌️
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What do you do when traffic sucks and you don't make a crossfit class? Do the WOD in the back of a gym by yourself👌 5 min running warm up-
3 X 3min AMRAP:
10 wall balls
10 kettle bells
10 box jumps
2 min rest btwn rounds
And that's a wrap. In and out baybayyy. Moooove this weekend👌✌️
#crossfit #notatcrossfit #wod #hardwork #lift #fitgirls #fitness #motivation #motivate #girlsthatlift #metcon

What can you do in a month's time?!? It is still crazy to me how when I eat MORE I lose weight...I am ALL about that! Being consistent and prepared may seem hard but it's not! Losing weight or toning up does not mean you eat less, you just have to know the type of foods to eat and when to eat them! I see so many people who ruin their resting metabolic rate by going on crash diets or doing tons of cardio on low carb low fat diets...some do lose weight but when they have one day where they don't stick to that high cardio, low cal diet...boom, the same weight (and then some) is right back. You have to fuel your body people...no if ands or buts about it. The way you do that? EAT!! ____________________________________
I got about a week until the 15th to see another months progress! Who's gonna get with me on the 15th to see where you can be by next month?? anna.bangs@titleboxingclub.com
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I get what denial is like. I now can relate to being truly unhappy in where I'm at in life. A few months ago I was so focused on everyone else in my life and overtime had developed really bad habits. Let me tell you, it didn't just effect me physically, it effected me more mentally. I was so uncomfortable with myself. I didn't consider myself fat or super overweight but in my mind i was defeated. I can relate to those who feel like that. But I will also say- STOP. Your body will not progress if your mind and attitude are not ready to take your body to see change. Stop with the negatives words, stop with the I cant's, and focus on any and all of the positives! To me, being healthy and fit is not about being the skinniest, the prettiest, the fastest, strongest, or any of that. It's about being happy and confident in yourself. I know this may seem cheesy but it's true. Now that I've been able to relate to that mindset and seeing how negative it can be, I was constantly setting myself up for failure. When I took the picture on the left I finally deciding- okay it's time. Time to think positive, find my strengths, work on my weaknesses, and be consistent. And here we are today! Okay I'll stop ranting, I just have this dream where this society will change the way we think about ourselves and our bodies, and I'm making any effort to contribute to that.

For help: Anna.bangs@titleboxingclub.com

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