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Anita dos 7 Ofícios ® PT📍  Art Director: photography and copywriter ♥ ✈️ NYC • June/July

Não há idade certa para começar 😁 Esta doçura fez 2 anos este fim de semana... o tempo passa a correr!

Be the Queen of no Ground!

Telling stories by counting shells.

A evasão do real pelo sonho, o sonho como passagem para um real que não imaginamos possível. Mais próxima que nunca do impossível.

• home details • the most amazing travel i have done so far was to Macau. First trip out of Europe and to a place so familiar on the other side of the world! I can not describe the memories that come up to my mind everytime i see this map from @mapiful 🌟 Dream More is kind of a mantra to me, so i do not forget that dreaming is the first part of the process!
This year i am going to the States, visiting the other side of the planet. I keep dreaming. I will for sure need to have another one for NYC to keep all dreams close together! #mapifulbirthday #mapifulsecret

• home details • brothers from the same mother .
>>This post is not sponsored, it is my way to support portuguese original artwork that seems to me missed by it’s own country. Beautiful pieces with a beautiful soul and painted with much love. Thank you Valentina 🙌🏻🌟<<

• home details • my home has a lot of soul details. a mix of old and new, artsy and nature. a balance of beauty made by people to the world: mine (in this case)
stop by to see her art 💘 it’s 😍

beauty in a cage


my family is my deepest love. having them close to me, even for a little, makes me so grateful 💘🙏🏻

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