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a n i k a b u r s e y  22 trips around the sun st john’s, newfoundland, 🇨🇦

Back on the rock

if only you could see it in colour

douro riverside

the waves sing you to sleep

beach day ⛱

before it started to snow :-(

with both the newfoundland and labrador provincial election, and the canadian federal election around the corner it’s more important than ever to vote for climate action. it’s scary and honestly depressing to think about what all of these photos will look like in 40-60 years if we continue on our current trajectory. ask your local politicians what they’re going to do for climate change action, ask them about their policies on renewable energy investment and about climate change adaption. if they don’t have any - ask them why not, because if we don’t, no one else will. .

happy 🌍 day

long time no see instagram - this semester has been kicking my ass hardcore BUT it’s almost over and I can’t freaking wait to get out and take some photos. Lots of big (and exciting) changes happening for me over the next few months! I am moving to Vancouver (ahh!!) and am beyond stoked to start photographing those moody PNW landscape vibes. Definitely see a new wide angle lens in my future 🔮 (and maybe an umbrella)

a fitting throwback for today ☘️ 🇮🇪

🌊 eyes

a beautiful @julianne.meaney in a very cold quidi vidi a few weeks ago ✨