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Ankita Lokhande Fc 🌸  Your #1 source for the stunning and flawless actress and dancer, Ankita Lokhande. All #AnkitaHolics are welcomed.

Some new pictures 💕
She look so stunning with that outfit damn I need to find one but quickly 😂♥️

Why why and whyyy she is so cute ... no one in this world can feel the beautiful feelings that I have right now 💕😩

OMG OMG my beautiful queen look so pretty in red I'm dying Ma Ma Mia🔥♥️

I'm always imagine myself in the other side of phone... I hope each and every day to get this wish come true, I will never gonna give up, for me nothing is impossible... ayyy if it will happen I'm not gonna talk to her at all, whatever I'm gonna do is crying crying and crying ✊🏻😩 ah but it's just a dream 😏♥️
Have a blessed afternoon 🔥

She make me laugh when I want to cry, she make me live when I'm down, she make me smile when I want to frown, she turned my life upside down, I've seen in her true kindness, I've seen the beautiful woman she is, inside and out she carry an angelic heart, she has brought out the best in me, I just love her more than ever ♥️

She wore a smile like a loaded gun ...! 😭♥️

Good Morning 💕

But I'm only human part one ♥️

Part two ♥️

If you need something to cheer you up here's A memories picture of our gorgeous Diva ! 😽💖

I never want her to lose that beautiful smile that has the power to light up the world. ✨


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