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Anjelica ✍🏾 Educator & Doula  Wisdom & Wellness for Pregnancy, Birth, & Motherhood. •Author of Milk Boss 101 •♀Gatherings + Birth Services

It’s easy to become discouraged in a world ravaged by pain. To feel paralyzed, and like nothing you do is able to fix the problems. But I truly believe we were put on this planet to love one another, point to hope, and offer healing when possible.⠀
Whether you’re an artist, healthcare worker, writer, caregiver, WHATEVER it is. You have an ability to affect true #change. You can make a difference. ⠀
For many of us, it begins in our home, with the little ones at our feet. But whatever that thing is that you feel tugging on you, do it! Find a way to both enjoy it and use it to serve others. ⠀
Today on the blog I’m sharing an interview I’d did with #Louisiana based Mama, Maker, & Worldchanger, Madeline Ellis, she is half of the creative team behind @mimosahandcrafted which she runs with her husband. I’m sharing her story because she is absolutely doing what I mentioned above. She is a mama, jewelry maker, & woman using the lessons she’s learned throughout life, to affect change, #encourage hearts, bring #awareness, in her own unique way. I hope you enjoy her #interview and click around to find others I’ve done with phenomenal women from all around the globe!

Raising Biracial Children⠀
I had the amazing pleasure of chatting with @DrCassidy Freitas on her @HoldingSpacepodcast We talked about raising biracial children, how my upbringing as a third culture kid has influenced my work as a perinatal educator and doula, and the conversations I have with my kiddos about identity. It was quite thought provoking! It hasn’t launched yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as it does. I can’t wait to share it with you!⠀
In the meantime, check out some of her previous episodes. I especially loved her interviews with Joy Cho of @ohjoy and @RachelPally. They are both mamas and business owners, who’ve found their own unique way to make it all work.

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

There is the little path near my house that I love to walk along. It’s lined with plants that stretch well over 7’ into the sky. But right at the very base of one huge winding vine is a small patch of the most vibrant and fragrant lavender. Every time I walk by I delicately slide the stems through my fingers, then bury my face in my palms, and breath in deep. The smell is rich, floral yet musky, and sweet. •
They’re called Silver Anouk Spanish Lavender. The little flag like petals at the very top give them away.

Thank you @cristhadesign for these lovely walking shoes!!

I haven’t had much of a break recently. I’m knee deep in three courses in preparation for midwifery school, and have been focusing all my time on that and family time. •
This current issue of @LegacyMag and these adorable slides from @Cristhadesign have been a special treat though. When the girls are napping, I slip these cuties on, head to the backyard, throw down my blanket, and flip to a good story and I’m instantly relaxed. •
Sorry for being so MIA recently! I promise I’ll be back to posting more regularly soon. I also have some really amazing interviews coming up on the blog. Stay tuned!

New Mom Manual : Just a little @AnjelicaMalone x @Barre3 collab for the B3 Magazine! I share some wisdom on how women can gather their tribe and get the support they need to truly thrive after birth. Postpartum can be a really difficult transition, especially for us driven, overachieving, independent women, but it doesn’t have to be. •
In the New Mom Manual I share some simple rhythms from my book Milk Boss 101, as well as some new tips to make the postpartum season much more gentle and incorporate those closest to you so that they can help and not simply come and “hold the baby while you shower.” •
Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment here or below the @Barre3 magazine article. 🌸 (link in my bio)

Postpartum Care & Nourishment : As a culture, we’re great about showering moms-to-be with gifts before the baby is born, maybe even dropping off a meal right after. But beyond that, our efforts tend to drop off—which is a shame, since those first weeks and months post-baby are exactly when moms could use some serious support.—excerpt from an article I collaborated with @barre3 Magazine on, entitled ESSENTIAL ADVICE FOR NEW MOMS—AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM

Spring has Sprung and I’m ALL for it!! •
I’m living in my favorite dress from @PyneandSmithClothiers It’s so easy to wear and the perfect thing to run around with the girls in, roll up into my bag for road trips, and feel oh so feminine. I’m obsessed with it for multiple reasons: •
1. Made of 100% European flax linen, which softens and drapes even more beautifully with each wash, linen is stronger and lasts longer the cotton (my first Pyne & Smith dress is almost 2 years old!), it’s super breathable and won’t leave you feeling sticky after a long day out in the sun. This was my go-to dress on Guam and it is 🔥 and humid there, err-day!!

2. Its a great transition piece from prepregnancy, pregnancy, breastfeeding (it completely unbuttons), and back to no-bump, without losing its shape. •
3. Pyne & Smith is a female & mama-owned and operated company, with all dresses made right here in the US. •
Thank you Joanna for creating such beautiful pieces that make me feel elegant and free, while also being mindful!
I’m completely in love, as you can probably tell! •
Her spring line is out now and I’m sure you’ll find something amazing! I’m already eyeing which dress I’ll get for fall! 😆

Womban’s Tea 🌸 : Nothing tastier than this special blend of Oatstraw, Chamomile, Nettle, & Lady’s Mantle —Full of nourishing vitamins and minerals that support the female body throughout your entire cycle. I’ve been enjoying this tea as a part of my evening winding down rhythm and I’ve recently begun giving it out to other women to enjoy. The feedback has been so amazing and I’m going to put it in the shoppe soon, so all you lovelies can try it out too. It truly is both delicious (with slightly floral notes) and relaxing. It puts me right to sleep. •
Keep an eye out for it! I’ll let you know when I’ve got some listed. 🍵

There’s no such thing as having it all, doing it all, or being it all, if every decision you make flows through the filter of societal expectations. •
It’s totally possible to have an amazing life that you love, full of meaningful relationships, fulfilling work, and guilt-free rest, but it comes first from discovering what is right for you and your family, and aligns with your values. If you’re trying to live up to the expectations of others you’ll simply run yourself down and have nothing left for what truly matters to you. •
I encourage to find some time this week to sit in silence. Journal. Reflect. Meditate. Pray. And recommit to creating your own path. 🕊

Happy Mother’s Day (belated) to all you amazing mamas!

Give yourself tons of grace and room to be the mother YOU desire to be. Set aside expectations, guilt, and shame. You are the perfect mama for your babes!

I did a special “Good in Bed” feature with @ploverorganic sharing my mama secrets to a restful nights sleep, how I feel about co sleeping, and my nightly rhythms. Check it out on their site. 💕#familytime #mamas #babes #consciousliving #sponsored #diadelasmadres

I spent a week in Tulum (by myself) and it was lovely! I’m having the hardest time though getting back to real life. I miss the long beach days, gobs of mangoes on the rooftop of my Airbnb, and easy sundresses. It reminded me of our life in Puerto Rico and Guam. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend midwifery school and be in Seattle with my family at this time, but we long to return to the Caribbean. I simply use this season and the struggle I feel as motivation and remembrance of all we’ve been through, and the path laid before me. •
I’m also super thankful for the fact that the sun is finally out here in Seattle and I can enjoy the long days that comes with living in the PNW during the spring and summer.

Happy International Day of the Midwife/Agbebi/Partera/Fanm-Saj/Qabila/Zhùchân shi🕊

Here’s to all you amazing women kneeling by the bedside of laboring women across the globe. And to all those that came before, and paved the way, we celebrate you today! •
My amazing friend @tinyandbrave has designed these GORGEOUS tees. Her most recent one proclaims “Midwife” in Yoruba, Spanish, Haitian-Creole, Arabic, & Mandarin. Each tee supports her on her journey to becoming a midwife!

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