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Animals Australia  Australia's leading animal protection organisation. SIGN THE PETITION TO #BANDUCKSHOOTING HERE:

Via our friends at @duckrescue: The opening to the duck shooting season was a massacre. But the days after were even more shocking. Tune in to 7.30 on ABC tonight to see what we found. #BanLiveExport #crueltyisnotsport #ShootingisNotConservation

Thanks for sharing our recipes, @huffpostau! You can get some of our fave comfort food recipes — tacos, caesar salad & eggplant parma — from our new #TasteforLife cookbook on HuffPost Australia's website. Check it out: & for over 100 more mouthwatering recipes to keep, you can purchase our new book for 25% off (before May 31) via our website: #vegan #vegetarian #crueltyfree #animalfree #recipes #cookbook #huffpost #huffingtonpost #abcbooks #kinddeliciouseasy #ForaKinderWorld

BREAKING NEWS: Shooters have been banned from four of Victoria’s most popular wetlands, including the Koorangie Game Reserve where we reported live from last week — and where hundreds of native waterbirds were massacred or left for dead over ‘opening weekend’. The decision came just hours after Animals Australia lodged the most extensive legal complaint to date, detailing shocking cruelty and illegal shooter behaviour last weekend. And the bodies of 1,200 birds left for dead and rescued by brave volunteers from Coalition Against Duck Shooting (@duckrescue) have made this wildlife catastrophe impossible to ignore.
Tragically, this closure comes too late to save the dozens of ‘protected’ Freckled and Blue-billed ducks who were slaughtered in just two days of shooting, but thousands more waterbirds will now find safe haven in the wetlands.

This is a great win for animals, but we still have work to do. Get all the details and join us as we continue the fight against this 'recreational& #39; slaughter of wildlife: #BanDuckShooting # victory #crueltyisnotsport #ShootingisNotConservation #wildliferescue #duckrescue

Introducing Animals Australia's 'extended family' 😀 Walking into a room full of these caring folks just felt like home to our Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy, Jesse (that's him in the stripes in the front row). He was recently in Warsaw to meet with organisations from Latvia, Italy, USA, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Colombia, Lithuania, Spain, Estonia, France, Sweden, Ukraine, South Africa and India who have united with a common goal: to end the use of battery cages globally. It is so inspiring to work with such compassionate, smart, warm, strategic people from across the world who are going to transform the world. #OpenWingAlliance #UnitedforAnimals #BantheBatteryCage #ForaKinderWorld

Happy belated birthday to @smithanddaughters — who this week have celebrated 3 years of serving up some of Melbourne's best cruelty-free cuisine! We've loved watching you guys go from strength to strength, with now a best-selling cookbook in stores, and one of our team's fave lunch spots, @smithanddeli also becoming one of Melbourne's most popular vegan hotspots. Thank you for showing the world how delicious plant-based food can be and here's to many more years! Pictured: Animals Australia's senior graphic designer Kat (left) with S&D co-owner Mo Wyse (middle) and our legal eagle Shatha #vegan #vegetarian #forakinderworld

The only way to shoot a duck is with a camera. 📷🦆 (Proof courtesy @david_mullins_r3d) #BanDuckShooting #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography #ShootingisNotConservation

A compassionate & just world draws a little closer every time caring people stand up to violence against those who cannot defend themselves. #BetheChange #ChooseKindEveryday #EatKind #forakinderworld

This photo broke our hearts. 💔Repost via @weanimals: Young activists bearing witness to the opening day of the duck hunt in Victoria, Australia last week. Hunters held up dead birds, taunting protesters. Birds who fell out of reach were left to die or were collected by rescuers who attempted to save their lives or humanely euthanize them. It was an awful morning.
Go to to learn more and take action.

#banduckshooting #weanimals #joannemcarthur #AnimalsAustralia #animalactivism #animaladvocacy #Australia #crueltyisnotsport #SaveOurDucks #ProtectWildlife #WildlifeSlaughter #ShootingIsNotConservation #animalrescue @duckrescue @animalsaustralia 📷: @weanimals

She had been shot in the head and was still alive when rescuers found her. She died within the first hour of the first day of a three-month duck shooting season.
Disgraceful, Victorian Labor. #BanDuckShooting #ShootingIsNotConservation

We are minutes away from the start of Victoria's brutal duck shooting season. We are at the wetlands.
We are ready.
⏩ LIVE UPDATES VIA TWITTER: ⏪ #BanDuckShooting #CrueltyIsNotSport #ShootingIsNotConservation

In just hours, Victoria's peaceful wetlands will erupt into killing fields. Another brutal duck shooting season has been allowed, and the protection that is normally afforded to many species of duck will be lifted by the Victorian Labor government — so a tiny minority of shooters can maim and kill wildlife.
Every year, 'non target' animals including swans and threatened species are also shot in this brutal slaughter. All in the name of 'sport& #39; .
As the sun rises tomorrow, birds will start falling from the sky. Animals Australia will be there, standing side-by-side with our friends at Coalition Against Duck Shooting (@duckrescue) to bring the reality of this carnage to the world.
Help us do this by SHARING content across your social media accounts tomorrow. Follow us on social to stay updated and share across your channels. Don't let politicians who pander to shooters turn their backs on what it is they are really supporting: violence against precious native animals.
#BanDuckShooting #CrueltyIsNotSport #SaveOurDucks #ProtectWildlife #WildlifeSlaughter #ShootingIsNotConservation

A more compassionate and just world starts with you ❤️🐥 #forakinderworld

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