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Anjelica  🌿Student Midwife @bastyruniversity 🕊Perinatal Educator • Doula 🌸Breastfeeding Wisdom & Wellness👇🏾

Real Food for Pregnancy by @LilyNicholsRDN is a must read for anyone considering pregnancy or already pregnant and wondering what they should eat for an optimal pregnancy... What I love most about this book is that it‘s backed by loads of research but also resonates with the experiences I’ve had as someone who’s been vegetarian, pescatarian, sometimes vegan, and currently a conscious omnivore. 🍃🥄🐂+ 🍳+🥗⠀
If you struggled during your pregnancy to determine:⠀
-whether or not to eat fish, how much of it was safe🐟⠀
-is a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle healthy🌱⠀
-should I take a prenatal vitamin💊⠀
-what nutrients are important to avoid neural tube defects⠀
-what vitamins are lacking in the typical American diet...and so much more, then you’ll LOVE this book!⠀
I’ll tell you now that even if you’ve studied Nutrition, you’ve probably never heard of many of the things Lily shares in this book. ⠀
She also shares how she went from being a complicit supporter of the government standards on treating Gestational Diabetes, but then discovered that what was meant to help women was actually hurting them and their baby! 🤔 This book is so enlightening and will awaken you to the fact that many of the ailments/deficiencies that we’re told are normal during pregnancy, actually AREN’T! 🤯

📸snapshot of week 1 of midwifery school: • met my cohort of sister (student) midwives
• talked about self care, boundaries, safe touch, social justice, scope of practice, the importance of language, and so much more!
• performed breast and pelvic exams on real people (😳🤯🤷🏾‍♀️💫👩🏾‍⚕️🤜🏾💅🏾✔️)
photo 1: first day
photo 2: practicing before the real thing
photo 3: #badass #futuremidwives

🌸Finding Your Essence as a Birth Worker : : “No doula training alone could have fully equipped me to serve her in the way that she needed.”⠀

As I reflect back on how she shared her journey from Kenya to the U.S. with me, her previous birth stories, and her desire for her current birth, I became aware that my commitment to equality in women’s wellness, skills from service as a military corpsman, and compassion grown from a third culture upbringing were going to be what rose to meet this mama’s needs. I would draw on philosophies honed from the many lives I’d lived, and collaboratively work with her to make decisions, find comfort, and create a bond.⠀
-excerpt from my article on the new @MamaGlow site⠀
Click on over and take a read...then tell me your thoughts in the comments below. ⠀
Supporting families from conception, to pregnancy, birth, to postpartum, and beyond, is a job for a unique person. Though there are a myriad of trainings available that will assign someone the credential “doula”, being a Doula is soul-touching work, and it’s paramount that each Doula embodies an essence of her own. ⠀

It truly pains me to see this “profession” become completely systematized. Before there was the term “Doula”, there were women resting at the feet of pregnant mothers listening to their fears, hopes, and dreams. Women who knew that the very smell they carried into a room set the tone for that encounter with the family. In my article (link in bio), I share how a Doula can find her unique essence in order to ATTRACT the clients that she is meant to serve and not simply solicit “services”. ⠀

If we truly believe that birth is sacred, families should be treated as INDIVIDUAL family units, and that culture/lifestyle must be acknowledged in healthcare, then we as birth workers must each stand in our unique identities in order for their to arise a motley crew of doulas that can meet the needs of our diverse communities and world.

World Breastfeeding Week : : “In a world filled with inequality, crises and poverty, breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers.”-@wbw_goals
So many pregnant mothers hear of the wonders of breastfeeding and desire to give their babies the best start at life; but many are met with resistance, belittling words, and discouragement along the way. They often find that hospital staff don’t have time to teach them how to make breastfeeding enjoyable. They discover that babies don’t come out with a perfect latch, and that though breastfeeding books are often filled with angelic photos of mothers nursing their chunky cherubs, breastfeeding is actually much less glamorous in the early days. ⠀
If problems aren’t recognized early and personalized culturally-sensitive support isn’t available, there can easily be loads of tears, blood, sweat, and grave disappointment. ⠀
But guess what?! It doesn’t have to be that way. Our system is broken. Women are NOT being given all that they need to be successful (in whatever way they desire) with breastfeeding...AND that is why I wrote Milk Boss 101. ⠀
Milk Boss was birthed from my own breastfeeding journey—which started in Puerto Rico, where I was unfamiliar with the culture at the time, didn’t fully understand the language, and the only birth worker I knew was my doula. I was able to get a firsthand taste of what it’s like to feel completely helpless and alone, but desiring the very best for my baby. ⠀
You can read more about my story and what I believe to be the missing pieces within many women’s breastfeeding journey in my book Milk Boss 101. I outline how to build you Breastfeeding Tribe, discover and meet your Breastfeeding Goals, care for yourself postpartum with a detailed Self Care Guide, and an array of wise secrets that no one tells you! (Click the link in my bio)

Holding Space Podcast : Raising Biracial Children, Growing Up as a Third Cultire Kid, & Modern Motherhood-U.S. vs. Abroad

I had the great pleasure of chatting with @drcassidy on the @holdingspacepodcast. I shared what it’s been like mothering here in the states versus Puerto Rico and Guam; how I talk to my kids about identity, and so much more!

