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THE SPIRIT OF DUBAI // Spirit of Dubai are a family owned business whose creations are inspired by Dubai (obviously 😜) I'd previously tried their ultra-niche G2 range in the Salon de Parfums, but tried the G1 range for the first time yesterday. All were incredibly wearable and the standout for me was Meydan. Inspired by Arabian Horses and the emerald green of a racecourse, Meydan is a beautifully dry take on saffron and leather, with a beautiful blend of lavender and bergamot in the opening. It smells incredibly rich, without being too dense, which can be a worry with Middle Eastern style perfumery.

The gorgeous windows at the Spirit of Dubai flagship in Knightsbridge last night. I knew straight away that the flowers were the work of @byappointmentonlydesign their work is so distinctive!

The event was fantastic, the Spirit of Dubai team, including perfumer Mr Asghar Adam Ali, and Atiya Adam Ali (his daughter-in-law) were so welcoming, as were their staff. Plus the boutique is just stunning! Was also great to meet up with lots of my fragrant friends πŸ’š

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A short break // So I anticipated that this day was coming but didn't realise it would be so soon! I've tried to put it off as long as possible but it's been close to two months since I painted anything, and I have to admit defeat.

I won't bore you with the details but a mixture of Ramadan, being unhappy in my new (ish) job and a load of other stuff has meant that I couldn't juggle everything, so the illustration ball has unfortunately been dropped πŸ˜”Which is so annoying as I have tried so many lovely things recently and even a trip to the fantastic Somerset House exhibition wasn't enough to get me inspired.
So, I'm going away! Nowhere fancy and this was already planned, so don't worry, I'm not having a TOTAL existential late twenties crisis (yet). πŸ˜‰ I'm hoping to return refreshed and invigorated, as I have so many ideas in my head and I just need to blow away the cobwebs in order to get them on paper.
Have a fantastic rest of the summer and see you in August! 🌞

Nafia // ✨

Just tried Aura again and can confirm, it's gorgeous stuff!! The sappy sweetness is just singing on my skin in this heat πŸ’šπŸŒ΄ Putting my thinking cap on in anticipation of my illustration this weekend. My last idea just did not translate well on paper but hopefully my next idea will, no pressure! The bottle is just so unique and so pleased I got one engraved at the launch πŸ’š

It's been a while since my last illustration, I felt a little burnt out with work and the General Election and everything, so haven't been very inspired to paint. Hopefully it was just a little blip and I haven't lost my mojo!

Hope you're all having a great week, it's nearly Friday yay! 🌟☺️ #mugleraura #listentoyourinstinct #anillustratednose

#SOTD is the gorgeous Aura from @muglerofficial, really appreciating the lush green aspects of the fragrance this morning. This is definitely more tropical jungle than forest or woodland, it's such a versatile genre!
This is the official promo shot (how stunning is the model?!), Aura's Tree of Life and part of the advert, which is fantastic πŸŒ΄πŸ’š #mugler #listentoyourinstinct #mugleraura #anillustratednose #aboutlastnight

🌴 A U R A 🌴

Here it is, the newest fragrance from @muglerofficial! A totally addictive and alluring play on sappy rhubarb leaf, lush green, heady florals and the cosiest bourbon vanilla drydown.

It's sweet and sticky, hot jungle humidity and just the right amount of animalic growl.
The bottle is SO stunning and my photo does it no justice whatsoever. I am going to have an absolute ball painting this beauty and will write a full review too πŸ’š

#mugler #listentoyourinstinct #mugleraura #anillustratednose

Wearing this beauty today from @mapoftheheart , Red Heart V.3
A heady mix of pink peppercorn, tuberose, feijoa, Australian sandalwood and patchouli faction. Housed in a beautiful anatomical heart shaped bottle designed by legendary bottle designer, Pierre Dinand.
Intoxicating and passionate.
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Spent a great evening at @lessenteurs discovering the 'Stories' of @andy_tauer, a collection that can only be discovered and bought when Andy is present. It was a lovely way to find out about the fragrances and stories that inspired them, getting a small insight into Andy's life in the process.
Hyacinth and a Mechanic - a wonderfully bizarre rubberised floral. Think dirty, sweaty mechanic covered in engine oil clutching a bouquet of hyacinths. My favourite of the three.
He Left His Cologne In My Bedroom - a refreshing, zingy cologne. Smelled great on a guy at the event. Inspired by the morning after the night before.
When We Cuddle and I Can Smell Your Perfume On My Clothes - a beautiful and ΓΌber cozy skin scent. Vanilla and powder. Sweet moments shared between lovers.

