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give me another 60 days #wheyprotein #bbca #

You Future is created by what you do TODAY, not TOMMOROW!!


Bersama buah sumber inspirasi gravitasi 😁

favorite animals


The Young Goat Herder | Photograph by Arjun Kamath (@arjunkamath87)
"I made this portrait of Ajitha, a 12-year-old child, who was busy guarding a tribe of goats on the outskirts of Hampi, Karnataka, India,” writes Your Shot photographer Arjun Kamath. “I smiled politely and asked him using the local language of Kannada, "Do you go to school?” He smiled back warmly and said, “No…” “That "NO” still hasn’t left my mind. Was it a happy no or a sad no, we’ll never know.“

Tanzania, somewhere between Ngorongoro and Serengeti - A group of teenager Maasai newly circumcised. The Maasai of Tanzania and Kenya have a series of rites of passage that accompany boys into adulthood. Every 10 or 15 years a new warrior class will be initiated into the tribe. Boys between the ages of 10 and 20 are brought together from all across the country. Dozens of houses are built that will serve as the place of initiation. The night before the ceremony, the boys sleep outside in the forest. At dawn, they return to the little makeshift homestead for a day of singing and dancing. They drink a mixture of milk, cow’s blood, and alcohol and eat piles and piles of meat. After the festivities, boys who are of age (12-16) are ready to be circumcised. The Emuratare is the most important ceremony in the life of a Maasai boy. Once circumcised, the tribe will consider him a man, warrior, and protector of his village. As the young man makes his way to where the elders will circumcise him, friends and family members will taunt the boy by saying things like “If you flinch, we will disown you.” The Maasai value bravery of their warriors and the circumcision is a boy’s first way to prove his courage in the face of severe pain. It takes about 3 months for the circumcision to heal and during that time the young men wear black clothing and live in huts built by the women of the village. The Maasai boy is now warrior. #maasai#tanzania #child #rite #boys #serengeti #ngorongoro#adulthood

photo by : @natgeo

slowly but surely that is considered ancient would be extinct

discard all feelings when falling in love and use your wits as the main foundation

quiet and peaceful

Aku hanyalah rindu,terhempas angin dipusaran waktu,terseret jarak terkurung waktu.

Meski mampu memiliki sesuatu yang baru dengan mudah, semoga kita punya watak merawat yang lama.

Hari kau lahir ke dunia ini, hari kau tumbuh dewasa, hari kau menikah, hari kau pergi dari dunia ini. Setiap hari hidupmu adalah petualangan

Lokasi : pantai kuta (BALI)

Temukanlah kesunyian yang tersembunyi, terkadang diantara peristiwa yang ada, hanya kita saja yang berhak memahaminya.

Tak bisakah kita lebih menikmati karya tanpa harus terus bertanya-tanya,

sebutir embun
Di antara riuh lenguh semesta
Bersiap jatuh Menikmati arah cinta menuju titik tujunya.

Lokasi: kelurahan tumbihe kab. Bonebolango

Is the joy of learning your true behavior and life is almost extinct. Happy lion day in the world

Photo's by: @natgeo

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