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Analiese Casey  "I'm not superstitious but I am a little stitious" -Michael Scott ❤️UHart Class of 2019❤️ #StartYourLife 💚

Feeling the fall spirit? 🍁Support Phi Gamma this Monday with some delicious apple cider munchkins! 🍩

2 kool 4 skool #takemeback ☀️

Happy national sibling day to the realest og there is. While we've fought and said some things we didn't mean (or did but took back out of guilt, either way) you're the best sister someone could ask for. You've made me angrier than anyone else but you've also made me laugh the most. Thanks for letting me embarrass you 89.5% of the time and not letting me do anything too stupid ❤#nationalsiblingday

Our family tree got a little bigger today!🌳😊Welcome to the animal fam Jasmen!! 🐾 So happy I'm your big! 💕💕

Ok so in reference to my last post, this ones actually more my speed so same caption but pretend that this was the picture thanks (loved the other quote but I also love memes)

Sappy moment: I love my friends. Truly. I love my family indescribably, but friends are the ones you choose and I believe that speaks volumes. I love being friends with people who build others up and know how motivate me. The people you surround yourself with are the people who influence you. Be friends with inspiring people and you will be inspired. Find individuals with similar values but a different perspective and watch each other grow. Spend time on bettering yourself and you will not only attract people who will better you but will better them in return. Life's an amazing gift and relationships are among the most precious treasures it has to offer. Value your relationship, with yourself and with others and good things will come your way ❤

Don't have many pics of this little guy yet but here's a video of him not cooperating in a jam sesh #nationaldogsday #nationalpuppyday 🐶🐶

When your roomie makes bad jokes and you don't want to laugh but you do because you miss and appreciate her 💔 👯

Mood because everyone's posting pics from Mexico and there's snow in Milford lmfao someone please bring me on vacation with them 😭(please) ((y'all got me in some deep fomo here))

When you put on gym clothes just to go to the dollar store and immediately want to take a pic you know you're doing something right 😊 Wasn't a glamorous day but I felt awesome nonetheless 💪🏼 So glad I decided to take control of my health and mindset because it rocks and it's only just the beginning 🎉❤

Remember when @Caitlincervello carried the entire St. Patrick's Day parade? Amazing

Happy International Women's Day!! 🎉 Thank you to all the women in my life who have taught me how to be simultaneously powerful and patient, courageous and kind, and intelligent as well as insightful. Thank you to all the women of the past who have broken barriers and influenced history to help the generations of women who came after them. To all women of all ages, ethnicities, and eras, thank you ❤ (Side note, this is a pic of me, my sister, my grandma, and all my cousins on my dad's side. Growing up with my generation being only girls taught me so many things and formed so many memories, I wouldn't trade it for anything 💕) #internationalwomensday

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