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Who wants abs for summer? 👙☀️
I train my abs twice a week directly.
2 reason:
1️⃣I like abs😈
2️⃣Having a strong core will strengthen your your lifts
Always focus on perfect form and aim for burn 🔥
Perform 20 reps of each with no rest or minimal rest in between.
Don't forget that training your abs just by itself is not enough, you need to follow a well balanced diet to have visible abs.
‼️If you need help to get your body summer ready send me an email at
💌 OR click the link 🔗 in my bio and let’s work 💪🏻

It’s time to get cheekyyyy 🍑 👙
Instead of my boring stair master cardio, I have been doing many beach workouts lately! They are much more fun, burns even more calories and they also get good booty pump at the same time😜
This routine sculpts every angle of your glutes🍑 and can be done anywhere , at home or in the gym in only 20 minutes. You can add resistance bands or not! Trust me it will still be challenging without it
Circuit ☝🏽
15reps each x 3
1⃣Lunge-squat variation
2⃣Side lunge to reverse lunge
3⃣Reverse lunge to high knee
Circuit ✌🏽
15 reps each x 3
1⃣180 Jump squats
2⃣Curtsy lunges
2⃣Jumping lunge

Who doesnt wanna have nice and round shoulders??!!!🤷🏻‍♀️😈
Try this #ShoulderSet 🔥🔥No Rest! 
1. 👉🏽Dumbbell front/side raise 
Keep your elbows slightly bent. Pick a weight that you can do 10-12 reps. No swinging ☝🏽 #SwingingIsCheating
2. 👉🏽Lateral side raise variation this is one of my favorite !!
Start with bent arm side raise and on the top straighten your arms and pause for a sec!! I want you to do this very slow and controlled!!! 10-12 reps 
3. 👉🏽 One Arm upright row , while the other arm is in the contracted upper position . 5 reps each side then 5 reps together . 
Rest 60sec after all 3, repeat x 3 times! 💪🏽


Heyyyyyy 🤨😉
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Hope everyone enjoys their weekend ! 😘✌🏽

Blue sky , turquoise water and ☀️.... #miamilife
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