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Animals Today 🕵🏻‍♀️  ~ For curious animal lovers ~ 1️⃣ Explore nature 🍃🕵🏻‍♀️ 2️⃣ Learn ☝🏼️🤓 3️⃣ Enjoy nice pics and videos 😻 (credit to all the photographers, not me!)

Hello there! Here you have something I bet you had never seen to make up for the delay 😏➡️ a slug eating!!! Any thoughts? Best best wishes and happy summer everyone! 💚•

🌿Curious animal lover? Check out • • Video taken from: @kings_insects

And once again one of those feared animals people find scary and spooky and I find fascinating 😄 Stop for a moment and think: how cool and original are webs?!?! They are natural masterpieces! Question 🤔▶️ Why do people fear spiders so much? If they eat mosquitoes!!! If there’s one at home, just get a box and take her out 😊 •

🕷🕸 Curious animal lover? Check out 🕸🕷 Video via: @inspiredbyvideo

Hi there!! I have noticed every time I post something there’s always a comment saying “ohhh I want one or let’s get one of these” and it makes me extremely sad because I intended exactly the contrary with this account: raise awareness and show animals belong into the wild, nowhere else!!!! 💚🌍 Look at these happy dolphins; the sea is the only place in which you should see them jump 💙 Just a question: is it necessary to see dolphins jumping in the zoos? When did this become a need for all societies all over the world? Let’s change our mindset. #emptythetanks #animalsrights

💦🐬🐳🐋Curious animal lover? Check out • Video via @killer__whales_

🐝🐝How does a bee become queen? 🤔🕵🏻‍♀️ Easy -> When a new queen is needed, some random larvae are fed royal jelly (segregated from bees glands) and the first one kills the developing queens and becomes the new one 👸 So yea, if fed royal jelly every bee could be a queen! However, most bees have a less nutritious diet and hence become workers. Only one makes it to the top every 6 yeas approx! 👑 •

🐝Curious animals lover? Check out ! This video is by @natgeo 🐝

Slow axolotl 😄
Did you know they are typically black in the wild and are only found in one specific place in the world? Who knows the country?!?! • •

Curious animal lover? Check out 🙈🌴 Video taken from Wonder FLY YouTube Channel

Hello there! Have you ever wondered why lizards drop their tails when threatened and what effect does this have on them? The former is a defence mechanism to hopefully distract the predator and give them time to escape. Although tail loss is natural, it has some consequences:
1️⃣ Loss of sense of balance
2️⃣ Loss of fat deposits, so they need more nutrients than usual. They also need more energy and protein for regenerating it.
3️⃣ The reproductive system stops in adults and juveniles stop growing until their tail is fully recovered.
4️⃣ Susceptible to predators
5️⃣ The new tail will unlikely resemble the original and it usually cannot drop again as it’s cartilage.
6️⃣ If the lizard is prepared for it, it shouldn’t hurt. If there’s notorious blood, something went wrong and needs more attention.
▶️ Conclusion: Be nice & careful!!! 🦎 Have a nice day! Video by @iphotolarry

“Despite having the most powerful bite in nature, she carefully gathers them in a throat pouch beneath a stockade of deadly teeth. She is as gentle as a croc could ever be. She won’t leave any behind”, Nature on PBS. Just extraordinary!!!!!! 🐊

Did you ever notice cheetahs do not roar? 😏 They actually meow like our little pet friends! Only Panthers (lions, jaguars, tigers and leopards) can do it as they have a special hyoid bone throat. All cats can purr tho! I’d also purr if I could now, as it is Friday! Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to check out previous posts to learn other interesting animal facts 😊❤️•

Video by: @jacq.rohde ✨🐯

Hi there! Today I decided to post this stunning picture of this stunning bird, a bee-eater! (although they can also eat small fish 🤔) I love them so much that this is actually my iphone wallpaper! Don’t they just look so colourful and like they have got make up on? 💄 This pic was taken by @_sanjayprasad , a great photographer and friend I met on here! Have a great day everyone 😘

Hi there! Have you ever wondered whyyyy such a big animal such as the panda 🐼 has tiny, hairless, helpless looking babies? 🙊 It’s mainly because of their diet: bamboo is hard to digest and, hence, pandas have a slow metabolism with low-blood oxygen. The tiny panda has a better shot of surviving and growing up and fast in the outside!🍼🐼 Would you have guessed this was a bear cub? (Be honest! :P)
Have a nice Sunday everyone and check out if you are as curious as us 🐼🐍🐥🐺 video taken from @naturee

I told you snakes were amazing :) here you have a sunbeam snake to prove it once again! Look at these shiny, polished and iridescent scales 😍 it’s a burrowing snake who only comes above the ground at night to eat small mammals, frogs or other snakes. Happy weekend everyone! 😘
Curious animal lover? Check out 🐍
Video taken from @discoversnakes

Hello everybody! Here you have an updated graphic of T.Rex evolution 😉 Share your thoughts below 😋#latestnews

• 💚 💚

🇪🇸 Hola a todos! Aquí tenéis un gráfico actualizado de la evolución de los T.Rex! 😉 Qué decís? 😋

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