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Animals Asia  Animals Asia is devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam. #AnimalsAsia

SPECIAL MESSAGE JUST IN DIRECT FROM THE BEARS: "Dear humans, "We've cancelled Monday. You see, we rather enjoyed Sunday. So we're going to have another one. We're sure you will understand. "Much love, "The Bears"

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Orangutans are the animal kingdom's most dedicated single mums and fully deserve a day of awe-struck recognition.

But in captivity, their amazing mother-child bond is broken. Research shows those who grow up without a mum, go on to become maladjusted adults. Some can never be successfully integrated with their own species.

Tragically, humans continue to separate orangutan mothers and children as part of the entertainment industry.

The circus and the holiday photo just aren't worth it.

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We each take actions every single day with little idea where they will lead.

For Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson, one hour with one dog in one hospital way back in 1993 lead to a programme spanning decades and an entire continent.
More than 600,000 people have had their lives brightened by Doctor Dog and Professor Paws' amazing therapy dogs. And in doing so, they have learned first-hand that dogs are our very best friends, not food.

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The tiny village of Phung Thuong is a hotspot for bear bile farming in Vietnam.

At least 200 bears are kept on family farms in the village.

Children at the local primary school have grown up with family members, relatives and neighbours who keep bears.

But this week, they chose a different path for themselves.

They planted a garden of herbal alternatives to bear bile. And when they got home, you can be sure they told everyone what they did at school that day.

The Vietnamese government has signed a contract with Animals Asia agreeing to close every bear farm in the country and move all the bears to sanctuaries. The industry will end in the next few years.

But it is still vital that demand is stamped out to prevent bile farm operations moving to nearby countries.
The children of Phung Thuong village won't follow in their parents' footsteps. They've planted the seeds of a cruelty-free future. #animalsasia #vietnam #endbearbilefarming #untilthecrueltyends #education #herb #herbgarden #herbalternatives #nextgen #nextgeneration

Out of the hundreds of rescues he's overseen in Vietnam, this is the one that stands out most for our Vietnam Director, Tuan.

It was certainly one of the easiest. Moon bear Hercules had already been removed from the farm by the authorities and we simply had to "collect" him from their offices.

But Hercules' rescue represented a defining moment. He was the last of 33 bears rescued from Quang Ninh province in a campaign which took many years of persistent lobbying, gathering evidence, raising awareness and working with the government.
It was a campaign which culminated in the Prime Minister himself declaring that all the bears be rescued.

The day Hercules came home was the day all the hard work paid off. An impossible task was accomplished, 33 bears were saved and more than that - no more bears will ever be taken from the wild to refill those cages. Bile farming is over in Quang Ninh forever.

#DefiningMoment #herculesrescue #animalsasia #untilthecrueltyends #endbearbilefarming #vietnam #bearrescue #20thanniversary #anniversary

75,000 fantastic animal lovers are demanding that the Vietnam government ban wild animal performances!

Will you join them?


When Animals Asia began working in China, there were almost no domestic animal welfare charities in the country. Today, there are hundreds, and an astonishing 60% of them are part-funded or mentored by Animals Asia.

These are the people on the ground, raising awareness, rescuing and rehoming abandoned pets and working with the authorities on humane stray population controls. They help thousands of animals every year.

This country, like everywhere else in the world, is full of compassionate people. With the right skills, the encouragement and the facilities, they can create the compassionate communities they long for. Communities where people and animals live in harmony. #animalsasia #untilthecrueltyends #catanddogwelfare #dogwelfare #dogprotection #china #straydogs #pets #animalwelfare

This is the moment Jill Robinson will never forget:
Standing and shaking hands with a Vietnamese minister having freshly signed the formal agreement to end bear bile farming in Vietnam.

Jill said: "I couldn't stop smiling – and think the kindly government officials might have thought I was slightly deranged. Perhaps I was. This was the moment that I had been waiting for since 1993 when I first came face to face with a caged bile farm bear. The moment I’d waited for since I made a simple promise that would take a lifetime to achieve." #DefiningMoments #animalsasia #untilthecrueltyends #endbearbilefarming #vietnam #mousigning #agreement #government

“That was the day we rescued moon bear Hercules. It wasn’t a spectacular rescue by any means. He had already been moved in a transport cage from the farm which had held him for at least a decade and we simply had to “collect” him from the local Forest Protection Department office.
But Hercules’ rescue represented an impossible task accomplished. He was the last bear to be rescued from Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province.”
This is one of the happiest moment that Tuan Bendixsen, Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director shares when he recalls the greatest triumphs over 20 years of ending bear bile farming. #animalsasia #endbearbilefarming #untilthecrueltyends #herculesrescue #bearrescue #vietnam #quangninh #quangninhprovince

Moon bear Delaney's past on a bear bile farm is a distant memory now, having been rescued by Animals Asia more than a decade ago.

Today, Delaney is known as one of the most playful bears at the sanctuary – as the video shows! – and a true gentle giant.

As one of our sponsor bears, Delaney’s happy life is entirely down to you – Animals Asia’s supporters. You fill his pool, you feed him, you keep entertained with toys, friends and play structures. Thank you so much, every single one of you.

If you would like to help bears like Delaney enjoy life after bear bile farming, sponsor a bear today and help give them the lives they so richly deserve.

Thank you, and happy #MoonBearMonday #animalsasia #swimmingbear #happybears #rescuedbears #china #sanctuary #untilthecrueltyends #moonbears #playful #endbearbilefarming

The threats facing the Asian elephant are many and varied - and so are our efforts to help them.

In Vietnam, receding wild spaces alongside pressures of poaching for circuses and tourism have raised fears that wild populations could be wiped out within a generation.

To prevent this dark future, we must work now. Ending wild animal circuses, stopping rides for tourists and working to preserve wild populations are key projects to protect the Asian elephant.

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We hoped to give moon bear Rocky a new life, instead all we could do was give a dying bear the only hours of love she’d ever known.

A year on from her death, we remember Rocky. It was the briefest of rescues, but meant everything in the world.

We couldn’t save Rocky, but we could give her something special. In the 72 hours she spent with us, she was loved. Her needs came first, and the hours were filled with simple moments of kindness passed between species. #animalsasia #untilthecrueltyends #remembering #rockyfree #moonbears

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