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🔥ANITA HERBERT IFBB PRO 🔥  ✨FIT QUEEN My app 👉🏽 🏆2017 Bikini Olympian @yamamotonutrition “ANITA10” 📧

Hey babes! I have never done a giveaway with my coaching programs before so today is the day! 🤗
I’m giving away FIVE FREE fully customized diet and workout programs!
➡ For those who live in the United States 🇺🇸 text “ANITA” to 305 749 9233
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Good luck to everyone!🤞🏻😘
(PS: I'm Hungarian 🇭🇺 , just in case if you were wondering where my accent is from 😝)

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Doesn't matter where you start, whatever the circumstances, YOU CAN 100% ACHIEVE THE BODY YOU WANT!
Everything you tell yourself about your genetics, job, time, age is a lie! It’s just your excuse for another day of not moving forward towards your goals! 👎🏽
Time to put your big boy👖on and start working!😏
#OneDay or #Day1 you decide🙅🏻‍♀️
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PS: Can you guess my body fat % on this video? 🙊
Comment below👇🏾

⚡️GIRLS COMPETE, WOMEN EMPOWER @icandyfitbeauty #GirlPower #TeamYamamoto
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We are excited to announce that @yamamotonutrition has released a brand new anti-aging supplement designed for your skin called Innevitil! 🎉
With a blend of bioactive elements, Innevitil contains hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and gluthathione that:
✅ Increases skin elasticity and hydration
✅ Maintains skin radiance and firmness
✅ Reduces the depth of wrinkles
✅ Tones and purifies skin
Innevitil also includes high antioxidant elements such as Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E that gives your skin greater protection against oxidative stress, photo-aging, and the harmful effects of UV exposure that can lead to skin damage!

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💦Banded full body workout💦
‼️SAVE IT babes for later!
I personally like to do these type of full body workouts on the weekends!
🌎 online coaching LINK IN BIO @anita_herbert
You guys have been loving my “low equipment” or “no equipment” routines so much lately, so here is another good one for ya using ONLY MY fav @profitnesssure RESISTANCE BAND!
Tag your babe and lets do this👯‍♀️
Full routine:
2 sets of 15 reps each:
1️⃣Bicep curl to shoulder press
2️⃣Lunge to side lateral raise
2 sets of 15 reps:
3️⃣Squat to shoulder press
4️⃣Bicep curl to tricep extension
2 sets of 15 reps
5️⃣ Lunge to front to side raise combination
6️⃣Bent over row to fly
7️⃣Sumo walk
This @profitnesssure resistance band kit is already on sale right now + my code “ANITA10” will save you an additional 10% 💰🕺🏻
The package includes multiple levels of resistance bands (5) and comes with both handles and ankle straps that you can connect to depending on your workout!
They’re extremely effective at working out your muscles, boosting stamina, flexibility, and range of motion - no matter your fitness level 📶
👙 by @kl_swimwear
🚨 If you’re ready to switch up your boring routine for fully customized and effective workouts, send me an email to 📧:
Let’s get to work 💪🏼

Weekend, come at me...😎
Whatcha all doing this weekend?🕺🏻
My Friday night plans definitely involve sweatpants, couch, Netflix and lots of peanut butter😝 #FitGirlLife 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
PS: im soooo excited to tell you guys that i just received the first pair of my own limited edition shoes today 👟🎉
Go to my instastory to check it out & help me decide on the colors🙏😍
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DO YOU LIKE MY NEW 👜 ? its Louis Vuitton LIMITED EDITION 😂 #FancyAF 🤷🏻‍♀️
👙 by @karma_swim
#OnASeriousNote 👇🏾
I used to be afraid of traveling because I was so worried about falling off my routine & gaining weight.
Since I discovered flexible dieting my lifestyle has changed for good! 🙏😻
I have been following this method since my last competition (Olympia 2017 September).
If you are having trouble staying on track this diet might be the best solution for you too.
Who else loves FLEXIBLE DIETING???🙋🏻‍♀️
🚨 If your goal is to lose fat / build & maintain lean muscle mass WHILE also living a healthy, balanced lifestyle
‼️click on the link in my bio @anita_herbert
‼️Email me at

“A girl knows her limits but a wise woman knows she has none”💯🖤
[Ps: just casually waiting for my 🍕 to arrive😝]
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Tag your babes and lets work👯‍♀️
🌎 online coaching LINK IN BIO @anita_herbert
Training in a small apartment gym or hotel gym while traveling is never ideal. These gyms often lack the necessary equipment to complete your "normal" workout 🙄

