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Angy Eiter  Professional Climber 4x World Champion 🏅🏅🏅🏅 First female 9b (Planta de Shiva 🌱)

I enjoy these days right now. Training is exciting and the clients in my climbing courses are highly motivated. I guess Christmas time brings good vibes 😀 #family #friends 🎄🙌💕 📸 by @bernieruech //: @bergstation_kletterzentrum
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

This route named "Zauberfee" in Arco belongs to my favourite ones. A steep hard climb on perfect rock 👍 I climbed this line in 2014 and it's still a great remembrance ☺️ 📸 by @Redbull Contentpool / M. Hansmayr // "Zauberfee, 8c+, Arco (2014)
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

Now it's time to increase intensity and develop muscular structure around my knee. This ensures strength and protects the joint. Cycling 🚵 and specific leg exercises such as knee-bends 🏋️‍♀️ are the basic training. Climbing supports development too, just jumping down is forbidden 🚫 . It's cool to be back on the wall with both legs and to try out the new "Cobra Eco" from @lasportivagram now ☺️ 📸 by @bernieruech
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @team_edelrid

Hopefully some day I can do again that movement shown on the pic with my right currenlty injured knee 🙂🙏🏼 I feel that slowly but gradually my knee recovers. Walking straight up works out well, but walking down or rotating the joint is still painfull. Therapy, optimism and patience will help 🌸✨ 📸 by @javipec // Spain in autumn 2017
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

This 📸 was taken in 2015 by Sarados Dolianiths from Leonidio when the new issue of the guidebook „Greece“ was launched 😊 Time runs by and Leonidio has developed a lot since then. The last week we enjoyed a family related climbing festival and met full of likeable and motivated people 🧗‍♀️ 🧗‍♂️ Thanks again for the invitation 🙏🏼 #verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

The climbing festival 🎉 in Leonidio is just around the corner, it's held on 1-4 November. Although I am sad that I can't climb those great routes 😥 I am more than happy to be invited and can take part at it anyway 💃 😸 I am just excited what awaits me there ☺️ 📸 by @bernieruech // "Baum des Lebens, 8b" (Nifada in #jedentagtirol Leonidio)
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

Pull-ups and board exercises are an effective upper body program 💪. Cycling for warm-up and cooling-down is a good combination to it. And it makes more fun compared to the annoying therapy workouts I have to perform at the moment 😬 📸 by @bernieruech // Winter 2017/2018 in Imst
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

Recovery is on its full mode and compared to my shoulder this knee injury is less challenging but also displeasing for a climber. And it’s by far not my first leg injury 🙈 Therapy, cycling 🚲 and upper body exercises 💪 comprise my further preparation. And the new products from my partners provide me with a sense of high motivation ☺️ #verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

Thanks for the encouraging wishes. Surgery went well and I got the best treatment at the hospital Hoch-Rum with the support of ASP Red Bull. I appreciate to have such a family-related collaboration with them and also with @team_edelrid , Imst Tourism and @lasportivagram who encourage me and give me confidence. Now its time for therapy and I hope I will recover soon 🙏🎁 📸 by @javipec
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol

One second can be enough to destroy plans. I badly injured my knee and immediately had to undergo a surgery today. I am so sorry that I couldn‘t join the Festival dello Sport in Trento today 😕 I wish everybody there a great event, thanks for everything 🙏🏼 📸 by @bernieruech
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

Throwback to 2014. "Hatchling" in the Rocklands was one of the most inspiring boulder I have ever done ☺️ A real eyecatcher in a #beautiful #landscape 📸 by @bernieruech
#verleihtflügel #jedentagtirol #k3climbing @lasportivagram @team_edelrid

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