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Thats just how hot we are! #nofilterneeded
With the powerhouse herself! @anyangompinga our bathroom selfies are too awesome!! #confidence #power #saturdaynights are for the temple 🤗🤗

Hey people!! One More Time for 2018!
Have you been screened this year?
Join @UBAKenya and Eddah's Hope Cancer Foundation this Friday 7th December 2018 for Free Cancer Screening and Vital Checks.
I will be attending!
UBA United Bank for Africa (Kenya) Limited @UBAKenya on behalf of UBA Foundation will be holding a Cancer screening camp in all their branch locations. This is a culmination of a Cancer awareness campaign that has been going on in the month of November.
Now, I will be at the NHIF buildings tomorrow and will be helping you conduct screenings for Prostate, Cervical and Breast cancer.

Simplicity at its best!
She doesnt need an introduction but allow me to still introduce our lovely new bee @bettymuteikyallo at @k24tv who launches this Friday and takes over the #WeekendEdition
We go back a good 7 years, and i have seen this beauty hustle. She is one who is fearless and gets dirty in the field when the job demands. It melts my heart when i see humility and simplicity in a brand. It gives me alot of pleasure to be handing over this platform that i have been holding fort for to you my darling as i know that #weekendwithbetty will never be the same!!! Hongera!!! Thrive my beautiful!!!
Lots of blessings !


When you know you can dance away like crazy, and manage to go to two weddings!! In totally two different venues!! You know your a PRO!!! Or you just like weddings and you like dundaing🤣🤣🤣 @shawnosimbo and Gordonodhiambo thankyou!!
Here we all are giving you our love and blessings!
From @k24tv
@k_knaust 😂😂

Its looking a lot like xmas!!! Happy New Month Instafam!! Its a New Day of the Last month of 2018. Boy its been super crazy!
BUT if your here!! Reading my post and reading several other posts with the #newmonth trust me, be thankful super super #grateful that we all made it this far!
I love this month, there is so much loving kindness energy that flows through, exchange of gifts, surprises, hugs and snuggles, and above all spending time with family! And cake!
May we all experience the goodness of God in this last month of 2018 and may our path drip with abundance! Amen!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 To my peeps! Who love me and make me feel fabulous 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Hair do! @mercywachara
Dress from @cynthias_kloset
Shoes @emirates_shoes_collection
Styled by @glam_by_cess

#december2018 #instafashion #fashionpost #outfitoftheday #currentlywearing #instapic #Saturday
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Woop woooopppp

#Repost from @k_knaust with ... How good it is to be well-fed, healthy and kind all at the same time?! Just two Vegetarians posing for a picture 😬 @anjleegadhvi my twin ❤️ 🍡🍡🍡
Styled by @glam_by_cess 📸 @shikshaarora 🍡🍡🍡
#veganbabes #bekind #veganbesties #vegetarianisthewaytogoodhealth #bekindtoanimals My outfit courtesy of @rakcollectionske

Faith has brought me so far.... its taught me so much. I am not perfect yet, still soft on the outside, still very sensitive to what people say, but then time and pain both have taught me how to be so firm from within, so strong physically amd mentally. @i_am_isabella_kituri and @mwanaisha_chidzuga are two senior collegues of mine... women who have endured alot in their journey. I am glad they remininded me that with all the abuse and pain that this body has endured i still look good!!! Surgeries and chemos and whatever the heck!!! And its sad that i dont say Thankyou as much and as i should. Thanking my body so so so much for how resilient it has been..that id stand in a crowd and NO one wont be able to say or even think what a crazy roller coaster ride i have been on for the last five years. If this is not Grace?? Divine Love then What is it?? Dear Anjlee, This is ME! Defying the odds and telling the world that i am here to stay. And its such a big world ..and soo beautiful that i forgot about the endless and infinite possibilities that it holds !!!! My oyster!!! How can i be so silly!!!! Hence!!! Time to practice Dettacthment, and Accepting what comes and allowing it to leave when its time. Whats for me will be for me effortlessly. Liberated at last.

Picture credits to one @tonytimase

Mua @kaytemachariamakeup
Hair @mercywachara #fierce
Styled by @glam_by_cess


Happy saturday people!
@franklinwambugu01 and i are venturing on a new career path! 🤣🤣🤣 we are very open to any production house wanting to star us together!😎😎especially some crazy south american melo dramatic flick!! 🤣🤣🤗
Facts you didnt know @franklinwambugu01 did some modelling prior to hitting your screens!
I started my career with acting where i played a very small role, in " better days" that aired on KTN years back.. My first salary i ever got from television was 1000 shillings. It was so precious to me. 🤗
But reality is!!! And its just sad sad sad that he had to be a Swahili News editor! And not English.. but why??? 😭
Do you think this pair would work on air?🤔🤔🤔 @franklinwambugu01 thankyou for always always being there for me, mad love!

This very very memorable moment was captured by one @tonytimase who constantly threatened to crop @franklinwambugu01 out 🤣🤣

Break the damn barriers!
If i am not the one putting barriers for myself, why should anyone!
Mua!! After eons!! @kaytemachariamakeup hands down!! You rock!
My red hair that you cant ignore! @mercywachara #fierce
Styled by @glam_by_cess
Shooting for??? 🤔🤔 hmhmm

Making my today sooo awesome..that my yesterday gets jealous! 😅😋😋😋 #highonpower
#highonlife #highonsherlockholmes 🤣🤣#newcrush #mood #smitten 😚😚😚 blush blushhhhhh
Moving on... ootd details !! for making me feel royal indeed
👠 comfy heel @urbanturkeycollections
Fab hair @mercywachara
Mua @mildred_ongachi
Stylist @glam_by_cess 🍃
#instafashion #fashionpost #outfitoftheday #currentlywearing #instapic #Saturday
#SundayBlessings #Mindfulness #metaphysical #gratitude #angels #chakras #thirdeye #archangels #raiseyourvibration #mind-body-spirit #earthangel #soulgasm #loveandlight #mind-body-spirit

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