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-credit to @shaidoggo

-credit to @animemoir

I have already posted this once long time ago but I love this edit so I am doing it again lol
-credit to @mi55_terious

What a man
🌟{Anime:Akatsuki no yona}🌟
-credit to @towryt

🌟{Anime:Akatsuki no yona}🌟
-credit to @jxzzou

What a glow up
🌟{Anime:Akatsuki no yona}🌟
-credit to @rinkimv

Miss haikyuu
-credit to

Completing each other 🌟{Anime:haikyuu}🌟
-credit to @unknownoya

Soo gay for this girls
-credit to @tsuroo

It will take me my whole life to get over this
Well I wasn't prepared at all I was still crying over vmin letters from bon voyage when they suddenly dropped that video
I was in such a shock that I just had to log out of my life and lay in my bed for the rest of the day, questioning my existence
🌟{Band/Group: BTS}🌟
-credit to @jeonfrey

People who are leaving this fandom bc of bts composing with these beautiful girls make me wanna facepalm myself
Like just leave them alone and appreciate the hard work of our boys instead
My boys did an amazing job making me cry
The video was so emotional
🌟{Band/Group: BTS}🌟
-credit to @youth.epoch

I am seriously speechless after watching this
I don't know where to start
-First jin how he picked up that book of that girl and started reading it making me hella curious and that girl was pretty wtf yooo well all the girls were Soo beautiful bless
-And when jungkooks part appeared I could not hold back those tears
Seeing jungkook Soo helpless I could not bear it and how that girl hold her hand out and I was glad he took her hand
This was so sweet I am was sobbing
-After that suga omg how he was about to light his cigarette but that girl took the lighter from him and offered him a lollipop instead omg this was so cute omg my hearteu
-And omg namjoon helping that girl picking up the papers omg my heart my boy always there to help people omg
-Taehyung omg how he stopped that girls from stealing that stuff by holding her arm and then paid for her my heart omg I can't explain that feeling
-And the last part which remained me in shook Jimin having a crush on hobis girl: ( baby the way he zoomed onto her and panicked when he realized she looked in his direction my heart cried his reaction was Soo cute omg I am soft
-But the last scene where jhope was abondend by his mom this hurt me so hard
Like how she said " hoseok - ah close ur eyes " and just left
My heart can't handle it
I didn't expect Bighit to do something like that and drop it in that way
But the video has such a deep meaning
🌟{Band/Group: BTS}🌟
-credit to @saekyunn

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