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Anim Ezati Rizki  TV Host 999, MHI, Pitch side host 💌 Manager (Pasha) ‭+60 11 3795 7901‬

Are you ready for first QF #unifipialamalaysia2018 ?? FUFC VS TFC live on @tv9malaysia now ! All the best for both team 👏🏻 -

Thanks for the picture @zam_zainalpz ! Sempat ya.

Something special for you on your birthday @qody_official , be glad and be happy! Congratulations on your third single, and im more than happy to be part in this music video. - “Hanya Kata” is something guys. Moving on is the hardest, but why should it continue if we know there is no love, no more.. -

Listen to this song.. feel it. And hopefully you enjoy my first appearance in music video , #siscuba 🤭 -

Happy Birthday @qody_official !! May Allah bless you. #HanyaKata ❤️

Matchy-matchy with this one 😍🤗

Ruang Jenayah Ditutup, kejadian jenayah terkini dalam 999. Kita jumpa jam 9 malam ini ya !

Jangan lupa setiap pagi Isnin - Khamis , Jam 7-9 pagi untuk saksikan @mhi_tv3! Kalau tak sempat boleh follow Facebook kami untuk “fb live” Malaysia Hari Ini , masih di Tv3 !

If it is real. It will never be over 💕

Wanna take a ride ? 😎 -

#MalaysiaHariIni #minirace

Salam Maal Hijrah. 1 Muharram 1440H bersama crush masa zaman kumpul CD. 😅 Rugi lah mengaku R&B kalau tak tengok MHI tadi. Tiber.

Had so much fun with them yesterday ! Terima kasih warga UTMKL 🤗


Tengah tengok 999 ke tu ?

Wishing all of you a good day ahead. Maybe we can start our day with a beautiful smile. Trust me, it will change the whole entire world to be better. And always remember that you can’t be everything you want to be before your time. Peace ✌🏻 -

Beautified by @cikwannurfifie and @khalsalon for @mhi_tv3 ❤️

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