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loveanimals  The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. #Onelove #Dontkillanimals #Makeachange

LIKE I SAID FAT IS EVIL! 🖕@squilllalily ANYONE HAVE TEXAS CONTACTS?? Spread the word - info at bottom of caption...PLEASE READ 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
I used to think capital punishment was barbaric and not right.
I have changed my mind since becoming vegan.
Repost from @sophia.armanini using @RepostRegramApp - I'm sorry for the graphic post but this cunt need to be hunt down!

Regrann from @blingblingbitch8888 - Very disturbing please share this because this guy needs to be prosecuted
@Regrann from @josi10.73 - Another sick motherfucker @Regranned from @silverbird130887 - This SICK ASSHOLE!!! FIND HIM! #repost @pawsitivepawsrescues
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I decided to upload the video as you can not fathom the pure evil of this piece of shit scum unless you watch it for yourself. Be warned.
This idiot lives on the property of a CCPD Officer by last name of Nichols!!
You can make a difference by Sharing, Calling, and E-Mailing.
Thank You. -Admins.
Mark Gonzalez the D.A. @
Commander Houston
Jessica Perez Office Administrator@
I also sent in messenger to Corpus Christi police department. Nueces County constables and Nueces County district attorney mark Gonzalez. - #animalabuse #abuser #animalabuser #animalabusers #obese #mexican #dogsofinstagram #doglovers #dogloversofinstagram #dogabusersexposed

Rp @lauln90 THEY ARE DYING - Call the Provincial, please, everyone, and tell them what is happening. Please, get them out of there. This is their number: DPZ on 976288828 (Spain) - These lives are exhausted by the passivity of the Administrations and the interest of the farmers of Villafranca de Ebro (the same happened in 2015 and the farmer refused to save them!). They will collect compensation for their exploitation insurance due to the flooding of the river and, totally, as the animals are only PRODUCTS for them, it does not matter to them that they die agonizing, they pay more attention to that, than to move them and save them.

There are no words to describe the horror, fear and pain that these animals are going through, nor to describe the shameful performance of official organisms.
The flood of the river had been announced days ago and NO ONE moved a finger to save all the innocent victims even knowing that they would be 'buried' by the water.
CW Animal cruelty
Rp @santuariowingsofheart ¡Se están ahogando ahora mismo!
En la Diputación de Zaragoza dicen que han dado instrucciones a los ganaderos de abrir las puertas, pero que no les pueden obligar...
¿Cómo puede ser? Si no abren ante una recomendación, es un claro caso de maltrato animal.
Llamad a la Diputación, por favor, todo el mundo, y contarles lo que está sucediendo. Por favor, que les saquen de alli
Este es su número: DPZ en el 976288828
La granja está en Villafranca del Ebro, Zaragoza.
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Pigs being burried alive because of a disease outbreak in farming that could contaminate them . I know people will unfollow when I show the horrors of animal agriculture but if such a graphic image shocks just one person into going meat free then it's worth it . I plead to you to please try at least to give up eating animals .. they only die because of the demand that consumers make .. be one of those that fights against violence towards animals .. there is no kind way to kill someone that doesn't want to die . You have only two choices .. one to be in support of their deaths or to join us and fight against it .. #govegan #bekind. .
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@belinda_veganCAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO BE BURIED ALIVE? Because of your choices, these mothers and their babies won't have to imagine it, they will experience it. Repost from @torontopigsave These mothers and babies have contracted foot and mouth disease. So what help do they receive? Non, they are buried alive in their hundreds or thousands as a way of damage controlling the farmers profits. Yes, it is a highly infectious disease that can spread easily, but these victims were held together against their will in the first place and now they are being buried alive. This is how animal agriculture works. _ Embrace veganism!

Lujan Zoo, Argentina - Tourists can take selfies with heavily drugged lions and tigers. Zoos claim to ‘conserve’ wild animals. Drugging wild animals, to sacrifice them to tourists, for a selfie, is not "conservation." It's ILLEGAL, and, frankly, these people don't look brave. They look pathetic.

High time the world prohibited ALL ritual sacrifices, whatever the faith. How are we a compassionate humanity, when we still hold public and obsolete festivals, during which we torture and murder innocent animals? When did animal torture and subjugation become the norm? Or the large-scale brutalization of non-human, fully sentient creatures required, to please our god? Islam, Hinduism, Orthodox Judaism, Santeria, Catholicism, and scores of other cults and faiths endorse such practices. Do you think your god will absolve you, when looking at this agonizing camel, screaming, in anguish?

there is no human way to kill!!!!
😔😞👎🏻 Rp @lightmoveme 🔥Animals lives are their right. In their ability to suffer, non human animals are the same as us, they seek comfort, they seek safety, and they seek a life free from pain. Worth of life is not dictated by notions of intelligence or appearance, but instead is equal amongst all living beings. It can never be moral to inflict unnecessary suffering unto another living being, and as such, killing non-human animals for food, clothing, or any other reason can never be morally justified, as we live in a society where alternatives are easily available. It is believed that taking the life of an animal who does not want to die can be done in a humane way. However, this very concept is an oxymoron as you cannot kill someone who wants to live in a compassionate or kind way. -
▪️Humans are not biological omnivores designed to digest, absorb, utilize or eliminate raw/cooked flesh, we do not have the bodies built for hunting and scavenging. -
🔹Animal-protein diets are damaging to kidneys, liver, pancreas, intestines, adrenal glands, and bowels. Ingesting "Meat" and "dairy" is detrimental to human health. High protein degenerates the body and creates acids which lead to inflammation, pain, and "disease".
🔹Animal protein diets have been proven over and over to "lock up" your lymph system and kidneys. This is what destroys your health since lymph is your "sewer" and a clogged sewer is never good. -
🍉Keeping the acids out of your lymph system is the key to health and this is done by eating your species specific diet of alkaline forming, raw living foods (fruits and vegetables).
🔥Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.
▪️We are currently growing enough food to feed 10 billion people.
Worldwide, at least 50% of grain is fed to "livestock"
🔹82% of starving children live in countries where food is fed to animals, and the animals are eaten by western countries.

Rp See the dramatic moment that a pig rushes in to save his friends life moments before slaughter.

Farmed animals are highly intelligent, social animals that DO NOT WANT TO BE KILLED.

Pigs form close bonds and greet each other by rubbing their noses together.

Given the chance, they sleep
nose-to-nose with their companions.

Every year, around 70 billion land animals are sent to their deaths by the animal farming industry.

By going vegan, YOU could help reduce this number by hundreds per year.

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