Thanks to Andy and everyone at Les Senteurs for a great event!

Next stop for Andy and his Stories is Zurich πŸ”

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A L I E N // πŸ‘½// Mugler

Last week I went along to the wonderful @perfumeldn meet up, where the special guests this week were @thecandyperfumeboy and @nickrgilbert from FumeChat. They were recording a Battle of the Bottles episode and the theme was 'Best Department Store Launches of the New Millennium.' With over 2000 launches a year (and counting!) let it not be said that the FumeChat boys don't like a challenge! One of the contenders was Alien and when I smelled it on the blotter, I was again completely captivated by its OTT it-shouldn't-be-this-loud-but-I-love-it genius.
Created by my favourite perfumer (well, at least the one whose creations I have the most affinity to) Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere, it is an unapologetic ode to jasmine. Labelled by Thomas as an 'intergalactic jasmine', I fell hook, line and sinker for its otherworldly charm; it is strange and utterly beguiling. This jasmine is BIG. Forget the lightly carried on the breeze kind of jasmine you're used to, Alien's solar jasmine is vivid, undulating, bold and unashamedly crude, like burying your nose deep into its fleshy petals. Such an overt fragrance can be hard to wear and initially, Alien can probably be smelled by anyone within 10-mile radius of the wearer. Approach with caution, or just do what I do and let yourself be pulled into its orbit.
All good things must come to an end, and when the jasmine in Alien burns out, it is supported by the beautiful softer, woody facets of cashmeran and a cozy amber in the base.
Alien will always be one of my kryptonite fragrances, it still manages to make me weak at the knees and it's firmly in my top fragrances EVER, let alone in the new millennium.
I had so much fun painting this Divine Edition!
Nafia ✨

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WEDDING SEASON // Wedding season is in full swing and Asian weddings are some of the most opulent, over-the-top, extravagant affairs around!
A cacophony of colour, flowers, jewels and of course, scents. There is no danger of going OTT with your fragrance, it's 'beast mode' all the way and no room for wallflower frags πŸ˜†

Here are my options from yesterday;

Elie Saab 'Le Parfum Intense' - Francis Kurkdjian's riff on his insanely gorgeous orange blossom, with the addition of flecks of honeyed vanilla.
Neela Vermeire Creations 'Ashoka' - lush, milky figs paired with rich, dry leather.

Byredo 'Black Saffron' - not that black but gorgeous nonetheless. Violet tinted, leather raspberries.

AlaΓ―a Eau De Parfum - beautifully abstract musky floral, weird but lovely.
Ormonde Jayne 'Ta'if' - ΓΌber glamorous rose on a bed of bitter, androgynous saffron
In the end, I went with the Elie Saab!
Another wedding next week, better start thinking about my fragrance choice πŸ€”

Hottest day of the year for us in London, hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday in the sunshine!
Nafia // ✨

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S P R I N G // 🌸

London in the springtime is my favourite London. Makes me fall in love with my beautiful city all over again 😍 I guess there are worse places to eat your lunch πŸŒΈπŸ’• Happy Friday everyone!

Nafia // ✨

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DON D'AMOUR // FL Parfums

Some new work I did for @flparfums, a brand started by Fabio Luisi, Principal Conductor of the NY Metropolitan Opera.
Rose, oakmoss, patchouli, tobacco and ambergris

Nafia // ✨

#flparfums #fabioluisi #SOTD #perfumeillustration #fashionillustration #anillustratednose


Some new work I did for @flparfums, a brand started by Fabio Luisi, Principal Conductor of the NY Metropolitan Opera.
Rosemary, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver

Nafia // ✨

#flparfums #fabioluisi #SOTD #perfumeillustration #fashionillustration #anillustratednose

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