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Anjali  My life in squares.

we did a thing

thanks for the picture @justsreshtaing

being precious since 1993/94

Haathi mere Saathi inspired by @justsreshtaing


when you're happy to be home but still kind of homesick for @teenybitsofeverything

yeah I shamelessly cropped out Jui and her bud who got a regrettable temp tattoo. but that's so I can remind you how much fun we have and etc and please don't let me rot in blr alone, brother//also our eyes are horrifying//
I hope you're in the practice of waking up and thanking Aparna every single day for seeing past your pedo smile.

don't wanna go

some people just make things better

For years you have all heard me talk about my fellowship, my kids and the change I want to make. One name you've probably heard very often is Alijan. He brings alive my vision of self aware, kind and open minded adolescents everyday and actively fights the stereotype we pin on his generation and economic status.
Here's a glimpse into some of the things he's doing. Presenting, Alijan on Instagram! Go ahead guys, follow him, and give him constructive feedback and honest opinions. He'll be more than happy to interact with people from different places with different perspectives!

Find him here: @alijanchalks

finally getting to fulfill​ our fantasy of "if only we were born in the same year and found each other sooner, we'd be such amazing roommates"
#twinning and stuff because why not.

Alijan and I made this today.
And taught a little Marathi medium kid the spelling of art, which he promptly confused with 'R-A-T', thus causing a slight​ setback in our vision to end educational inequity.

if you are what you eat, then I am fancy pants potato wedges

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