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Animated Photography  Showing the secret life of our daily items. Every object has a story to tell. Order prints at:

The Attack on Nail City
It seemed like another peaceful night in the Nail City.
Nails, Measuring Meters and Bolts were about to call it a day.
But, out of the darkness of the night, a giant Hammer appeared, spreading panic around the entire city.
No one knew from which toolbox he came, but he started spreading fear the minute he appeared.
Everyone was going nuts, knowing that they were all totally screwed.
Still, the story won't end this way, everybody in the Nail City uniting their forces to fight against this common foe.

This is how I made "Cameras on Vacation"
with the help of a great friend - @sivan_aharon23

Food Fight!
It seemed a quiet day for the fruits and veggies that were hanging around. Nothing forespoke an unfortunate event.
That until the mad strawberry descended and brought chaos into the lives of all.
The cutting sound of knives was everywhere, slices and pieces of veggies and fruits started spreading all over the countertop.
No one knew when it all started, but it sure ended in a large bowl, as a delicious salad.

That's what happen right after shooting "Save the King!" 😱

This is how I made "Save the King!"

This is how I made "Global Cooling"

Global Cooling
Poor Earth is going through the roughest period of its entire history.
Heavy pollution is chocking him and, if this isn't bad enough, the days are getting hotter and hotter and he finds it harder to breathe.
His icebergs and polar caps are melting, so he needs to lower his temperatures at once.
With a bag of ice on his forehead, a nice cool fan and a cozy spot inside the freezer, he immediately started feeling much better.
Before we even know it, a new ice age has begun.

Using my 3D Printer I was able to bring "Loud Speakers" to life.

Don't Leaf
They grew up together, and couldn't imagine their lives apart.
The two enjoyed just another ordinary day when the marks first appeared,
But no one thought it was something to worry about.
So they kept spending every day out in the sun with each other like nothing in the world could go wrong.
But as the disease kept on spreading, he could barely hang on.
It was not a secret that this day would arrive, but even so, he wasn't ready to let go.

A new camera and equipment for new creations 😊

"Loud Speakers" Making-Of 🎤

Sea Salt
Everyone loves sea salt, for the intense flavor it can give our food.
But, our little salt shaker started to feel empty on the inside, by each passing day.
So, he decided to pay a visit to the Dead Sea, a place where only sea salt can exist and nothing else.
It was the perfect place for a refill, the place where no creature lived but yet he felt so alive.
The lowest place on earth really lifted his spirit and he returned home filled of hope and salt.

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