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clara | 15  I don't edit but if you make good edits you're my new senpai | My dms are open if you ever need to talk | I rant a lot beware

I hate school
also idk how often i'll be using this acc since ppl in real life found out about it

I'm confused

Holy heck I love this edit! 😊If you're not already you have to follow @roka.the.swan 💕she makes cool edits. She's trying to get 500 by the end of the Summer.
Credit: @roka.the.swan

One of my friends did something bad today ☹️ (don't worry it's not life threatening) and I may have accidentally caused them to do it without knowing 😞😠It's all my fault.

gosh same!


Gosh this is great



Today I learned that some people cut for the "aesthetic". What hecking aesthetic could there be? Wth it's sick (I'm not using that to mean cool)

This is old but yasss

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