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🔆a😶n😶n💭 i made/tasted...mostly plant based #anj_oh_no_food ...places i roamed... #anj_others

Curieuse Island on a bright clear day


Seychelles..from the air

Seychelles...from the air

Takeaway veggie wraps for lunch

..Taste of Creole..
Vegetable curry
Lentil dhal
Mango chutney
Prickled vegetables
Basmati rice

...taste of Creole...
Ratatouille: potato•spaghetti squash•green beans•more
Lentil dhal | mango chutney | prickled veggies
Basmati rice

Creole kinda salad
Mango•papaya•pineapple•orange•apple•cabbage•tomato mixed in vinaigrette
Really refreshing and gives you the lovely island feel.

Quinoa | champignon mushrooms | garlic | cilantro | cherry tomatoes

One plate breakfast
Oatmeal • fruits • nuts • coconut nectar

H u m m u s


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