Too often, people walk into these gyms, realize their favorite piece of equipment is missing and decide to screw their workout 😬
but fear not anymore babes, I got you!😜
You can pretty much always count on these facilities to have at least one thing: A CABLE MACHINE👌🏾
‼️Save this workout so next time you are in need of a quick and convenient gym sesh you know what to do 😉
Superset 1:4 sets of:
1️⃣Cable standing lat pushdown to tricep pushdown variation - 12 reps
2️⃣Seated cable row - 12 reps
Superset 2:4 sets of
3️⃣Cable kayak row-12reps
4️⃣Cable bicep curl-12 reps
3 sets of each:
5️⃣Single arm shotgun row- 15 reps each
6️⃣Standing single arm bicep curl-15reps each
‼️ If you’re ready to switch up your boring routine for fully customized and effective workouts click the link in my bio @anita_herbert or if you have any questions regarding to my coaching system send me an email to 📧:
Let’s get to work 💪🏼

Repost @yamamotonutrition
Compared with the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors, the sports supplements market suffers from a "high level of confusion and exploitation". The end consumer is often liable to receive misinformation from misleading press releases and articles. As a pharmaceutical company, Yamamoto is accustomed to formulating and producing supplements whose ultimate goal is well-being and, in the case of sportswear, performance. With regards to the latter, the Nutrition branch specialises in the search for formulas and active ingredients that can really make the difference in terms of effectiveness, by following principles of quality and pharmaceutical purity. It is no coincidence that Yamamoto is partnered with #Kyowa, and all our amino acids are from Kyowa-certified plant fermentation with 100% pharmaceutical purity. Yamamoto also partners with #Carbery, #Volac, #ClusterDextrin, #Creapure etc. to name but a few, and we have documentation for all certifications. Our entire omega-3 range has a 5-star rating from IFOS, the highest independent body for omega-3 quality control, something only prestigious pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies can boast. Our mission, thanks to a true research and development department at the forefront, is precisely to create products that really do adhere to what is indicated on the label, with active and fully certified raw materials, in the name of maximum transparency for the customer. For example, you will never find maltodextrins among the ingredients listed on the labels of our cluster Dextrin products. You will never find xanthan gum, carrageenan or other dubious ingredients in our proteins. You will never find denatured sources like ion exchange. Flavour and taste are not the priority for our protein supplements, which often take the form of sweets; we seek maximum effectiveness for absorption and bioavailability, without causing any gastrointestinal disorder. You will not find inactive vitamins, since many of these decay, denaturing a few hours after production. We exclusively produce properly certified or patented pharmaceutical quality formulas and raw materials.

#YamamotoNutrition #qualityfit

🌎 online coaching LINK IN BIO @anita_herbert
I had to ditch the on/off season mentality of competing and instead trade it in for a healthy lifestyle that I could sustain month after month - without ever feeling like I'm on a strict diet.
I found that FLEXIBLE DIETING is the ideal way for me to stay consistent with my training and nutrition, keep muscle while still being lean, and eat the foods I actually like without starving or depriving myself all year round.
🤔If you are like me & struggling with restrictions in your diet, and its stopping you from making progress, then keep reading because this method might be just the right solution for you too!
🧐 What is flexible dieting?
Flexible dieting is one of the best ways to increase sustainability with your nutrition, and makes it feel like you're not on a restrictive diet while still reaching your fitness goals.
I usually use the 80/20 rule when it comes to flexible dieting.
This means that:
🍽 80% of your total calories should come from foods that are nutritious and relatively unprocessed foods such as fruits, veggies, meats, fish, etc. 🍎🥦
🍽 20% of your total calories can come from whatever foods you like from ice cream to fries and pizza! 🍦🍟🍕
❌ It's a common misconception that eating unhealthy foods is what makes you fat 👎🏽 #MYTH
The only thing that will ever make you fat is EATING TOO MANY CALORIES #FACT
🔑 The key to flexible dieting is doing it all in moderation. With the 80/20 rule you are getting in your healthy, micro-nutrient dense food while still eating the foods you love, so you never really feel the need to binge.
This makes it way easier to follow a set diet created with the 80/20 rule in mind for a longer period of time, so you can have the body you want all throughout the year without feeling limited with the foods you can and can’t eat
⁉️ Are you struggling to stick to your diet?
If YES, this could be just the right method for you to stay consistent, and see much better results in the LONG run!
Click the link in my bio, DM me your email , or email me 💌
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Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you!💖
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Lashes & spray tan by @katiesluxurylashes
Have you guys signed up for my upcoming “BODY BY ANITA” fitness app? 📱
Go to and do it now ! Im giving away special discounts for the first ones 💃🏻
(For more info go to my highlight section and watch “BODY BY ANITA”’)

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