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Ankita Bhargava  'SUNSET YEARS' https://youtu.be/wtzglh8RdVk


If Ur thinking of getting urself a pet,This LONG post is for U😂😍 Over d past so many months,Many of my acquaintances & very close friends have asked me if I can find them a dog to adopt or buy....
Some wanted A pedigree Lab,Golden Retriever & some 'Dint really Mind' an Indian Breed!
But just one thing was common amongst all these people....
All of them wanted to have d MALE of d species.... Forget asking specifically for a FEMALE,

Nobody said,
'I just want a puppy,Doesn't matter what sex it is,I just want a companion'

And this is what made me think deeper about what r mentality is as a society or as a Race!

D only reason each one of them gave me was that Females MENSTRUATE & it gets messy & dirty thus they would prefer a Boy!

I have one boy and two girls❤️ Thus,Let me state the facts:-
Males -
•Always are sexually charged
•Will Mount & start humping at the smallest excitement
•Can embarrass u in front of family & friends with their Humping on Legs and Pillows & every possible female
•They leak & discharge fluid from their penis all day & all year long!
•They aren't really mindful of cleaning/Licking it up.

As opposed to FEMALES of the species:-
•Menstruate only twice a year for 10-15days each
•Keep licking their private parts clean strategically and never leave a spot barring exceptions
•Like all girls they are very mindful of their condition & r alert about spotting
•They dont hump/mount and embarrass all year long

Having said all d above,
The cause of not preferring a FEMALE PUP is deeply rooted in our REGRESSIVE mindsets.

I do a stage play 'Jug Jug Jiyo' which is on the lines of #savethegirlchild and talks about how
Discrimination against girls in India has been going on since ages now.Even today, there are several sections of the Indian society where the girl child is treated as a burden. While several privileges r given to the boys; girls are often restricted to d confines of house & given very little or no opportunities to learn & grow in life. It is a matter of shame dat cases of female infanticide r still reported.
Female of any species bears the child and DESERVES RESPECT NOT DISCRIMINATION
Kyunki sabko Ladka hi chahiye😂
Ab samjhe?! 😊

Ohoooo ye baat!!!
All the very very best @ssumier.official !!!! This looks damn exciting. 😍😍😍

Kyun ki Maa Durga Hum Sab Mein hain 🙏 #happynavratri

Jai Maa Durga! 🙏

His transformation has shocked not just the industry but the entire Nation!When the world dint,He believed in himself so passionately that now people look up to him in every aspect of life!
I'm so proud of what u were,are and are capable of becoming in the future!
I love U Guds!

#Repost @karan9198 (@get_repost)
.... You can Chain Me but not My Destiny !!
Shock them with your actions because words have a short life. #WordsFailActionsDont .. to know how i did it grab a copy of #iCRAZE #Sept2017Issue ... #MagazineCover that uncovers the real me ..!

This lil girl of mine was sooooooooo lil back in 2014! @roshniwaliaa U remember this HP Printer ad film that we shot for together😍
I'm so happy to see u growing up so beautifully!
Have a happy happy bday Rosh! May god fill ur life with lots and lots of joy and excitement!!!
#happybirthday muahhhhhhh😘😘

I have heard it a million times,I have followed it a few times,I have disregarded it many times and I have remembered it sometimes..... 'L.O.V.E.Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F'

Love ur -parents,Spouse,Kids,Family,Friends etc etc

I know I have been hard on myself mostly and I keep criticising myself for things that are as frivolous as-
I hate my left profile,
I hate my arms,
I think I'm short,
I think I'm fat,
I don't think I'm good enuf BLAH BLAH BLAH.... So in the past,There was this one phase where I forced myself to fall in love with myself and trust me... Life was easy,Everything was smooth!
And then somewhere down the line I stopped loving myself and started being judgemental about not just my body but my entire life per say...
And that was when my smile disappeared!

I completely forgot to love my entire being!
And then I remembered again... And now I Make sure I tell myself that I am what I am and I should be proud of it....
My Flaws,My weaknesses,My strength,My Decisions,My thought process...
I love everything about myself,
The 3kgs that I have put on,The chubby face,The way I speak,Carry myself,My career decisions....All the flaws,Perfections and shortcoming are mine and I accept them instead of detesting them...
And see....
My smile is back.... Not cos I'm loved crazily by my husband and family and friends...
Cos I'm falling in love with How and what God has made me!
Stop criticising and judging urself...

U I Miss 😓 @tanvisparekh

Our first Televised Appearance together❤️... Barring Nach Baliye which was almost 2.5yrs ago!!!!🙈
Thanku @iradubey and @shamsiabbas for this super fun evng,It really dint feel like we were meeting u guys for the first time!❤️
Can't wait for this kickass show to come on air 😍
#atablefortwo #zeeinternational #freshlygroundentertainment.

These kids are often called #straycat and #straydog cos they apparently aren't as pretty as the pedigree dogs n middle eastern cats that we see!
And people don't often think of them as pets ☹️
With this picture,We r smashing 2 myths...
1) That cats and dogs can never be friends!
2) Desi breeds are Strays!
Nopes they r not!
Every Animal is beautiful and loving irrespective of their pedigree!
Here's Chhitti and KishMish Two of our Desi Kids 😍😍😍😍😍
#letsadopt #adoptdontshop #desi #desidog #indi #indian #indianbreed #desibreed #dogs #cats #love #happiness #adopt #animallover #doglover #catlover #home #family

One is my Heart and the other is my Heart beat! And together they keep me Alive ❤️ #myuniverse #mysabkuch

Something is brewing....! ☕️ #testshoot #sameconcept #newmedium #sameus #samemadness #newidea

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