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#sanctuarysaturday: what a day of compassion and action today has been. Courageous souls, young and old, fighting for each other across the world make it a better place for us all. An air of hope is on the wind. And here Judy and Jewel @lighthousefarmsanctuary breathe it in, safe and free, because of the fighters and compassionate ones that fight for them. #moreempathy ❤️

OMG it’s #nationalpuppyday! Look at these little angels! 💓🐾 This Sunday 3/25, @animal_lighthouse is holding a big adoption event in NYC. Live in the area? Go meet the sweet adoptable pups that were saved from #PuertoRico!
Been thinking about adopting a dog? GO FOR IT! Life is too short not to share your love and life with a grateful pup! 💞🐾 Fostering and donating helps, too. #fosterfriday #adoptdontshop

Storyteller @shaunmonson, writer/director of the documentary films @unityfilm and @earthlingsfilm, continually uses his art, his talent, and his voice to speak for the animals that so desperately need our voices. We are grateful for his bold work and dedication to the animals. #inspiration #animalliberation ✊🌱

The new law, effective Jan. 1, 2018, amends the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act to empower courts to create joint responsibility agreements (similar to shared custody) in cases where a couple is fighting over custody of an animal. Alaska amended its divorce law in a similar manner last year. Although a majority of people consider animals to be members of the family, the law in all 50 states classifies animals as property; by taking the important step of codifying a “wellbeing” standard for companion animals during custody disputes, the law is starting to catch up to changing societal norms. (full story on our home page • via @animallegaldefensefund) #animalrights

San Francisco supervisors have unanimously voted today to BAN fur sales, making SF the largest city in the country to ban fur. The ban goes into effect January 1, 2019, but retailers have until January 2020 to sell off existing inventory. San Francisco joins California cities Berkeley and West Hollywood in prohibiting the sale of fur coats and accessories containing real fur. #furisdead #animalliberation (via @washingtonpost)

Our hearts break... 💔
Repost from @stoppoachingnowofficial:
“Our hearts were broken today upon hearing of the death of Sudan, the world’s last male Northern White Rhino. Even as we mourn the loss, his death reminds us of the importance of our work. We can’t wait until a species is on the brink of extinction. We must act now. Our hearts go out to the @OlPejeta Conservancy in Kenya who cared for and protected Sudan and to all those who loved this rhino. #SudanForever #TheLoneBachelorGone #Only2Left #rhinos #sudan #wildlife #endextinction”

Happy St Patrick's Day from @danmckerna and Mike! @barnsanctuary #animalliberation

OMG #GameOfThrones puppies are available for adoption tomorrow @wagging_tails_rescue! This precious boy Sam and his litter mates (Jon Snow, Tyrion, Arya, the whole gang!), born Jan 11, are up to date on shots, neautered/spayed, and microchipped, and ready to love! Can you or anyone you know adopt/foster/donate? #fosterfriday #adoptdontshop 💞🐾

Like Dragonlord @boochaces here, we love to sing the praises of people fighting for #animalrights. What are your favorite animal rights organizations to support?! 💓🐽

@versace has gone FUR FREE! “Fur? I’m out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right,” said designer @donatella_versace 🙌 #furisdead #animalliberation

This week, due to corporate pressure, the @USDAgov officially removed Obama-era rules protecting animals at organic farms. While the exploitation and slaughter of animals at organic farms is still unnecessary and inhumane, these regulations created great improvements for farmed animals, especially birds, who have few legal protections. Additionally, the regulations prohibited mutilations, such as cutting off horns, toes, and beaks, and set minimum indoor and outdoor space requirements, providing at least some access to outdoor vegetation. They also required medical treatment for animals too injured to walk and set at least some limit to how tightly animals could be packed together at farms. Contact your reps! (link on our home page • via @mercyforanimals) #animalrightsanimalliberation

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