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Can wash a dog


If you're new to my page this is my beloved dog 'Buckets'. The Buck Man has had a hideous bacteria take over his knee over the past 5 months (full details in a post I did a while back of me sitting on floor with Buckets front and center) and the past month has been 4 tablets a day, everyday to try and save his leg from amputation.

The tables were experimental, expensive and made my boy incredibly sick and lethargic however THEY BLOODY FUCKING WORKED!

Got the call off the vet today giving him the all clear and you can't wipe the smile off my face. A few months of rehab to get some muscle and confidence back in the leg after it's wasted away but we are on the road to health.

Thanks to my great vet Andrew Dunn and AEC in Adelaide, my housemate @katherinegrantham who helped everyday with treatment and to everyone who sent an encouraging message

I got my boy back

Eternally grateful

These hands will never touch a woman in aggression. It's important for young men to see the older generations stand up against domestic violence.

Real men love their partners unconditionally and if things get tough are the stronger person and walk away.

To any young men following me, there's no excuse! What's acceptable is using your hands to love her and throw her on the bed in the heat of "that" moment ❤️

The most dangerous thing in the world to women is men. That sucks. Let's change it


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He who masters the stick masters the mutt...

#JediShitYouWouldntUnderstand #BucketsIAmYourFather #MayThe8thBeWithYou

I currently have a t-shirt, jumper, jeans, socks, beanie and a rug over me while on the couch watching Netflix... take me back to bintangs, singlets and a temperature in double figures

#WinterIsComing #FunFactJonSnowIsIncrediblyShortInPerson #IDidOrderUberEatsThough

Need to improve on my boxing... Just like you ladies I know what using pads once a month is like 🥊

I now wear glasses without prescription lenses... this is the new me

Call me back already

I'm risking my life out on these streets

#LookBothWays #NetflixAndDeepAndMeaningfulDiscussionAbout13ReasonsWhy

Fell over and bought a house... who's coming to the housewarming? 🔥

Who's a good boy?

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