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Animal Justice  🐷 Animal lawyers ⚖️ We lead the legal fight for animal protection in Canada ⚠️38 animal cruelty charges laid for sickening chicken abuse 👇

38 animal cruelty charges have been laid against farms and management after footage exposed workers throwing, tearing limbs off, and performing sex acts on chickens. Animal Justice's Anna Pippus (@easyanimalfree) tells @ctvvancouver that animal farming is systemically cruel.

If you would like the watch the whole video, click the link in our bio!

California is on a roll! 😍 A new bill was just introduced that would BAN the sale and manufacturing of fur products in the entire state.

A number of California cities, including LA, San Francisco, West Hollywood and Berkeley have all recently passed bans on the sale of fur 🦊

Bye fur-ever, fur industry! 👋

In Episode 23 of the Paw & Order podcast, @CamilleLabchuk sits down with University of Toronto law professor Angela Fernandez.

Angela discusses her new book that analyzes the famous 1805 New York fox hunting case Pierson v. Post, and how one obtains possession of a wild animal.

Angela worked on this book for 10 years, and explains how writing it influenced her decision to seriously write about animal law and become an advisor to Animal Justice. Tune in! Link in bio ✨

Inspiring words were spoken at the House of Commons debate for Bill S-203, which would BAN whale and dolphin captivity in Canada. Here’s a clip from Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, explaining why it’s absolutely vital that the bill becomes law to protect whales from a miserable life in a tiny tank.

MP @seancaseymp, MP @julie_dabrusin, and MP Fin Donnelly also spoke up for whales in the House. If you would like to watch the whole video, click the link in our bio! 🐳

Amazing news 🙌 @chanelofficial will no longer use fur in its collections, and just became the first luxury fashion house to BAN exotic animal skins! 🐍

It’s incredible to end 2018 with one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world saying no to animal exploitation.

It was definitely an amazing year for animals used for fashion, as so many mega brands announced they would no longer use animal materials in their designs. It’s proof that we can create real change for animals if we stand up for them.

No doubt 2019 will be even better, because compassion only continues to grow, and so does social awareness! #SaveTheAnimals 🦊

Awesome 🙌 A new Brussels law declares animals as sentient beings—paving the way for stronger legal protections!

Under this new legislation, animals will no longer be considered objects, but will be part of their own special group in society. Amazing progress! 🇧🇪

We are all the same in the ways that matter most 🐠💙

It’s live! 😊 In episode 22 of the Paw & Order podcast, Peter sits down with Chris Green, executive director of @Harvard University’s Animal Law & Policy Program. Tune in to learn about how this incredible program is impacting animals and advancing animal law! 🐷 Link in bio ✨

Amazing! 🙌 Happy the elephant, who has suffered for 41 years at the Bronx Zoo, might finally have a chance at freedom. Our friends at the @nonhuman.rights.project are asking a New York court to release Happy from captivity, and the court agreed to hear the case! 🐘

Happy first arrived at the Bronx Zoo in 1977 when she was 6 years old. Happy and 6 other members of her herd were brutally captured from the wild and forced into captivity.

If this case succeeds, it could set an incredible precedent for all animals confined and suffering in zoos. Wishing luck to the animal rights lawyers fighting this important battle!

Out now! 😊 Episode 21 of the Paw & Order podcast features an interview with University of Alberta law professor Jessica Eisen. Tune in for an enlightening discussion about how different constitutions around the globe impact animals!

Plus, we have exciting news! The incredible @thegrinninggoatyyc is officially our first-ever podcast sponsor. The Grinning Goat is Canada’s vegan fashion boutique, and they created a special discount code for Paw & Order listeners! Simply use the code PAW15 at the checkout to save 15% at 🐏

Tune in to our latest podcast episode. Link in bio! ✨

Animals are not fabric 🚫🙅Comment with a 🦊 if you would never wear fur! 💕👇

Awesome! 👏 A new law in Portugal will BAN the use of wild animals in circuses 🐘

The legislation will protect over 1,000 animals from continuing to suffer for the sake of circus entertainment, and covers about 40 different species.

Circus operators must now register all of their animals so the government can ensure that they will be placed in wildlife sanctuaries by the time the ban goes into effect, by year 2024.

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