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An Inspired Nest by Shannon  creative soul | kindness advocate | decorator | thrifter curator of memories + moments in central texas sharing my heart + home on my blog:

For many years of my life, I strived for perfection. The perfect home. The perfect family. The perfect kids. The perfect friends. The perfect me. Somewhere along the way I realized I was emotionally sabotaging myself over something that was impossible to obtain. Impossible. It didn’t matter what I did, owned, how much money I made, who I was friends with, I was never going to find the perfect I was trying to live up to. Why? Because perfection is not reality. Perfection doesn’t exist. It simply doesn’t.
Letting go of the unnecessary pressure I placed on myself changed my life. I traded perfection for real and opened my eyes to what really matters. The truth is I need to clean my sink, y’all. Honestly, I’ve needed to clean it for a few days. Life’s little moments have the best of me... in a really good way! Instead of stressing about a dirty sink, I took my boys + their friends to opening night of Solo (loved it!). Instead of scrubbing my sink, I sat on my front porch sipped an iced coffee and read a chapter in a book I’ve been craving to read. Instead of worrying about my dirty sink, I went to the gym and focused on my health. Instead of cleaning my dirty sink, I had an impromptu kitchen dance party with my boys right next to the sink and didn’t even give it a second glance.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll clean my sink... or maybe I won’t. Instead of chasing the dangling carrot of perfection I’m content in the comfort of perfectly imperfect. My sink isn’t going anywhere but the moment to make a memory with a loved one will pass me by if I don’t seize it.
Wishing you a blessed and beautiful memory making Saturday, dear hearts!

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The power of finding beauty in the humblest of things makes home happy and life lovely. {Louisa May Alcott} Happy Friday, dear hearts! May the day shine brightly upon you with sweet reminders of how lovely life truly is. #aninspirednest #homesweethome #graceupongrace #farmhousekitchen #kitchenisland #mythriftedhome

These may be the cutest cupcake stands ever. Simply turn a vintage milk glass pedestal dish upside down and place a yummy cupcake on top for a darling ta-da moment!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy (as my boys say). Wishing y’all a day filled with “ta-da” moments!
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Good morning, dear hearts! There is sunshine in my soul today. May the day rise up and greet you with happiness in your heart and the promise of endless possibilities on the horizon. #aninspirednest #goodmorningsunshine #sunflowers

I love an aha hack moment that translates into a simple entertaining solution! The icing on the cake is when it involves using pieces I already own.
Many years ago I found several milk glass hobnail lampshades at my local thrift store for $5 a piece. I’ve always used them as bases for my vintage globes. This weekend, I walked by one of the shades and had an aha moment that resulted in me breaking out into a happy dance! I placed a $2 white plate on top of a $5 hobnail lamp shade and created the cutest $7 cake plate I’ve ever seen!
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Happy day, dear hearts! Everywhere I look the promise of a fresh start is flourishing with the welcome of the season. I adore the idea of inviting the comforts of the indoors into my backyard with classic entertaining pieces that are irresistibly welcoming and reflect a style all my own. On my blog today, I’m sharing how I refreshed my blah backyard and transformed it into an open air dining room that is inviting, warm, and comfortably country with fresh, new outdoor pieces from Birch Lane.
If you aren’t familiar with Birch Lane, you’re in for a sweet treat! Birch Lane is well known for an abundance of comfortable designs that are classic, timeless, and uniquely yours.
Click the link in my profile above for all the beautiful details or visit I hope you enjoy my backyard refresh as much as I do!

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As I’m writing this, I can hear the joy filled chirps of birds outside my office window. The sun is shining bright and the promise that only springtime reveals is swirling in the air. With backyard BBQs, birthday celebrations, and family gatherings on the horizon, it’s the perfect moment to add some fresh, new backyard entertaining pieces.
I adore the classic look of these glossy white melamine plates paired with the soft green crispness of the old-fashioned glasses by @birchlane. They stylishly compliment my love of simple + versatile farmhouse outdoor entertaining pieces with a subtle hint of crackle detail and crisp, cool contrast. I’m thrilled to share these and all my new outdoor entertaining Birch Lane pieces with y’all on my blog tomorrow.

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful Sunday, dear hearts! Life is good. Oh so good. Soak every single magical moment in.
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There is beauty in broken. Last year at this time, I was loving my life deeply and living it passionately. Life was different then. My mom was still here. Her health was declining with the close of each day but the peacefulness of knowing I could hold her hand and lay my eyes on her was a reality that comforted me. Everything felt crystal clear and vibrant. Over the past year, I’ve perched on mountains of happiness and I’ve almost drown in lows of darkness. The sparkle in my eye dulled without warning on July 21 when my mom passed away and a piece of me died along with her. I found myself relying on others to fill in my expanding gaps of sadness with their own happiness. Some selflessly bandaged those gaps. Some selfishly took advantage of those gaps. And some simply turned their head and walked away. Day by day I’ve been picking up my broken pieces and putting them back together... slowly. Rebuilding myself meticulously with deep thought and careful precision. Rediscovering myself and what I’m made of. The pieces fit a bit differently now. There are more cracks to let the light in... and some pieces I intentionally didn’t put back into place. There are now scars to remind me of my journey and the beauty that softly shines in brokenness. It may surprise some when I say, without hesitation, that I would not change a single moment... I would live it all over again just to end up where I’m at in this very moment. A perfectly imperfectly me stitched together with strength, wisdom, love, grace, peace, and empathy.
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Vintage milk glass + hobnail brings a twinkle to my eye. Surround yourself with the things you love... the things that make your heart sing, brighten your day, and bring comfort to your soul. Those are the simple ingredients to a collected home that’s all your own. #aninspirednest #hobnail #milkglass #vintagestyle #fortheloveoflemons

The beautiful thing about reading old books is realizing all your struggles aren’t a ‘you’ thing but a ‘human’ thing. {Atticus @atticuspoetry} The secret to a magical morning is a book in one hand and a cup of black coffee in the other. Wishing you a day filled with lovely memories, magical moments, and heartwarming smiles... and a good book, of course! #aninspirednest #vintagestyle #countryliving #decoratingwitholdbooks

The weather is promising to be simply divine here in Central Texas! The afternoons are flirting with the low 80s. Every few days rain showers saunter in to brighten the grass to a brilliant green and invite wildflowers to blanket open fields. Spring has brushed the winter cobwebs from my eyes and stirred my excitement for carefree afternoons relaxing on the tree swing in my backyard... sipping lemonade while me bare feet graze the grass and the wind gently nudges the swing to the harmony of the wind. #aninspirednest #springentertaining #milkglass #fortheloveoflemons

I’m ever so slowly styling + layering the shelves in my dining room one thrift store find at a time. It’s gratifying to not rush the slow dance of decorating a home. Simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt and take pleasure in thoughtfully curating a collected softness that’s one of a kind. Wishing you a blessed and beautiful evening, dear hearts! #aninspirednest #thriftedstyle #diningroomdecor #shelfie

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