I know you’ll love it! Go check it out and let me know what you think. 🕊

It’s easy to become discouraged in a world ravaged by pain. To feel paralyzed, and like nothing you do is able to fix the problems. But I truly believe we were put on this planet to love one another, point to hope, and offer healing when possible.⠀
Whether you’re an artist, healthcare worker, writer, caregiver, WHATEVER it is. You have an ability to affect true #change. You can make a difference. ⠀
For many of us, it begins in our home, with the little ones at our feet. But whatever that thing is that you feel tugging on you, do it! Find a way to both enjoy it and use it to serve others. ⠀
Today on the blog I’m sharing an interview I’d did with #Louisiana based Mama, Maker, & Worldchanger, Madeline Ellis, she is half of the creative team behind @mimosahandcrafted which she runs with her husband. I’m sharing her story because she is absolutely doing what I mentioned above. She is a mama, jewelry maker, & woman using the lessons she’s learned throughout life, to affect change, #encourage hearts, bring #awareness, in her own unique way. I hope you enjoy her #interview and click around to find others I’ve done with phenomenal women from all around the globe!

Raising Biracial Children⠀
I had the amazing pleasure of chatting with @DrCassidy Freitas on her @HoldingSpacepodcast We talked about raising biracial children, how my upbringing as a third culture kid has influenced my work as a perinatal educator and doula, and the conversations I have with my kiddos about identity. It was quite thought provoking! It hasn’t launched yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as it does. I can’t wait to share it with you!⠀
In the meantime, check out some of her previous episodes. I especially loved her interviews with Joy Cho of @ohjoy and @RachelPally. They are both mamas and business owners, who’ve found their own unique way to make it all work.

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

There is the little path near my house that I love to walk along. It’s lined with plants that stretch well over 7’ into the sky. But right at the very base of one huge winding vine is a small patch of the most vibrant and fragrant lavender. Every time I walk by I delicately slide the stems through my fingers, then bury my face in my palms, and breath in deep. The smell is rich, floral yet musky, and sweet. •
They’re called Silver Anouk Spanish Lavender. The little flag like petals at the very top give them away.

Thank you @cristhadesign for these lovely walking shoes!!

I haven’t had much of a break recently. I’m knee deep in three courses in preparation for midwifery school, and have been focusing all my time on that and family time. •
This current issue of @LegacyMag and these adorable slides from @Cristhadesign have been a special treat though. When the girls are napping, I slip these cuties on, head to the backyard, throw down my blanket, and flip to a good story and I’m instantly relaxed. •
Sorry for being so MIA recently! I promise I’ll be back to posting more regularly soon. I also have some really amazing interviews coming up on the blog. Stay tuned!

New Mom Manual : Just a little @AnjelicaMalone x @Barre3 collab for the B3 Magazine! I share some wisdom on how women can gather their tribe and get the support they need to truly thrive after birth. Postpartum can be a really difficult transition, especially for us driven, overachieving, independent women, but it doesn’t have to be. •
In the New Mom Manual I share some simple rhythms from my book Milk Boss 101, as well as some new tips to make the postpartum season much more gentle and incorporate those closest to you so that they can help and not simply come and “hold the baby while you shower.” •
Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment here or below the @Barre3 magazine article. 🌸 (link in my bio)

Postpartum Care & Nourishment : As a culture, we’re great about showering moms-to-be with gifts before the baby is born, maybe even dropping off a meal right after. But beyond that, our efforts tend to drop off—which is a shame, since those first weeks and months post-baby are exactly when moms could use some serious support.—excerpt from an article I collaborated with @barre3 Magazine on, entitled ESSENTIAL ADVICE FOR NEW MOMS—AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM

Spring has Sprung and I’m ALL for it!! •
I’m living in my favorite dress from @PyneandSmithClothiers It’s so easy to wear and the perfect thing to run around with the girls in, roll up into my bag for road trips, and feel oh so feminine. I’m obsessed with it for multiple reasons: •
1. Made of 100% European flax linen, which softens and drapes even more beautifully with each wash, linen is stronger and lasts longer the cotton (my first Pyne & Smith dress is almost 2 years old!), it’s super breathable and won’t leave you feeling sticky after a long day out in the sun. This was my go-to dress on Guam and it is 🔥 and humid there, err-day!!

2. Its a great transition piece from prepregnancy, pregnancy, breastfeeding (it completely unbuttons), and back to no-bump, without losing its shape. •
3. Pyne & Smith is a female & mama-owned and operated company, with all dresses made right here in the US. •
Thank you Joanna for creating such beautiful pieces that make me feel elegant and free, while also being mindful!
I’m completely in love, as you can probably tell! •
Her spring line is out now and I’m sure you’ll find something amazing! I’m already eyeing which dress I’ll get for fall! 😆

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